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Euro Poker Bonus: High rakeback convinced

Euro Poker was founded in 2006, is likely to be less known and smaller providers of poker games. Although you already started directly after the opening of the space with a larger advertising campaign, but was this rather less successful. Moreover tournaments had provided with guaranteed prize pools, which were well above the profitability figures of the space, for a minus. Only after a realignment and the connection to the OnGame network it went slowly uphill. With suitable software and a now stable player base could be earned a good stand.

A peculiarity has also with Strobo Poker and the matching action in store. This is a particularly fast way of poker that is more interesting and action-packed for many. But other promotions ensure a steady increase of customers.

At Euro Poker Coupon you bet on a 100 percent bonus on a maximum of US $ 1,000. This means that the first deposit is doubled with real money — and up to an amount of US $ 1,000. Of course, the Euro Poker bonus must be unlocked by only gradually. A Euro Poker Bonus code not required to present, however, which is twice as easy to use.

The Euro Poker Bonus Offer Details:

  • 100 percent bonus on the first deposit
  • Max Bonus: $1.000
  • Expires: The bonus is valid indefinitely
  • Code: Use now the Euro Poker Bonus Code 2015

Step by step: How Holst you Your Bonus

Step by step: How Holst you Your Bonus

As with most other, the Euro Poker coupon can be obtained in a very simple manner. All you have to do this, is to register with the provider on the web page and then download the software.Our Euro Poker Experience has shown that you can start directly with the first deposit after. This can be made up to an amount of US $ 1,000. Subsequently, check added another 1,000 dollars in bonus money. A Euro Poker bonus code does not need this.

Apart from the actual Bonus there are other bonuses that are available to every customer for free. This should be understood primarily Promotions how the GSOP Live Free Ticket or 25K Hot Streak. But the 10K Strobe Boost falls into this category. Next also friends may enlisted and $ 1,000 freerolls are played. These always take place on Thursday and start at 18:45.

The Euro Poker Bonus Rules at a Glance

  • Bonus: 100 percent Bonus
  • Type of bonus: deposit bonus for new customers
  • Additional Bonus form: Freerolls & Promotions
  • Requirement: 1 US dollar per 9 points
  • Bonus code: No Euro Poker bonus code required

If you want to the Euro Poker Bonus pay off, you have to implement it only once. This is at the100 percent bonus quite easily over a maximum of 1,000 dollars. This requires simply be earned only Player Points by playing cash games and real money tournaments. Pro $ 1 Rake gives 3.6 Player Points. Depending on how much money you paid it, a certain amount of Player Points must be earned.

At US $ 1,000 Bonus high a multiplier has been recognized by 9, which means that the bonus amount per 9 Player Points will be distributed in the form of 1 US dollar. This corresponds to a rakeback of very good 40 percent. to earn To the entire $ 1,000 thus 9,000 points or $ 2,500 in rake needed. For freerolls, Races and Co. There are no wagering requirements. Here can be easily played and won.

Following can be unlocked as needed further money. So it is possible to trade 300 VIP points against 5 US dollars in the VIP Store. While this does not correspond to approximately the rakeback bonus, but is still better than nothing. In addition, is so clear that the bonus should definitely be used.

Details for poker room

Due to the entry into the OnGame network to Euro Poker can enjoy new customers and a stable player environment. The software relies on Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Five Card Draw. The different limits make it possible for both beginners as well as semi-professional can play here. Tools like PokerTracker or Holdem Manager are certainly supported.

  • Quite a lot of tournaments with guaranteed prize pools
  • In-house poker school for learning
  • Extensive and interesting VIP Club
  • No bonus code at Euro Poker needed

Our bonus review

Even if Euro Poker is relatively unknown and has features to the connection to the OnGame network over a lot of customers, you could increase since good and also a good bonus to his feet. But this is not only due to the sum of US $ 1,000 be described as good, but also because of the effective rakeback of 40 percent. In addition, the revenue requirements are more than just simple to understand and implement. In our test, the bonus gets 7.7 out of 10 possible points.

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