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The name eDarling is very known in German-speaking countries, after all, these are one of the best dating services for singles on the Internet. Since 2009, this platform is popular with so many members that we wanted to necessarily have a picture of yourself. How serious is this dating service and how it goes for example with Fakeprofilen to? Is it rip or fraud? What the new customer can look and what they should know before they were notified? How to proceed with the data protection? We have researched on these issues and present here our results before.

Mediation: Dating
MEMBERS: over 13 million members
Special features: multiple awards in the press

Our review of the platform eDarling

eDarling Our experience with the platform eDarling

As regards the seriousness of eDarling, more than 2.8 million users can not be wrong. Across Europe, there are even more than 13 million members, use the eDarling to find the right partner. This dating service market differs from others by their membership structure is very mixed. From academics about the artisans and the housewife’s all there. Here you can let yourself fall into the hustle and bustle and people around in private. That Fakeprofile and dead files are deleted as soon as possible by the company itself, suggests that efforts are made to its members and would like to offer them a good service. The personality test can determine directly what you are interested and who or what you are looking for exactly. The account eDarling in the proposals that are submitted to the members. The likelihood that the proposal complies with the personal wishes, thus increases by a multiple. The ratio between men and women is balanced in eDarling. To be found there at the moment 48% men and 52% women looking for a partner. Because of a cover is probably available for almost every pot.

Company: affinity GmbH
Address: Kohlfurter Straße 41/43, 10999 Berlin
Commercial register: AG Berlin-Charlottenburg, 115958 B, USt.-ID: DE263260611
eMail: [email protected]
Contact form: available
Fax: 030 22 386 739

The advice and care leave nothing to be desired; the customer service is great and all that makes the end of the day that the partner proposals are of high quality.

All dealer in overview

eDarling All dealer in overview

On eDarling you meet people who are serious about love, but also those who are looking for a harmless flirting.The fact that all ages and backgrounds are represented, it is never boring. The relationship between the trade men and women is balanced, which makes a better conciliation. The quality of each profile is high. This can be explained partly by the urge of members who are really serious and therefore give trouble. On the other hand, there is the customer who is one with advice and act to the side, if you take not know.

Yes, the support will take care of it personally, that the writer’s block falls and gives ideas on how you can get the right light. So much support and customer friendliness can be from other online dating services only wish. The personal care, received the eDarling to its customers, is also used to release the members of annoying fakes.Finally, one should not play with feelings and that seems to be one of the mottoes of this platform.

Customer support is nothing perfect for members of eDarling and retrieved at any time. This assistance, offered a, the profiles on the site more informative than others. By specifying the name suggests clear to the prospective customers already know that you have nothing to hide and it says dead serious. Whoever has a concern that makes visible through this statement Google profile for the whole world is wrong. Because eDarling protects its members and makes it search engine almost impossible to find and reveal the world.

A trial subscription is possible; you can make a first impression of the page and then still opt for a paid subscription, if one believes in peace. To the premium subscription you will also not move around, if you think the dating seriously. Because only in this way you get the chance to interact with other members and to read private messages and send. Nevertheless, the Trial is important to get a first impression and reserve a membership only when you are sure 100%.

Moreover, this already makes the application, completing and evaluating the personality tests, the first contact proposals, News Limited length to send to look at profiles to request profile photos and send smile. No one has to buy the hated pig in a poke.

Bonus offers for customers

eDarling Bonus offers for customers

Since becoming a member of eDarling is not necessarily cheap, we have times looked around whether rebates can be found, and if so, how well these are. One thing first: As everywhere on the Internet should eDarling Code «keep up with searches like» eDarling Off «or» every now and then his eyes open, because often can find good deals. In October 2015, there are, for example, the ability to get paid a premium monthly, if you book a 6-month membership. Otherwise promise third also 30% reductions or the like.

Pro-Tip: Around Christmas or Valentine’s Day every now and then ask the search engine you trust what they can do for you. At these times, actions are usually found in abundance.

