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An old-established supplier for trade with binary options: Already since 2008 EZTrader is in business and offers to his customers and customers since that time varied commercial chances. The supplier, besides, on binary options is specified by stocks. The income return chances of EZTrader lie in the above-average area. Moreover, the broker can score with high customer’s friendliness. What it, in addition, important about EZTrader to know gives we have summarised into our progress report.

Income return: up to 88%, to 452% by long term options
Options: Binary options, long term options
Assets: Commodities, action, indexes, currencies
Regulation: CySec

EZTrader review

Before a registration ambitious binary options Trader must test the trustworthiness of her broker. However, with EZTrader dealers must give no troubles themselves here. As one of the oldest suppliers for trade and Trading in the area of the binary options EZTrader is already active since 2008 in the market. For comparison: The probably biggest competitor BDSwiss offers his performances only since 2012 on the Internet.

Company WGM Services Ltd (Win Global Markets)
Address 11, Vizantiou Street, office 401, 2064 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
Registration number 256991
Regulation / licence CySEC, 203/13
Phone 0-800-723-7958
eMail not available
Live chat 24/7, in English
Contact form up to 2-day answer time

EZTrader on Cyprus has announced his head office. Accordingly the broker is licensed by the Cypriot financial supervisory authority of CySEC. The CySEC must orientate itself with her regulations and controls again by the possible specifications of the EU from Brussels. The regulation in all EU member states is led on the same basis, so that it makes no difference in which state a broker is announced now. Has nevertheless taken care EZTrader for reasons of the seriousness and recognition also around a licence of the German BaFin. Now this was also given, so that the broker is checked in the German-speaking space by suitable organs.

Clients say this

Is of the EZTrader Duffing or scam? These and similar questions put dutiful dealers always before the registration with new and them unknown supplier. Here in case of from EZTrader the opinions are very unequivocal: the broker is serious. A short Internet search lets many eager dealers find who trust with the supplier partly for many years. In this regard you must fear nothing. Of course there are also negative voices. However, these mostly refer to the offer and not on the basic reliability. Therefore, by the search according to opinions about this broker must be differentiated always.

The EZTrader Support in the test

One of the most important criteria for the reliability of a broker is their contact with customers and customers. Therefore, the first drop-in centre for our test was the after-sales service. The worldwide active top broker offers shoot up and professional Support about live chat, email and Call-Back-Phone. The answer times were very good in the test after our experience. We were supplied with detailed information which has helped us within short time. Such a Support is available into German, English and a total of 6 other languages.

EZTrader Support in the test

EZTrader offers a special service to all dealers with high commercial volume. A personal consultant is put to you to the side which they can reach any time and to themselves personally and individually around questions and problems concerns. Unfortunately, we could not test this service. However, a progress report on the Internet concludes by the fact that the broker also hands in there a good figure.

Our experiences EZTrader

Among the rest, points of criticism for our assessment of the reliability are Support, Lizensierung and our experiences with the payment. After the test EZTrader within the scope of ours binary options of brokers comparison becomes clear that you can count on this partner any time and a registration is easily possible. Customers and customers must not be afraid of squalid business internships like Duffing or Scam here.

The offer of EZTrader

Above all a confrontation of the performances is necessary for the direct comparison between different binary options of brokers. However, such an overview is not given with every supplier. Hence, we have searched all important dates, figures and facts and have explained, to sum up, which advantages and disadvantages EZTrader holds ready for his customers and customers.

Only call and Put trade on offer

EZTrader Only call and Put trade on offer

Just beginners feel finest mostly when they get many different commercial possibilities compulsory. This is with the EZTrader not the case. Here you can choose merely between the classical kinds of call and Put trade. If they think that the value of a basis exchange rate lies at the stated time about the current value, a call option is pulled. On sinking exchange rate values it is bet with Put options. These chances are also available in popular 60 second trades. Unfortunately, in special commercial kinds like One air and Boundary options traders must renounce.

However, it is absolutely advantageous just to beginner if her possibilities are limited. Many commercial kinds tempt to invest excessively often and to lose about that the overview with which commercial kind they were really successful.

Income return chances with the EZTrader

The profit possibilities always should be valued at basis of the classical options of the call and Put trade. In this area EZTrader with enormously high income returns can shine: it are possible between 68 and 95 percent per Trade. Just with the Höchstwerten competition suppliers can also not keep up like BDSwiss. In addition, payment rates from up to 450% which are valid for special call kinds and Put-commercial kinds are stated. As a bonus EZTrader also allows the loss hedging from up to 15 percent.

