Best forex brokers 2017 / Forex Demo Account Comparison: Best Demo — Plus500

Forex Demo Account Comparison: Best Demo — Plus500

The demo account Plus500 considered the best Forex demo account on the market, especially for beginners. It is established for an unlimited period, supplied with courses of live trading server and can be performed without any additional effort parallel to the real money account. But other broker cut in Forex Demo Account Comparison thoroughly.

Account Comparison: What distinguishes good deals

  • No runtime limit
  • Supply of live courses
  • No inappropriate contact by the sales of the Brokers
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Easily switch between Forex demo account and real money account

Forex trading demo without time Expiration

Forex trading demo without time Expiration

Many brokers depend interested parties a Forex trading demo account only for a limited period of about 5-30 trading days. By the end of this term, summarizes the distribution by offering to open a live account at. Those who «speaks out» with lack of time may leave en Trial extend once or twice. By then, however, a live account must also be opened when the Forex demo account is to be further used. therefore accounts are advantageous without a time limit as Plus500.

Realistic insights with real courses

A realistic insight into the trade is — the to winning impression and the performance includes — only possible if the demo account with live courses is supplied to which customers of the broker can actually act and all further costs are taken into account. For Broker accounts are advertising materials which are naturally happy shown fined. Some brokers set the spreads in the demo account unrealistically tight, other book no funding costs or gradually the account holder in the highest discount level one. At Plus500 tuition is supplied through the live trading server.

Real money account and Live account useful parallel to lead

Demo accounts play even after choosing a broker an important role, because they are used for testing purposes. The many brokers unfortunately not yet realized: They charge their customers from when switching between accounts either logout or the use of multiple browser windows. Plus500 has fortunately the convenience when designing the commercial surface taken into account and makes it easy to change the account views from one click the account out. That Plus500 in Forex trading demo account comparison does well is because of the simple (browser-based) trading platform and the fact that no full contact details are required for setting up the demo account. Of course, it would be pointless to describe a broker only to its demo account (advertising material).

Choosing a Forex demo account

Choosing a Forex demo account - it should eighth Trader

Of course, an effective comparison of tenders is different broker a good point to come to a decision. Nevertheless, it can not hurt to once to obtain an overview of the key points. What should actually be taken exactly when searching a broker with a Forex demo account? We have summarized the most important tips:

1.No time limit

As already mentioned is a demo account with a time limit to a certain extent a nuisance for the trader. While an account can be enough in this case to once you get started in the forex trading. At the same time it runs out too often before the trader could then use it for the testing of different strategies. A limitation period may therefore be quite a shortcoming which also serves as a trigger for a decision against a provider.Who found as a trader a broker, which corresponds in fact all respects to their own ideas, which can perhaps dispense with a demo account without limitation here. At least several months of use should, however, be possible.

2. Full access to the trading platform

Being able to find their way on the trading platform of a broker is quite a bit of a challenge. Even at this point brings the demo account of course some advantages with it. However, only if it provides also a complete access to all functions of the trading platform. If this is not the case, then it really does not help. Therefore, care should be taken when choosing a broker also pointed out that a Forex demo account a full access to the trading platform has to offer. In addition to the features of the trade and the overview of news and tools is important. Just as the trading can actually be tested in all its facets.

3. Overview of the credit

perpetual Forex demo account uses not much, if the amount is so small that it is already depleted after a few simulated trades. Therefore, it is important to be able even with the demo account his funds have in view. Ideally, the balance is clearly displayed and can be recharged at any time. Some brokers but it is also true that here quite a pretty high credit is provided. Is this, however, exhausted, then also the demo account no longer be used. A provider who really stands out here, the amount of the broker, is FXPro. The broker provides a credit of 500,000 euros. A charge is also possible at any time. Why is the balance so important? Of course, one could say that the balance is then evenly all when it was depleted. However, many traders use the demo account even then, when they actually have good standing in Trading. In this case, it serves as a support for the formulation of strategies. This only works when still enough credit. Therefore, a good overview over the balance is particularly important.

4. Use analysis

Without a good analysis is a successful Forex trading impossible. Therefore, it should also be available in a demo account to access analysis. Only then is it possible to really adjust the Trading exactly. Many brokers offer very different analysis options that can be used. Ideally offers demo account to access all really variants. Limitations in the analysis are a negative point in the Forex demo account comparison. The same is also true for the news. News may also have an impact on the behavior of the traders in trading. Therefore, it is also important to be able as possible See all latest news already in the demo account.

5. Sign in or not?

Perfect it is of course, if no registration is necessary to view the Forex demo account. But this is only in the rarest cases the case. Brokers want the insurance that the potential customer does not only use the demo version, but also later in the real money mode changes. Pleasant for the trader, it is of course, if he can test only once at rest all the demo account and then decide whether they want to open an account. Indeed, there are also quite a few broker, in which there is this option. Most demo accounts is then equipped with only a small balance.

