Best online casino 2017 / Euro scam or not? Review

Euro scam or not? Review

The Euro Grand Casino is one of the online casinos that have the best established worldwide. Customers from all countries around the globe, register with this provider to there not only to contest exciting and varied games, but also to preserve the chance for real profits. The Euro Grand Casino operates with a prestigious license the Gambling Commission of Gibraltar and also works with the renowned Playtech games manufacturers together.

The Euro Grand Casino is part of the group of companies William Hill and can accordingly in terms of safety, durability and stability come up with the best conditions in the sector. Finally, William Hill is one of the oldest gambling companies that has successfully survived the leap into the online gaming industry.

could surprise Little therefore in our test and the fact that the Euro Grand Casino has the best score. Starting with the selection of offered games, the different types of payment methods to the bonus promotions and other consideration or additional services just can literally convince all along the line, creating a possible Euro Grand Casino fraud is of course excluded, Euro Grand Casino.

Euro Grand Casino stands out by:

Euro Grand Casino stands out by:

  • License from Gibraltar
  • Games software from Playtech
  • Welcome bonus up to € 1,000
  • 25 free spins as extra bonus
  • PayPal as a payment method
  • Belongs to the William Hill group

Range of casino games: The best of Playtech

When it comes to the most important criteria for a visit to the casino, most people will agree with the assertion that a casino must be trustworthy and has to offer great games. Only when the selection is reasonable, hours of entertainment at the casino is guaranteed. In addition, it must be ensured, of course, a certain stability of the Games. Finally, the most enjoyable gaming benefits no one anything, if it ever crashes.

At Euro Grand Casino such experience can be made more rarely well, because after the games software from Playtech, one of the giants of the developer company will be provided. One or the other review has already impressively demonstrated elsewhere, as clearly there to play Playtech succeed in convincing all kinds of casino players. Finally, both the classics such as Roulette or Blackjack are served in different variants and also the innovative new games and slot machines are not forgotten when choosing. The question whether the Euro Grand Casino or fraud is serious, should not arise in view of the game selection accordingly. 9/10 points.

  • Games Playtech
  • all genres are represented

Safety and Licensing: All rules are respected

EuroGrand Safety and Licensing: All rules are respected

Especially when it comes to online casinos, some regular players are always overwhelmed by certain doubts. At this point, the question of the seriousness of the casino is questioned: Can it be that the casino to provide my information to third parties or leading the casinos do other bad things in the blades and will relieve myself only to all my money? These and other questions shoot players often through the head when they enter an online casino. For this reason, always a view of the safety regulations and the licensing of casinos should be thrown in front of a registry.

In terms of licensing must, in principle, no one to ask the question whether the Euro Grand Casino is reputable. The official license issued by the gaming authority in Gibraltar, which is part of Europe and has adopted particularly strict regulations regarding the distribution of gaming licenses several years ago. With regard to this section of our test, Euro Grand Casino cuts accordingly from a extremely pleasing touch. The same also applies to the safety precautions to be taken by the casino in order to protect the customer’s data. The Euro Grand Casino relies on a protected SSL connection to transmit encrypted data and also provides information in a separate area about how to deal with the customer data. Euro Grand Casino experience can accordingly have in this respect no complaints. 9/10 points.

  • License from Gibraltar
  • Data is encrypted

Bonus and conditions: Up to 1,000 € for new customers + 25 Free Spins

EuroGrand Bonus and conditions: Up to 1,000 € for new customers + 25 Free Spins

When new customers signing up at the casino, they can look forward to a Euro Grand Casino Bonus, which is exclusively set aside for them. After gaining experience with Euro Grand Casino is in this range to one of the most attractive in the industry. This is partly due to the enormous amount of bonus payments will be made available for players with a maximum initial deposit, and on the other to the very oncoming bonus conditions, which may be more than excellent in comparison to other providers.

For a minimum deposit of 4000.00 euros the new customers 1.000,00 Euro Bonus in the form of Promo Cash waving in the Euro Grand Casino. All winnings resulting from play with bonus money as an insert, can be paid out at the request of the player, as long as this complies with the Bonus Rules. Alternatively, the new customer for a 25% deposit bonus can decide which is available up to a bonus of 250 euros (Minimum deposit: 10 euros). Whichever bonus offer you choose: there are additionally 25 free spins on top. The profits derived from the Free Games are subject to the bonus conditions, which stipulate that bonus amount and initial deposit must be each twelve times in the casino. Once this has been achieved, our test confirmed rapid and automatic disbursement of bonus winnings. For all those who think a bonus of 1,000.00 Euro is slightly too high, alternative offerings can find where smaller amounts can be skimmed off. 10/10 points.

  • bis zu 1.000 € Bonusgeld Highroller Bonus
  • Alternatively: 25% Bonus up to 250 € (minimum deposit: 10 €)
  • 25 free spins there for both versions on top
  • all winnings are cashable

Although the Euro Grand Casino Bonus actually appear already on the line to be unbeatable, it may occasionally still worthwhile for once to take a look to the right and left. There are recommended in particular the two bonus promotions for new customers from the Stargames Casino and the Casino Club . The Stargames Casino Bonus which offers enormous play friendly bonus terms and at CasinoClub wait up to 1.000,00 Euro real money.

Deposits and withdrawals: PayPal is offered

EuroGrand Deposits and withdrawals: PayPal is offered

The deposit and withdrawal options a casino allow clear conclusions about its seriousness. A casino that lists only unknown and sleazy payment service by which customers can fund their casino account, you should give real confidence only in the rarest cases. As a rule, those casinos prove dodgy companies in which the welfare of the customer in no way comes first.