Trading in the web browser

Like most competition suppliers can be also traded with EZTrader simply and comfortably about own web browser. This also means that customers and customers have access to the platform over her mobile machines like Smartphones and Tablet PCs any time and can give administer thus from on the way and practically to every place of the world her bids on rising and falling exchange rates. In addition, own ext. is provided in the iTunes ext. net curtain and the Android Google Play net curtain

Payments and payouts with EZTrader

Payment and payment with EZTrader

Payment possibilities: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, Diners Club, Giropay, Trustly, iDeal, Dotpay, Yandex, Qiwi, TrustPay, Multibanco, immediate transfer, bank transfer
Minimal payment: 100€
Trade from: 25€
Account processing possibly in: Euro, British pound, US dollar, Brazilian Real, Chinese yuan, Swedish crown, Russian rouble
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer

EZTrader holds ready a negative surprise for all friends of quick and uncomplicated monetary transfer. One of the most popular meanses of payment for on-line dealings, PayPal, is not offered by the top broker. However, instead, systems like immediate transfer, Neteller and the usual methods of payment by bank transfer and credit card stand ready with which money on the account can be deposited.

Payment is dealt with within less working days reliably and easily. Here appears again the seriousness of the supplier.

Bonuses and special actions

Like most other brokers for trade with binary options EZTrader also offers to his new customers valuable bonus actions and premium offers. Specifically high payment bonuses are made available over and over again. Here may be pleased new customers about up to 100 percent which are credited to them, in addition, on her real payment.

Payment bonus: 100% without specification of a limit
Bonus conditions: Turnover demand of 25-fold of the bonus amount
Validity: 90 days
Other bonuses: none

A specific feature offers EZTrader always on Mondays. On the first day of the week the broker distributes gifts of money to his customers and customers. What you have to count, besides, on in detail is to be read up in the bonus conditions. In addition EZTrader in 15 recompenses. of every month his traders with other cash payments within the scope of the action EZPay. In addition an amount barometre by which the payment orientates itself is also ready. In total the bonus offers of EZTrader are very extensive and can raise the on-line credit of the customers and customer clearly.

Start with 100 euros

You can take part with EZTrader in currency trade already with a payment from 100 euros. Just for beginners this value is tuned exceedingly friendly, so that the broker looks in total inviting and you can start with little money. There the bonus from up to 100% on the payment amount still comes with EZTrader.

Specified on stock options

The palette in different basis values is relatively low. EZTrader puts a focus here clearly with the call and Put trade of exchange rates to stocks. Topically are tradable 30 stock values from the USA, 31 from Europe and 16 from Asia. There are currency pairs a total of only 18. With the commodities limits itself EZTrader even only on four. With 24 different indexes you can access with EZTrader a total of 143 basis values. Here in comparison to other brokers the offer lies rather in the subnormal area. However, for dealers of stock values in the area of the binary options EZTrader puts a welcome basis.

Education centre for beginners and advancers

A special charm in EZTrader shows the so-called Education to centre. There you find everything what can help you to the long-term success with binary options. Beside eBook, to video-exchange rates and a financial calendar beginners should throw a special attention to the ingenious teaching programme. There they find interesting information which can very help for them just with the entrance. With signals and strategies for binary options and the glossary they can prepare perfectly for the Traden. Also advancers find here important details which they make in the long term better and more successful. Besides, all texts are held in German and were translated apparently by native speakers.

However, there is not a demo account. Such a demo account is important for beginners to act riskless and to collect the first experiences in the real market. It is advisable to erect such a free account to themselves with another broker and to try out things directly in the market during the continuing education about eBook and other programmes and to test.

EZTrader is OK

Of the binary options Broker is in the German-speaking space definitively on a climbing up branch. After our test and our experiences we can assume from the fact that in the next time more and more dealers to the system will join. We can only recommend the EZTrader just on account of the special suitability for beginners and novices and would like to place special emphasis on the especially fair conditions and on performances. Besides, traders can be sure that scam can be excluded. If you in search of a trustworthy partner are you should keep one eye on the EZtrader always and find out individually.
An old-established supplier for trade with binary options: Already since 2008 EZTrader is in business and offers to his customers and customers since that time varied commercial chances. The supplier, besides, on binary options is specified by stocks. The income return chances of EZTrader lie in the above-average area. Moreover,…



Not a scam

EZTrader is an interesting broker of binary options and can be convincing with especially high income returns.

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