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is Elite Partner, probably due to the very high success rate, the leading dating service platform in Germany. Since 2005, this is even certified partly because of data protection. As the name suggests, can be found on this platform mainly academic members, which is different from many others in the dating market. In Germany alone counts ElitePartner all 3,800,000 members, of which 54% women and 46% men.

Mediation: Dating
MEMBERS: daily more than 50,000 active members
Special features: very high success rate

And because all of this sounds almost too good, we did not fail to ask ourselves: scam or legitimate? This report will tell.

Our review of the seriousness of Elite Partner

ElitePartner Our experience with the seriousness of Elite Partner

As already mentioned above is a big plus of this platform that they themselves characterized apart from the mass of online dating portals that members with an academic degree are to be found there in the first place. The number that week 50,000 singles are active in Germany alone, speaks for itself. So you meet there really as promised in advertising, formed with Singles level. If still the question of how the company deals with fake profiles, or whether at all such are on Elite Partner. We have researched and came across this information: The customer care ElitePartner checked each profile, manually and by hand, on its accuracy, thereby fake profiles and other black sheep have no chance on this page. Thus also rip is completely excluded.

For Dating So only those are allowed to mate with the values and the slogan of the company (academics and singles with level). Reliability is very important for us and so it is the first place to the fact that Elite partner enjoys such a good reputation among the dating portals.

Company: EliteMedianet GmbH
Address: Am Sandtorkai 50, 20457 Hamburg
Commercial register: AG Hamburg, HRB 89338, Ust.ID: DE 232 608 571
eMail: [email protected]
Contact form: available
Fax: 040 / 60 00 95-95

The stored data must not only be true, what would already serious enough in itself, but also pursue those serious intentions, what the page is eventually intended. Up to 7,000 new members Report on really good days at what is true for the customer to have their hands full, but always with the goal in mind to provide the best quality to its members.

We note: In seven days a week working a team from taking any new profile under inspection and personally evaluate so fake profiles have no chance. Anyone with a contact time should not be sure, can contact customer support: There is an anytime helped. are used That such fake profiles with Elite partners to acquire new customers, we were able to confirm nowhere and keep therefore a rumor circulating on the network.Accordingly, our conclusion is clear: Elite Partner is safe, trustworthy and cares about its members.

The offer at a glance

ElitePartner The offer at a glance

Elite partners primarily offers serious relation with a high level of education, seeking something solid. The audience starts at young age of 18 and goes to the 55+, the target group of 35-44 year still the main players are.The average age for women at 41 years and for men at 38 years. Profiles are very clear and you can even see without Premium Membership for example the profession to give the academic density of the members will be aware quickly.

The Elite Partner principle is very simple. It is based on several studies that have shown that a relationship holds longest and happiest makes when both partners have a similarly high level of education. In addition, the agreement about the values ideas and goals in life is essential. So every one of the approximately 3,000 members who log on daily average in Elite Partner, 4. dismissed. The criteria for this are quite obvious: racism, personalities and an inappropriate vocabulary are exclusion criteria, to maintain the structural members within the meaning of the company. Likewise, a patchy completed profile or conflicting information raising doubts about the legitimacy of the member.

If you want to look around once and still invest any money into the Partner, we have the opportunity to register for free on Elite Partner. But one can already take some services claim, including the scientific personality test is one which requires about 20 minutes. This is based on multiple choice answers and provides the foundation for the partner proposals obtained. Thus, the search can begin already, without having spent a cent. Because after the evaluation of the test fly a nearly 200 qualified partners proposals whose matches are measured based on the so-called Matching Points.

By trial subscription you can make a very good first impression of Elite partner already. You realize that it is what kind of, you can take all other services at an additional charge. This is worthwhile in any case, if you think the Partner through this platform seriously because only then you can also write private messages and exchange ideas — and taking two eyes. This is done indefinitely, even as far as the photos. If you have the right one is not found, different searches are offered leading to the dream partner. So you can search in the immediate vicinity and in their own region, but also take into account other important criteria such as smoking / Non smoking, or even desire to have children in the first place. Because of personality tests, such a search, however, is unnecessary at ElitePartner almost by itself.

Actions for New Clients

ElitePartner Actions for New Clients

He who seeks finds! And this refers not only to the Partner, but also on actions and coupons from online dating services , with which you can save money; one only has to feed the engine of his confidence with buzzwords like «action», «coupon», «discount» and not forget the Keyword Elite Partner, already is a offers open as in September 2015 in which you save € 135 at the conclusion of an annual membership can. If no offer is time!