After extensive Euro Grand Casino experience, our test can emphasize that the Euro Grand Casino does not employ dodgy or dubious machinations. This can be based on the various payment options already recognize at first glance: All major payment options are accepted by e-wallets on credit cards to prepaid credit. Particularly pleasing shows, moreover, that also accept PayPal as a payment method from the Euro Grand Casino. PayPal is for customers so attractive, because there they offered a so-called buyer protection which occurs in case of doubt in force and the account holder protects against dubious offers. Since the Euro Grand Casino supports a recording of PayPal as a payment service this buyer protection can be assumed that the Euro Grand Casino more than just plain serious. 10/10 points.

  • all major suppliers are listed
  • PayPal Buyer Protection is offered including

Customer: Always accessible

A customer must be distinguished by different characteristics: he must always have an open ear for the registered customers as well as for the non-registered customers. It must be accessible, or at least be able to be contacted when most players are crowding the casino night and day. The customer must be competent, which means in plain language that the employees know their business and must possess the skills to be able to actually help the player. In addition, the customer should be free to grasp and to communicate with the players in their own language. Only when all these objectives were met, one can speak of a really good customer who takes the concerns of customers to heart.

Most customers supports many casinos meet the requirements just stated is not really. The Euro Grand Casino stands out in this respect significantly from the competition, as the friendly staff are available around the clock, phone or live chat to e-mail, can be contacted, and the Germans are naturally powerful. With regard to professional competence, there by escalating experiences with Euro Grand Casino determine no complaints. 10/10 points.

  • available around the clock
  • Available in German

Design and Performance: Stable and Powerful

With regard to design and performance objective criteria can usually reflect only part of the subjective perception. The design is ultimately always a question of individual taste, which is why each customer must decide for themselves what they like and what not.After a test of Euro Grand Casino, the results lead to the conclusion that in terms of the designs may be slightly more commitment would have been possible. The design is given per se, although no compromises because it comes along functional and well structured, but there are other casinos that have a little more to offer in this area.

The performance, however, is the Euro Grand Casino as usual of optimal grade. The internet connection is fast and simple, the structure of the games running smoothly. The condition at this point is naturally based on a stable Internet connection, which should, however, always given for stable casino games. 10/10 points.

  • well-structured page layout
  • high degree of stability

Live Casino: At the highest level

EuroGrand Live Casino: At the highest level

Some time ago, it is increasingly preoccupied with fashion to offer a live casino within an online casino. Here, more value, many casinos have, however, placed on quantity rather than quality, with different casino areas came out, who have little acted in response to the player. In Euro Grand Casino is this is a little different because there the Casino management is aware that class is still more important than mass. So for all the important casino games in the Live Casino are offered as well as the different bonus offers are frequently suitable for live applications. The team of dealers in Euro Grand Casino Live Casino exceedingly professional and moreover pretty to look at, in most cases. A video tour allows customers to get even faster and easier access to the world of live casinos. 10/10 points.

  • optically optimally prepared
  • with Video tour imposing

Limit and Payout: Absolutely appropriately

Payout in Euro Grand Casino is unfortunately only to find something hidden, can be identified by dedicated search but then. You averages, taken together for all games, about 97 percent, generally above of the average which is what other online casinos to offer.

Regarding the limits must be stated at this point that these differ depending on the game. While they are in relation to the minimal operations that must be performed in a variety of games within the average range, the maximum limits tend significantly to the upper region and make many other casino far behind. High Roller are therefore welcome guests in Euro Grand Casino.10/10 points.
  • above average high disbursement rate
  • high table limits for high rollers

Loyalty program and VIP Club: For all players the best

EuroGrand Loyalty program and VIP Club: For all players the best

When it comes to offering attractive reward and special promotions, we have to stick with this test that the Euro Grand Casino in comparison to the competition suggests more than good. However, it must be said at the same time that most of the regular bonus offers foremost aimed at new customers or recently newly registered customers. For example, there are many bonus promotions that reward as the first or second deposit of a customer.

However, for existing customers, there is the opportunity to advertise friends and for winning bonus money, or to collect by denying of games called Comp Points that can be redeemed for attractive rewards. The VIP Club also offers various special promotions and allowances for real experienced players ready. 10/10 points.

  • Loyalty program for all players
  • VIP program for high volume players

Mobile App: An on-site casino

In Euro Grand Casino is waiting for all mobile gamers not merely a vile app, as in any other x-arbitrary Casino also, but an entire casino, which is only interested in the needs of mobile gamers. Bonus offers and a solid selection of games such as roulette or Gold Rally are included. The payments on the mobile casino can be handled by PayPal, which provides us additional enthusiasm. 10/10 points.

  • mobile casino with bonus offers
  • PayPal accepted as a payment method

Our verdict for Euro Grand Casino

The rating for the Euro Grand Casino might not turn out better. The responsive service of casino employees in combination with the wide range of different games and promotions to be proud of even in comparison with the competition really. Our test is accordingly an exceptionally strong result and the only minimal deductions that were to be found, all of which concern the B-Note.
The Euro Grand Casino is one of the online casinos that have the best established worldwide. Customers from all countries around the globe, register with this provider to there not only to contest exciting and varied games, but also to preserve the chance for real profits. The Euro Grand Casino…



Not a scam

For many years I know Euro Grand already and the sure regulation also proves the seriousness of this casino.

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