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Flatexis a German broker who trades as a Ltd with headquarter in Kulmbach. The commercial offer is very extensive decorates and one has laid the focus, in addition, on reliable Forex trade. Together with the parent company, the FinTech Group AG, is subordinate Flatex of the control by the European central bank and is adjusted by the German BaFin. This combination provides for a high degree in in Seriösität and security with the traders and this security receives additional impetus by the long-standing experience. The company is active since 2006 in the market and is examined, according to own specifications, in Austria and Germany a total of about 120,000 customers.

Trading: Aktien, Forex, CFD, ETF
Assets: from 19 international trading partners
Trading platforms: Trading-Desk, app for Android and iOS
Regulation: BaFin

In 2009 the company was better to the stock exchange and aimed to itself, with the company motto „simply, trade“ a fair and well understandable offer in the securities trading to offer. With it one wanted to offer to commercial-active private investors trade with loans, foreign currency, CFDs, to option warrants, certificates, fund and stocks to relatively favorable and particularly, to fixed rates. Moreover, lays Flatexvalue on good service and offers, in addition, an extensive academy programme. In August, 2013 the company was chosen to the best on-line broker. About the exporting credit institute biw for Investment und Wertpapier AG inc. is linked up Flatex to the insert protection fund of the federal organisation of German banks.

Flatex is serious and offers a huge number of advantages which outbalance in total clearly the disadvantages. As a trader one can profit with trade from a mobile ext. and use a demo account. Thus investors receive the possibility to keep the overview about her commercial activities in an easy manner and to test, besides, strategies. Above all for novices the service from Flatex a very good basis for successful trade with bonds forms. The very good conditions which offers Flatexf or the securities trading support this strategy.

Offer and conditions

Flatex Offer and conditions

In total an extensive offer provides Flatex for trade with bonds. It contains beside stocks also ETFs and fund, also Trading with Forex and CFDs is possible. For it offers Flatex a professional Trading platform and makes available to you a demo account for trade with CFDs and Forex. With this demo account you can test trade with different bonds in the approach without investing own capital.

The experience with Flatex shows that the offer offers new beginner and experienced traders equally purposeful and professional assistance with trade with bonds. In addition different account models are required by no means, Flatex deals with all Trading activities about a depot, a clear advantage for the overview of your commercial activities.

Company: Flatex Ltd
Address: E.-C.-Baumann-Str. 8a, 95326 Kulmbach, Germany
Registration number: HRB Bayreuth 5493
Regulation / licence: BaFin (127518), European central bank
Phone: +49 (0) 9221 – 7035, 898
eMail: [email protected]
Live chat: no
Recall: no

Direct trade is possible with Flatex already from 5.90 euros, for this the broker offers a Flat to fairy. You pay for every single Trade basically only the mentioned 5.90 euros. Trade about Xetra hits with fees from 7 euros to beech, for trade on US stock exchanges charges Flatex inclusively for 19.90 euros. With it the broker stands unambiguously in contrast to the other suppliers who mostly require higher fees for identical performances.

On the German stock exchanges trade from five euros is possible transaction, there there come the stock market fees which are stated on the web page with 87 cents. In addition, offers Flatex trade with premium partners with which the fees lie with «0» what amounts to a free Trading.

With trade CFD lies with Flatex the Margin guarantee at 20 percent, all spreads for Aktien-CFDs are variable. Flatex offers to the Forex trade without transaction costs, at the same time account as well as depot can be used completely free of charge. The latter is made available by the biw bank, payments in the depot can be carried out, for example, by transfer.

The mobile app from Flatex

Flatex The mobile app from Flatex

Many traders place big value of the fact that they any time and everywhere access to the commercial platform have to give around order or to be able to question on credit balances and on turnovers. Nearly all brokers offer, in the meantime, to her customers the possibility to use mobile Trading possibilities in addition to the stationary commercial platform also. Here forms Flatex no exception. Who is interested in mobile trade with Flatex, access to the mobile system receives from the company about a special address. The dealers can download to themselves the suitable ext., for example, for iPhone about the iTunes net curtain, as well as for Android machines about the Google Play net curtain. At the same time exists the alternative possibility to reach about the respective QR code with a Smartphone on direct way to the mobile Flatex platform or to the download.
With the different Apps which are offered from Flatex the unequivocal advantage consists in the fact that the traders have nearly from everywhere from access to the system. Thus can be reacted any time and at every place to attacking exchange rate movements. Pleasantly is present that the Apps own a self explicatory and usual commercial surface. The Kommunikatin follows about a sure SSL connection and provides therefore for additional security. You can log in any time about iPhone, Smartphone or mobile phone adaptably and fast and give commercial orders. Counts to the other advantages that about the mobile platform an access to the depot inventory as well as to the order book exists.