The big Forex Demo Account comparison

Plus500 The big Forex Demo Account comparison

In Forex demo account comparison we have taken some vendors under the microscope and summarized the most important facts for the trader. With the best-known providers of Forex trading is considered Broker Plus500. It was founded in 2008 and is therefore one of the oldest providers on the market. Through its headquarters in Cyprus, the regulation by the CySEC done. The broker represents 2,000 shares, indices, currencies and commodities as underlying assets available.Although the support rather is considered moderate and hard training opportunities on offer, so the broker can still score with a very good Forex demo account.

Facts about Plus500:

  • Seat and regulation in UK
  • 25,00 Euro bonus without own deposit
  • Deposit bonuses for new customers
  • Forex CFDs + (> 1000 underlyings)
  • inter alia, web-based trading platform

Demo accounts with AvaTrade and GKFX

Demo accounts with AvaTrade and GKFX

Demo accounts have in the industry long become standard: While traditional online brokers do without two decades after its first appearance mostly on the accounts set up market maker, ECN and STP broker accounts on a regular basis. This is due to the large number of common trading platforms and account models.

Irish resident Broker AvaTrade example offers five different demo accounts: In addition to the in-house trading platform AvaTrader, MT4 each with fixed and variable spreads and a demo account for the «Mirror Trader» is also a test account for trading binary options to choose which takes place on a separate platform. The best forex trading demo can offer despite the large selection not be classified because the defined criteria are not met with respect to fixed maturity and price feeds.

In principle also applies AvaTrade as a well known and reputable broker who does have to offer attractive conditions. If you can live with the limited demo account so getting a good basis for the forex trading. AvaTrade was earlier than AvaFX known and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Around 40 currency pairs are traded here. Interesting is also the Bonus, which is offered. This is up to 10,000 euros for new customers.

Facts about AvaTrade

  • Seat and regulation in Ireland
  • U.a. MT4. Mirror Trader und AvaTrader
  • Optional fixed and variable spreads
  • Deposit bonuses for new customers
  • Forex, CFD and binary options


The British Forex and CFD Broker GKFX does not waive a 30-day time limit of demo account.Interested parties can extend and continue customer unlimited demo account the period, however. Basically, there are some points in favor of an account with GKFX. The broker itself is headquartered in London. It was founded in the year of 2009.

A regulation is, inter alia by the BaFin in England . Thus, the broker also underscores its seriousness. A particularly interesting fact is that the broker does not require a minimum deposit.This makes it especially interesting for beginners. On offer for trade are around 50 currency pairs that can be used.

Both the trading platform as well as the support offered in German. GKFX is one of the first broker who receives the Social trading with in its range. Social Trading is an interesting thing for traders. In principle, these are the opportunity to learn from experienced traders. Depending on the form of social trading even entire trades can be adopted. The exchange trader with one another is desired. So questions can be asked and answered directly.

Facts about GKFX

  • Seat and regulation in UK
  • MT4 including MyFX
  • VPS possible
  • Large base of values
  • MT4 BoosterPro

FxPro Forex Demo account Test

Im FxPro Forex Demo account Test

Also the broker FXPro was added to our forex demo account testing. The broker is now active in around 100 countries and enjoys a very good reputation. Support is among others also in German language and is accessible around the clock. A special highlight is the selection of ten different trading platforms. This too is a rarity with the brokers.

Here every trader the right platform for his interests. Traded is around 50 currency pairs.Depending on the selected account type also are already spreads from 0 pips available. Finally FxPro scores quite well with the lever. This love at up to 1: 500, and is thus particularly high. The demo account offers the broker for three different trading platforms. So can test clients both the popular Meta Trader 4 and 5 as well as the cTrader. The cTrader is the in-house platform. Also during the removal account is a lever of up to 1: 500 selectable. Thus traders get directly a feeling for trade. The sum of € 500,000 virtual balance in the demo account is also not to be underestimated. In addition, the demo account without a time limit is available. Thus FXPro certainly has performed very well in our forex demo account testing.

 Facts FXPro Demo Account

  • Initial capital of EUR 500,000
  • Seed Capital is further segments
  • Unlimited access
  • Access is web-based and offered mobile
  • Trading strategies can be developed

Conclusion for Forex Demo Account comparison

With a Forex demo account comparison, it depends on several factors. A comparison can only be a good basis for decision when traders actually find serviced here the various points.Among other things, include the maturities of the demo account, the amount of money and access to the features of the major points. Important in finding a Forex broker demo account is always whether access is given to all areas of the trading platform. Only in this way trade can actually be tested from scratch. Rather a nice side effect is a demo account without registration. But this is actually given only in very rare cases. In our test could broker such as Plus500 and FXPro , with its range entirely. Important: In addition to the demo account of course play other points a big role in selecting a broker. From the minimum deposit sum up to regulate all the facts should vote, so the trader ultimately with his provider is also satisfied.

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