Best bookmakers 2017 / Expekt conditions — Secure Cashback Bonus now!

Expekt conditions — Secure Cashback Bonus now!

Most online bookmakers consider their new players a welcome gift ready. The variety of individual possibilities here is simply overwhelming. Players can not and must not only between individual Betting providers decide each with a different offer, but also between different bonus types and bonus levels. A classic range usually represents the deposit bonus.

Other vendors try Sportfreunde with some other methods Bonus retain them within their betting offer. Expekt has proved bookmakers decided to offer its customers a bonus that allows a risk-free bet worth up to 100.00 euros. Fresh registered customers must indeed do much for the activation of these risk-free bet, but should still adhere to correct Expekt conditions which are presented below. At this point, then also reveal whether a currently Expekt code is needed or not.

The Expekt conditions Overview

  • Risk free cashback bet
  • Maximum bonus is 100 €
  • Activate only lost Erstwetten bonus
  • Bonus money can pay off

How does the Expekt?

How does the Expekt?

The Expekt for new customers is basically is a kind of insurance for the players. This insurance does not exactly then in force when the newly registered player loses his first bet at bookmaker Expekt. Concretely, each first bet with Expekt is insured up to a maximum value of 100.00 euros.We lost the Erstwette, the bookmaker jumps and refund the amount. If the Erstwette however won, the player in question can be happy only on its profits, but not over a Expekt. The Expekt conditions are clear in this regard.

As the Expekt carried Claim Bonus?

Since it is a cashback bet the Bonus at Expekt is activated via a lost Erstwette. First, however, the players have to qualify properly for participating in the action. This is done via a first filing with the bookmaker and a then now. This should be made solely by using the following payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit card

In other deposit methods Players can not qualify for the bonuses. Then the new player’s first bet can then be done. This must also meet certain requirements to bonus conditions to be considered as qualifying Erstwette within the meaning of Expekt:

  • Minimum stake of 10 €
  • maximum wager € 100

A minimum rate is not prescribed by Expekt for qualifying Erstwette. Players can bet for example on every football game accordingly, that they appear pleasant. In addition, they can give their tip on both the favorite and the underdog on if they wish.

How is the Expekt paid?

How is the Expekt paid?

It was already clear that the Expekt only happen when the new player loses his first bet. A deposit bonus as at Tipico or bwin service, proves in this respect as player friendly as basically every new customer can benefit from this. Nevertheless, the bonus money at Expekt can pay off.However, Expekt conditions must first be met.

So the bonus money and the resulting profit gets to be paid, the player must provide when using the bonus amount six times with various bets. Here, the minimum rate is demanded now but which was set at 2.0. In addition, always only three-way bets will be called for in this context. This puts once again the football betting in the thick of it.

3 Tips for Expekt

In principle, it is of course up to each player, how to deal with such a bonus offer. In recent years, however, has shown that just know often begin with a cashback bonus not much initial sports bettor. Here are the opportunities offered by such an action, not to be despised. To get the maximum possible from this offer, the following three tips should be considered:

  • set a maximum amount at Erstwette
  • select high rate
  • keep an eye on favorites

Many experts advise players to at a CashBack offer fully go the whole hog and put on a rank outsiders. Experience has shown, however, that this does not really lead to profits, but much more frequently activates the bonus. The assumption that with a cashback bonus at higher risk can be received is correct, however, this does not always happen in the form of outsider bets.Many other sports apart from football offer for example also for the favorites of a match high odds. Accordingly, such a risk-free bet like be used to even explore other fields of activity and to collect in this way higher profits.

Conclusion: Fair, but with an edge

Expekt offers a fun-filled bonus, which should just young players delight difficult. Everyone gets thanks to this action once completely uninhibited show and throw their own risks overboard. After all, it is about a risk free bet and possibly lost money is fully refundable. but this is then the crux of the matter: The money will indeed be refunded, but in the form of bonus money, which in turn needs to be unlocked. Only when that is done, players are allowed to withdraw this. The path can be described as a bit rocky, due especially to the high minimum rate. However, all in all, Expekt conditions fair and transparent.

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