Similarly, there are other deals where you pay for the 3-month subscription and the 4th month gets paid.Especially around Christmas time around you should again more keep your eyes open, because the festival of love the Dating attach particular importance, so again more deals are to be found.

Did you know that Elite Partner offers special activities for under 30-year-old and a single parent? On the company’s website, you can take those reductions under the page point «services» to complete.

And payment

As initially presented, Elite Partner offers at the beginning of some free services, including the registration and the scientific personality test and its evaluation belongs. Likewise, you can set search criteria and receive and send greetings. As soon as you want but take personal contact with a prospect, you have to take out a paid subscription, which costs less regularly in the month when you sign up for a longer period. The cost premium membership are as follows:

ElitePartner And payment

Subscription 6 months € 54.90 per month equivalent, 1.83 € per day
Subscription 12 months: € 39.90 per month equivalent, 1.33 € per day
Subscription 24 months: € 24.90 per month equivalent, 0.83 € per day
Payment options: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Lastschrift, PayPal
Notice period: in the customer area of cost between 4 and 8 weeks

Prices start from 69,95 € per month if you signed up for 3 months. Doubling this period, the month from 54,90 € costing upwards. The subscription for a year costs from 39,90 € and two years only € 24.90 per month.

The discounts for an extended period are so enormous and can be seen. Payment methods can be chosen freely;this provides ElitePartner many different ways: Credit card, PayPal or by credit card — whether VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

The termination of membership must be in writing and that 4 weeks prior to the expiry of the subscription. If you miss this date, the subscription will be automatically renewed. Who wants to play it safe, may submit the notice directly after login. If you want to join then again, you can simply activate his old profile again, spared so the new hires and can start right away again.

Privacy and data protection

At Elite partner’s identity is protected by the real name is replaced by a cipher. This means that you remain 100% anonymous and no data will be passed, allowing conclusions to oneself. Also here Photos are visible only if one wishes itself.

On the subject of security, the platform offers high standards — not in vain, she was awarded as the first online dating service of the TÜV seal s @ fershopping. In issue 3/11 of Stiftung Warentest you can also read that the handling of customer information is exemplary. The data that you are free as a member, you are looking for from themselves and also determines who can see which photos and information. This can then only registered members who have a premium account.

If you want to delete his profile, so that’s done quickly with a few clicks and the profile is removed from the search. If you decide then but only to activate their profile again, so that’s also a few clicks implemented: One completes a new subscription and has the advantage that one does not have to repeat the test and any personal data such interests are back online.

Customer service

ElitePartner Customer service

Customer service at Elite Partner As already mentioned, very important. The staff are available 7 days a week via email and also by telephone and take the concerns promptly to. Whether one thinks he has discovered a fake profile or with an automated rejection can not identify: a mail reaches you and cares personally about by the personal matter. Here are real people at work and that will have an important reason for the success of the company. Customer service is free, the response time is fast and the team competently.

User friendliness

The site is also for people easy to use who do not live on the internet and have a life outside of the network. The application will be made step by step and is very simple. The personality test is with 20 minutes of also not time consuming and the multiple choice selection to choose a suggested several answers. Within minutes, the profile is already online and just 5 registration steps. Then you should still take the time to maintain the profile and upload photos of evidence. Again, the support an eye on that one imagines the best possible, so that you will be alerted when a snapshot as your profile picture will not appear ideal.

The first partner proposals, which are calculated on the basis of common interests in Matching Points, made directly after login. The search functions also offer many different criteria by which you can search. Whether Smoking / Non smoking, or also from the surrounding area: Here you can search and be found.

Mobile App

ElitePartner Mobile App

Once all this is, you can also download the app and chat comfortably from your smartphone or tablet from the sofa and chat with interesting people. The apps are available for all major operators (iOS, Android, BlackBerry) and can be downloaded for free. About the app The following functions are available: own profile and partner suggestions See, received greetings and send, see prospects who visited the profile, and receive push notifications for new messages and profile prospects. As a Premium Member, you can also receive messages and unlimited photos privately and send. With the app you have the most important functions at a glance and is not dependent to remain seated for Dating at the computer. Whether at the park or in a cafe: With the app you can search and its ongoing talks deepen anywhere, anytime. With the iPad you also can adjust the search criteria and scroll through the partner proposals. Also you can read as a Premium Member and partner inquiries and requests and use beyond the card function that allows radius search. Since the app is free, you can see the platform, depending on your preference, the same on multiple devices use free.


