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eToro professional chart

The eToro professional chart must not buy. Unlike reportedly on some websites, the chart is completely free. It is integrated into WebTrader, so the trading platform eToro. There you must first choose a financial instrument that is to be examined, for example, the Forex currency pair EUR / USD. Given then the professional chart can be displayed.

Figures for the provision of eToro:

  • The eToro professional chat is integrated into the WebTrader
  • Accounts can be opened with a minimum deposit of 200 €
  • (Social) Trading works on the WebTrader or OpenBook
  • Traders should pay attention to their payment method and the minimum deposit related

1. The offer of eToro in big test

eToro was founded in 2007 on the European island of Cyprus as one of the first social trading broker on the market and has already convinced at that time by a trusted regulated by the CySEC and by a deposit insurance of up to 20,000 € per customer. Over time, the company was able to expand its range ever — today convinced eToro after a minimum deposit of 200 € its customers through a pleasant trade of numerous CFDs from different fields through a browser based web platform. In addition to its attractive trading conditions eToro convinced not least through a customer-friendly Social Trading listing on the Open Book or the CopyTrader, which allows the signal takers to compile a portfolio of the most successful traders that it can be found through a variety of useful filter functions in the ranking. For good Finally was able to convince in the test and the service offered by the company, not just a free and unlimited time etoro demo account holds, but also an extensive seminar area, the webinars, eCourses and written guidance includes.

Conclusion: eToro was founded in Cyprus in 2007 and therefore is regulated by the CySEC — additionally also a deposit insurance of up to 20,000 € per customer is established. This must deposit 200 € on his trading account with its account opening, however, and can then act numerous currencies and CFDs themselves or lose the Social Trading on the Open Book or the CopyTrader. Finally erwartetet the clients eToro also a comprehensive range of services with a demo account, webinars, eKursen and written manuals.

The offer of eToro in big test

2. WebTrader and OpenBook — eToro trading platforms

For trading with eToro available to customers primarily two different platforms and mobile trading apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry version. This includes primarily the WebTrader, the same advantages of a browser-based trading platform combines with which experienced traders should already be familiar: A WebTrader can independently of the PC on the work, to be used at the university or at friends and also carries no risk of viruses or trojans that can be «introduced» when downloads and installations otherwise. Moreover, also the eToro WebTrader is characterized by a user-friendly interface and intuitive operation, which facilitates traders to trade. In addition to the WebTrader and OpenBook is available at eToro, which can be considered as a social network for traders and thereby distinguished by similarities to social networks like Facebook. Customers can see here, the trades of other traders and thereby apply directly via comment function with their questions to the siren that can post statuses by detailed information on their opened positions. All in all, simplifies the eToro OpenBook cooperation between signal taker and franchisors immensely and can thus also be seen as small revolution in Social Trading Business.

Conclusion: customers of eToro can be used for a successful trade primarily two different platforms. This includes primarily the browser-based WebTrader, who brings a user friendly interface and is characterized by an intuitive operation. In addition, here is also the eToro OpenBook available, which can be considered as Social Trading Network, where customers can view and comment on the trades of other traders and can where even Trader Status information proposed to their trades, for example, to illustrate exactly why what Trade was when placed.

WebTrader and OpenBook - the eToro trading platforms

3. What is behind eToro professional chart?

Many traders estimate the charts of eToro . Also another broker customers appreciate this feature, which is not provided in this quality from all suppliers. Partly therefore use traders from other vendors the eToro professional chart. However, the account must have been unlocked. This is already having a deposit of only 200.00 US dollars possible. Seen in a professional eToro chart can buy so yet, that is, as a customer of another broker. But because of the professional chart can also be used if no credit is available, can easily be handled with the minimum deposit. Even if the money is speculated, the professional chart could be used. Who opened an account but only because of the professional charts, should pay attention to the deposit method. For transfers and money transfers with Western Union or MoneyGram, the minimum deposit is namely 500.00 dollars.

Conclusion: The eToro professional chart is basically available for free and already integrated into the WebTrader Dealers. However, the professional chart can also be used by customers of other brokers, provided they open a trading account with the broker Cypriot and liquidate.However, He should observe the minimum deposit that is transactions via Western Union or MoneyGram in 500 USD instead of 200 dollars.

4. How to open eToro trading account?

How to open an eToro trading account?

We have now been stated that traders need to open a trading account with eToro to use the eToro professional chart can. But how you opened a Live account with eToro? In three simple steps!

1. Fill out the online form

After clicking on «Register» reaches the trader to an online form, which he should fill carefully and truthfully. If this form is submitted, the trader will usually receive immediately a confirmation e-mail containing his data with which he can log into its Customer.

2. Take your first deposit before

Has the trader get his access, he can make his first deposit. This must be at least 200 € and can be paid via bank transfer, credit card, MoneyBookers, PayPal, Neteller or WebMoney.

3. Verify yourself

Before traders now their payment can be made, you need to be verified. This is done by with a copy of their identity card, a recent consumer account and possibly your credit card to the broker.1

Conclusion: The account opening is not different even in eToro from other online brokers: First fill customers an online form, after which they will receive the access to its Customer via email.Have they finally logged into their account, customers can make their first deposit and verify then by with a copy of their identity card, a recent consumer invoice and possibly the credit card to the broker. These documents are considered identity or proof of residence and are intended to protect the customer’s account from unauthorized access.

5. Conclusion: eToro Professional Chart and the platforms of the broker

The eToro professional chart applies to traders to be very reliable and helpful for a successful trade and is accordingly frequently and likes to use — even by traders dealing through other brokers. These still need to register with eToro and make their first deposit to trade over the OpenBook or WebTrader, in the eToro professional chart is integrated. However, there is no need to worry, since the account opening with eToro little time and effort takes up.

The eToro professional chart must not buy. Unlike reportedly on some websites, the chart is completely free. It is integrated into WebTrader, so the trading platform eToro. There you must first choose a financial instrument that is to be examined, for example, the Forex currency pair EUR / USD. Given…
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