Best bookmakers 2017 / Expekt app for iPhone and Android — Get cash now!

Expekt app for iPhone and Android — Get cash now!

When it comes to successful business ideas and procedure of sessions, then stagnation is always a bad keyword. Companies need to evolve and remain adapted to customer needs. This is especially true for online bookmakers, the need to align the interests of its clients always. Nowadays, this means not only providing a spectacular Live Centers and numerous tense betting, but also mobile access to the own offer.

Sports Weather sit no longer just in front of the home PC and connect their bets from there after work from. Sports weather today want live always, from anywhere, to ensure that they do not miss the best odds and the hottest highlights. Even the bookmakersExpekt is aware of these new requirements aware of the business and has set his team of developers in the production of a mobile solution for the new requirements. The result is a Expekt app for iPhone and Android, which can be seen. Free downloading is possible, the access to at 30,000 to betting on the day is guaranteed. Better the conditions are only by the Expekt, which can be activated via the mobile app. What app for iPhone and Android is keep from Expekt and should pay attention to what factors most players, reveals the following guide.

The Expekt app for iPhone and Android at a glance

  • 30,000 bets per day
  • free Download the app
  • Account management is possible
  • fast and well-structured navigation
  • is available in seven languages
  • Bonus promotions offered

What can Expekt app for iPhone and Android?

What can the Expekt app for iPhone and Android?

As app for iPhone and Android was announced in tourism for Expekt, the mobile version of Expekt program provides all kinds for the player. First of all, basically all bets that can be made through the normal site of Expekt, even in the mobile version accessible. This means around 30,000 different bets per day, a figure that with industry giants such as bwin can put rather in competition. In addition, the complete page structure as well as the navigation were optimally adapted to the conditions on the iPhone or a tablet. There is no hassle of zoom in and out, numerous Shortcuts also help you get started.

The player receives the Expekt app for iPhone and Android access to its existing account with the bookmaker or can also open a new account just as desired, if he does not already have.Accordingly, deposits and withdrawals via the mobile app are playing easy. All classic wager types and types are supported in the mobile app, also Live bets are accordingly selected. But best of current bonus which is provided by Expekt for all app users.

 Mobile Bonus at Expekt Overview

  • Cashback Bonus for new customers
  • maximum bonus value is 10 €
  • Minimum bet is 5 €
  • Refund will be credited as bonus money
  • Bonus money can be unlocked

 Expekt mobile Bonus in detail

Players who have never completed a mobile bet at bookmaker Expekt can look forward.Currently they finally get the opportunity such a bet to conclude without own risk entirely. This is true only for the very first bet on Expekt app for iPhone and Android. It is primarily care if the bet is placed on the smartphone or tablet. Merely qualifying they must be.

Qualifying in this context means that the Erstwette must have a minimum bet of EUR 5.00. The maximum bonus amount is limited to 10,00 Euro, therefore a bet above this limit is not worthwhile. In addition, the bet must have a minimum ratio of 1:50. System bets may not be played in this context. Otherwise, players are free to choose what type of bet you want to place.If this Erstwette is lost, Expekt reimbursed use in the form of bonus money. If the bet won, the player can look forward to his win, gets to that effect, but no bonus money. A Expekt code does not exist in this context, currently the way.

Expekt mobile Bonus Rules

The Expekt mobile Bonus Rules

Of course, the bonus of Expekt can boast app for iPhone and Android Bonus Rules. The Expekt conditions see the following in this campaign before:

  • Bonus money can be converted into cash
  • Bonus must be implemented six times
  • Minimum odds are 2.0
  • Three-way bets must be completed
  • Bonus period is seven days

In basically the bonus conditions at Expekt are pretty easy to understand: Each player has the bonus received within seven days six through play. At a maximum bonus amount of EUR 10.00, this results in a required conversion of 60.00 Euro within one week. It simply is the minimum quota of 2.0 between the player and his victory. Who placed many small bets, should feel on the safe side, because such a low budget like this bonus may be otherwise depleted quickly in a couple of failed bets. Thereafter, the bonus can be plus all his winnings. A profit limitation such as those at Betsson applies, Expekt has not, of course. In his luggage

Conclusion: Great app is with a little bonus

The Expekt app for iPhone and Android can convince because of their packaging and the numerous functions on the line. The abundance of bets that can be completed on the app is likely to appeal to all sports bettors, quick and intuitive navigation facilitates entry for first-time users. On the other hand, the effort should also present a mobile bonus, be praised.Unfortunately, the bonus depends on wagering a small by little. Especially the tightly dimensioned bonus period and the high minimum rate as some players are likely to employ.However Expekt has due to its gigantic selection so many bets in the luggage that it should be a problem for anyone to place many bets within seven days and clear the bonus. Therefore both app and bonus may be recommended.

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