Input was still the question in the room, whether it is a reputable supplier for Online Dating at Elite Partner.During the tests it has become clear that there is no better provider in Germany. The Premium Membership is indeed paid for, but Elite Partner provides its users with the assurance that cavort no black sheep on the side.The support that is available 24/7, convinced most, like the fact that the members are hand-picked and tested. In terms of privacy and security, there are not many on the market that can offer and guarantee such a high quality.Therefore, our conclusion: Elite Partner is absolutely trustworthy and who is seriously looking, should try his luck right here!
is Elite Partner, probably due to the very high success rate, the leading dating service platform in Germany. Since 2005, this is even certified partly because of data protection. As the name suggests, can be found on this platform mainly academic members, which is different from many others in the…



Not a scam

The profile check by hand ensures that fake profiles here have no chance and so increase the success rates.

Register NOW!
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One comment

  1. Vanessa Broekelschen

    HUGE Warning against ElitePartner

    A VERY big warning to all and please do share, do NOT ever sign up with the online dating company ElitePartner, specifically for a premium membership — this is the biggest $ scam I have ever experienced. After signing up I quickly realized it was not for me — the folks on there were simply not what I was looking for, it was a bad site experience and does not match you at all with people that match the criteria you have input — total waste of time. This alone warrants a bad review. And it is very expensive for what it is (it in no way follows through with what is advertised — there is nothing elite about it). So, I immediately within 10 days cancelled my membership within the Widerruf (cancellation) period. Mind you, I basically did not use it — I responded to two messages and that was it — no other interaction other than reading received messages which were from people that in no way fit my criteria listed on my profile (and I mean 0 match). Well, of the approx. $300 I payed for 3 months, they only returned 30% of what I paid. So, I am paying $210 for basically nothing! AND they immediately retracted the premium membership, so you don´t even get to use what you paid for, for the time you are being forced to pay for (which I don´t care about using it, it the principle of the matter). I of course fought this and they claim that I owe them for the services they provided, and they do not calculate it based on time used (even though that is what you are paying for — for the time of the membership) but charge you for interactions. Well, I had 2 interactions. No, they claim any message, like, etc. that is even sent to you in an interaction (regardless of whether I chose to interact with it). Even then, with the limited amount that came through in the very limited amount of time I was on there, cannot equate to $210! So then there is a long exchange of copy paste answers on their end and terms they share with you (which of course are in no way transparent, and no they will not share with you what value they place on these interactions and calculate exactly what is owed, so very clearly a scam) — they argue with you that this was all made very clear in the beginning — no, it was not made clear — there is no transparency of what they will charge you and how exactly this is calculated, and at what value, on their end. I contacted my bank and made them aware of it so at least that is on record, and after a ton of additional back and forth I decide it´s not worth my time and just let it go, expensive mistake and it´s done.

    Well…fast forward to about a month or so later…they send me another bill and tell them I owe them more!!! At this point I flipped and asked what on earth is this for — and they gave me all the same runaround that I still owe them for additional interactions and I need to pay this. I cancelled the contract, have not in anyway used the site, and they already refunded me the amount they felt was due to me (already fraudulent), and now they pull this again?! Since I had made my bank aware of this, they thankfully were not able to charge my card….and that is the ONLY reason they reached out to me to even make me aware of this, because they were not able to charge my card (which they would have done without my knowledge) and I better pay them or I will be sent to a credit agency to come after me. The exchange with them since has been unbelievable and even threatening on their end. It is all the same crap about I still owe for interactions. The contract has already been cancelled and money refunded based on what they (wrongly) claim I owe. Once that is done and money exchanged, you cannot out of the blue start charging again (and without my knowledge — again, I only knew about this because they were not able to charge my card).

    I am now in discussion with the Verbraucherzentrale in Germany and have just decided to pursue this legally, mainly for the principle and so others hopefully will not have to go through this. I will keep you updated as to how this goes. In the meantime, please please do not go through this, this is the most shameful company I have unfortunately ever done business with.

    For your information — there are other like cases where they were in fact proven to be wrong in court. I unfortunately cannot share the links here, but you should be able to find online yourself.

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