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eToro bonus conditions with clear rules

Bonus payments are a sensitive issue. Not only with investment bankers and top managers but also among private traders. Because all brokers bind their bonus payments to certain conditions, specifically at a certain minimum turnover. If not reached, the bonus will be deleted. It was previously also at eToro. Meanwhile, the leading social waived Trading providers completely on a eToro bonus. Instead the focus here fully on the «Refer a friend» program. Each successful placement of a new customer brings the switch 100 USD or the equivalent in the relevant payment currency. EToro saves by setting the conventional bonus a lot of effort with disappointed customers have not yet reached the minimum sales amount. not every broker can afford it though. Just the fact that eToro Bonus completely takes from the program shows how great the broker has become.

1) Three steps to get Bonus

1) Three steps to advertisers Bonus

eToro has the «social» not only written in trading on the flags. Through active advertising in their social environment bonus payments of eToro can be obtained. These are of course always subject to conditions. The inviting Trader receives the bonus payment of $ 100 only after the friend has made a minimum deposit of USD 200. Normally, the amounts Minimum deposit only 50 USD. The friend may also not have been registered on one of the eToro trading websites in the past.In this case no bonus payment would depend. In addition, certain nationalities are excluded from the bonus program.

These include: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, Indonesia, Sri, Lanka, Philippines, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria and the USA.

The bonus of $ 100 will be credited as eToro Credit
. This means that it can be used exclusively for trade and will not be paid. EToro This is still in the standard with respect to the payment of bonus conditions. Many brokers link their bonuses to minimum revenues, which must be achieved partly within certain periods of time. To get this bonus now need to get at all the steps are followed.

  1. First you have to sign up in their own eToro account. Here one finds everywhere pointing out that there are bonuses for referring friends. Following these instructions to get to step. 2
  2. Here is the e-mail addresses of friends can be maintained in a predetermined mask. This can be done manually or via the selection function of Google Mail. Are all friends selected, the invitations can be sent with one click.

Especially with regard to advertising should be placed in certain sensitivity to light. For one does not appreciate any Trader Advertising and secondly not want to trade any friend. Given the sophisticated marketing strategies — particularly in the area of financial fraud — should warn his friends either immediately after you click the «Invite» or in advance.

  • To final completion of the invited friend will just have to make after registration and the eToro Credit is due to automation immediately credited the deposit of USD 200.

Conclusion: So just canvassed friends at eToro is designed, it is important to note a few things.The friend may not have been registered with eToro, certain nationalities are excluded and a bonus paid in eToro credit points.

2.) What kind of bonuses offers eToro also?

Like most other brokers also, eToro provides its new customers a welcome bonus. But only if the application on the advertising is related. Then the bonuses is 100 dollars. In addition eToro holds monthly changing special actions.

This may relate to the trading success of individual or to the deposit totals. Examples include below some of these actions listed:

  • The 50% bonus for the first and fifth copier:
The Trader will develop constantly encouraged to own strategies and to copy to make these success of eToro municipalities. If these strategies then also copied this means not only rum and honor for the copied trader, but also a bonus payment of eToro. Why a bonus payment takes place precisely at the 1st and 5th copiers, probably arbitrary.
  • Customers who already have a premium account to get special offers. For more done Proceeds staggered bonuses. These are then 5% or 10% of the bonus amount. For deposits over $ 50,000 in advance of the personal account manager eToro should be contacted.

Conclusion: Bonus payments are only made to a maximum of 100,000 USD per month. This, too, is still one of the moderate bonus conditions among brokers. eToro offers its customers monthly changing bonus programs. Thus he considers himself attractive for traders. Bonuses are always to be classified only as eToro credit points on the accounts, which can then be used for trading.

3.) Where do you find special promotions on eToro site?

3.) Where do you find special promotions on the eToro site?

On the home located at the top of the screen 5 menu items. Solely the point «More» opens also emphasize. Under «Other» headings «are Social Trading«, «platforms«, «Trading Academy» and «customer serviceto find». In the section Social Trading turn 10 subpages are listed. These are:

  • What is Social Trading
  • About eToro
  • advantages
  • Specials
  • Premium Account
  • Meet the traders and investors
  • Popular Investor-Programm
  • Blog
  • to invite friends

Conclusion: By clicking on «promotions» to move to the side of the change on a monthly bonus programs. The site is clearly structured and keeps explanations and examples ready for any bonus offer. The eToro Promotions are easy to see -> More -> Social Trading -> Specials.Thanks to the clear structure is immediately clear that bonus program for which traders out of the question.

4.) Creative bonus actions

eToro is characterized by creativity when it comes to acquiring new customers and the crafting of bonus programs. The social environment is not only in trading but also for advertising purposes are used.

Bonus payments are a sensitive issue. Not only with investment bankers and top managers but also among private traders. Because all brokers bind their bonus payments to certain conditions, specifically at a certain minimum turnover. If not reached, the bonus will be deleted. It was previously also at eToro. Meanwhile,…
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