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Does eToro require a software download?

Social Trading enjoys in recent years become increasingly popular. No wonder, because this trading way has many advantages and quite inexperienced investors can the principle of the social use trading to trade successfully CFDs. At eToro is one of the world’s largest provider of social trading and millions of people around the globe the eToro community have already joined.

But what does the broker actually offer exactly? Is also pure trading with eToro and what possible commercial application can be found?The following article will provide the answer to these questions.

eToro Software Download: Facts and Figures

  • eToro is the world’s largest Social Trading Provider
  • The broker can be more than 3.5 million customers recorded
  • For trading with eToro is a web based application available
  • A software download is not necessary at eToro

1) We provide eToro Social Trading

1) We provide the eToro Social Trading ago

At eToro Social Trading it comes to realizing a common commercial way at all members of the community to participate. For this eToro combines his traders in a network and thus gives them the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas. Thus, everyone will benefit from the overall experience of all others and learn a lot in this way. However, the mutual exchange is not all that is possible with eToro. In so-called Open Book of the broker’s trading activities and strategies of each community member can be viewed and tracked. So there are, for example, the historical performance, risk assessment, the composition of the portfolio and the number of trades made so far, including number of income trades. Seems a trader particularly promising, this can be «tracked» with one click. See the followers from now on all trading activities of traders in real time.

But you can not only observe the activities, it is also possible to go a step further. With the CopyTrader function it is also possible, in copy eToro traders. Opened the Copied then a new position, the same happens on the trading account of the copier. Thus, even novice investors no longer have to deal with intense market developments and to the work left to professionals.

Conclusion: At eToro beginners as well as professionals in the trading can take advantage of the idea of social trading. Inexperienced investors can view the trading activity of all other community members and embark on the search for a promising Trader. If such found his or her trading strategies can be copied with one click.

2.) What trading platform is offered with eToro?

Who wants to enter with eToro in trade, must not act strictly according to the principle of social trading and copy other traders. It is also possible to act independently and this is an in-house web-based trading with eToro platform. This WebTrader has been specially developed for the Social Trading and supports all functions that are necessary for it. Particularly striking are in this trade use the professional charts that can be found there. A eToro professional chart can show a variety of studies for the course analysis, it can be found different chart representations and drawing tools can be used.

The application is available as an app for smartphones and tablets available and in this way, users can realize location-independent trading and have their own trading account anywhere, anytime with this. Furthermore, eToro a demo account available, which provides realistic trading conditions and is indefinitely available.

Conclusion: For daily trading eToro alternate its customers a powerful web-based application.WebTrader is characterized by the professional charts and by easy handling, which allows both Social Trading as can be used as a pure trading platform for manual trading. The application is also available as app as a free demo account.

3.) Is eToro software download necessary?

3.) If a eToro software download necessary?

Those looking for Download eToro for a software initially gets displayed only pages from download portals. An official Download eToro is not found. There is a reason. Why, shows up at the latest when visiting the official eToro page. There, namely the self-developed eToro WebTrader is advertised. As one of the few brokers eToro therefore does not rely on the MetaTrader, but on a web-based solution to meet its Social Trading better claim. Their intention is to meet especially the claim as the largest Social Trading Portal. Who at eToro is, namely can follow the actions of other distributors and optionally copy. Especially inexperienced traders can either individual transactions adversely raden or copy another successful merchant and a maximum of 20 percent of its own capital trading all actions 1: take over. 1 In addition, can the WebTrader similar use as well as programs to download as the MetaTrader.Especially for inexperienced traders WebTrader is however much clearer and easier to use.

Conclusion: Since this is a web-based application in the offered trading platform, eToro no software download is required. Also WebTrader can be accessed from any computer, and the only requirement is Internet reception.

4.) Bottom line: Web-based platform without downloading

The Social Trading at eToro has many advantages, both for beginners as well as professionals. The trade is thereby converted via a web-based application and this no software download by the user required. The web platform enables effective and advanced methods of operation and provides a variety of tools and features for an extensive course analysis.Access to the WebTrader can be done by internet via any PC or laptop.
Social Trading enjoys in recent years become increasingly popular. No wonder, because this trading way has many advantages and quite inexperienced investors can the principle of the social use trading to trade successfully CFDs. At eToro is one of the world's largest provider of social trading and millions of people…
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