Beside the ext. which is required for trade the ext. «stock exchange» makes available Flatex his customer for Android-Smartphones as well as for iPhones as an additional performance. Besides, it concerns around a free program with the traders a Watchlist can invest and allow to indicate itself different charts. In this way can be traded about the badge «Traden» any time with bonds. This additional ext. «stock exchange» contains at the same time a detailed view with high and low-pressure area as well as the day changes. A very important function also exists with the announcements of the real-time exchange rates as well as current news. As an alternative to the Apps offers Flatex to you also a mobile web page about which a huge number of functions are usable, for example, the announcement of information and mobile trade.

Bonuses with Flatex

More and more suppliers go over to winning over new customers above premiums and bonus offers. As a rule it concerns with these premiums discounts, free subscriptions or credits. Flatex has not joined to this trend up to now, one searches a premium to the Scoring first in vain. On the other hand, the commercial rates are low so that one can call this in himself already premium.

Flatex is active in the area of the premiums for new customers only in this respect that one pays a premium own inventory customers, these new customers should enlist. For every new customer inventory customers receive 5 free orders with which stocks or currencies can be traded. Mostly dependent, fees cost this order, in addition, from the volume. The customer receives 5 order grantings without fees allocated with the premium.

The customer support

Flatex The customer support

With Flatex the opening of a bond depot requires no excessive expenses. Also beginners can register themselves here fast and simply. Who would like to open such a depot and act afterwards, only one form must fill out and provide afterwards some private information. After the application was correctly filled out, this can be sent in Flatex where he is checked. Should there be no objections, the depot will open Flatex after wards, nothing more is in way of your trade. The expiry by a depot opening is nearly identical, for the rest, with all brokers, here there are no appreciable differences. The Support of the company is rather simply accessible by hotline to the local rate, however, can be contacted also about live chat.

Trainings and webinars

Who would like to further the education regularly and attain additional knowledge with regard to the Tradings, to that are available with Flatex different Webinare. Even if the broker offers no seminars directly on site, nevertheless, you have anyway the possibility to access on-line trainings and exchange rate offers. These exchange rates and trainings offer possibilities to improve own Trading actually and to develop at the same time new commercial possibilities and strategies.

The same is valid for the use of the demo account which has provided Flatex for Forex-and CFD-Trading. It allows free of charge and without practicing own capital application the Traden or simulating different strategies. In our test we could find out that the Webinare as well as the demo account are valuable aid to find the way about the securities trading and to recognise over and over again new aspects. These possibilities offers you Flatex absolutely what shows an other recommendation as a comfort solution for the customer.


Payment possibilities: free account with depot
Minimal deposit: not prescribed
Fees per order: 5.00€ of German Börsem, 5.90€ of Außerbörslicher direct trade, 19.90€ of USA&Kanada, 24.90€ of foreign stock exchanges of Europe
Account processing possibly in: Euro

As a German company is subordinate Flatex of the supervision of the German BaFin and must show as an approved financial service provider all registrations necessary in Germany. This provides for a very high degree in security with the customers of the company. Also by the insert protection the customers are secured very high. The implementation of the bond order by the biw AG provides for the fact that the invested money about the insert protection ground of the banks is secured. In this manner every customer is secured up to an amount of just 4 million euros.

The registration with Flatex

As a result of increased legal regulations the opening of a bond depot is coupled with different safety regulations. This should protect all partners against corruption, money-laundering, scam.

First the form on the homepage is to be filled out. Then it must be printed out and be signed. Place very big value to answer all questions registered by the broker in detail and honestly. With the questions it concerns personal and therefore also sensitive dates, for example, the financial background is questioned. Nevertheless, the specifications are necessary compelling, because the broker only thus in the situation is to be assessed whether he should admit you for trade again.

In the next step one proceeds, together with all bases, to the next branch of the post. This takes, for you free, PostIdent procedure before for which you absolutely need an identity card. The employee of the post checks the correctness of the information provided by you with the help of your identity card and sends in the connection all bases, including passport photo and identity card, in Flatex. From this time you must count on a writing Flatex in which to you important information, as for example the ITAC-Card or the password can be informed for the bond account. As soon as to you the passwords are known and from you the first payment was carried out, you can begin with the Traden.


Especially in the area of Security and with regard to the available commercial offer the on-line broker Flatex belongs absolutely to the best in the market. Prospective customers have to test the possibility about a demo account her strategies in detail. Another advantage consists in the fact that Flatex belongs to few brokers who require no least insert while opening an account., Among the rest, also all expenses are very clear, by the Flatrax model. Regardless of this Flatrax you can check all dates available with the broker and information specifies broken down in the account.
Flatexis a German broker who trades as a Ltd with headquarter in Kulmbach. The commercial offer is very extensive decorates and one has laid the focus, in addition, on reliable Forex trade. Together with the parent company, the FinTech Group AG, is subordinate Flatex of the control by the European…



Not a scam

With Flatex everything is right: The commercial offer, the seriousness!

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