And payment

As mentioned eDarling offers various models to become a member. Firstly, there is the free membership, which includes everything you need to go through the application and the Personality Test. Also here you have the ability to send messages, but these are limited signs. If you want to see the profile incl. Profile picture, so you have to ask this and can unlock by the individual user. By premium membership all restrictions are removed and you can send messages that can be long as you want. The communication is therefore unlimited. Profile photos are immediately visible as soon as one seeks out a profile and do not need to be enabled. Similarly, all images and photos of the person can be viewed, which he has made visible to other premium members.

eDarling And payment

Subscription 3 months: € 194.70, equivalent to € 2.16 per day
SUBSCRIPTION 6 months: € 269.40, equivalent to € 1.50 per day
Subscription 12 months: € 358.80, equivalent to € 0.98 per day
Premium Plus: an additional € 5 per month
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Lastschrift, PayPal
Notice period: 6 weeks

In addition, there are at eDarling a third subscription variant, namely the Premium Plus subscription. With this premium version it is again more protected from fakes. That is a concrete example that identity verification is made visible. eDarling missed your profile a stamp that says that you are real and just not a fake. Conversely, you can see also on each profile, whether you requested Member also completed an identity check and this has passed. Admittedly, it is a fairly small, but not quite unimportant detail. Next get members with a Premium Plus subscription a read receipt for messages and news. just right for all impatient!

The costs of the various subscriptions vary and build on each other yet. Here applies, as with most subscriptions that a short duration on average is always more expensive than a long-term commitment. So does a premium membership for 3 months € 194.70, which corresponds to € 64.90 per month. 6 months cost € 269.40, exactly € 44.90 per month or one completes the subscription for a whole year, charged € 358.80 completely and thus € 29.90 per month.

The Premium Plus membership costs exactly € 5 more per month, which really represents a clear increase. You can pay with traditional, direct debit, but also via credit card and PayPal. Accepted credit cards are VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Diners Club.

Privacy and data protection

Only when all the safety precautions to date to be awarded the TÜV the coveted seal of technical safety. As mentioned in the text, eDarling u. A has. Received this seal and thus proved to be absolutely secure. For accurate understanding: TÜV gives this award lightly. Specifically had eDarling than 100 individual criteria as very good to good to complete and thus correspond to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Only then the coveted award is given.

eDarling Privacy and data protection

Additionally eDarling guarantees its members anonymity protection that z. B. is used in search engines. With the real names, they awaken the prospects the impression that you have nothing to hide. And that’s good, because nobody wants to be led around by the nose. Where other platforms but have been less than thought along eDarling is that profiles can be found by search engines usually, just when entering his real name. But what is it to work colleagues or the boss if and where you are looking for a partner? Exactly, nothing. Davor eDarling protects its members: the profiles may not be divulged through search engines like Google and Co. to third parties. Toll: So only the people can the profile and photographs which also in the same boat and are looking for a partner.

Likewise profiles are tested, which are not completely or show a discrepancy between the specified dates.Therefore the customer cares personally, these checks and deletes them quickly once confidence is a fake. Thus, there is maybe a few applications a day less, this can be found there but serious people with serious intentions.

For Customer Service

eDarling For Customer Service

As already mentioned, is not afraid eDarling personal contact with its members, which is not very common in the digital world. If you have trouble or want to report something, you simply have to call the hotline or send an e-mail — the support is back quite quickly. Fake profiles are immediately put under the microscope and optionally deleted quickly. And even with profile questions such as «What I can spice up my profile?» Or finding the right profile photos is a customer support with words and deeds.

The usability of the page

The new customer registration is processed quickly. You should expect about 10 minutes, during which the personality test is not yet taken into account. To take beware of fake users, eDarling pays close attention to how to complete the application: If all the data, you can start right away. If the information is fragmentary or contradictory, the application will not be accepted. It is therefore important that you take some time.

Registration takes place directly from the home of eDarling. Once this step has been successfully passed, it proceeds to the personality test which takes about 30-40 minutes. This test consists of 200 questions for which you should bring the necessary time, because on this basis, the partner proposals are selected. So you can see directly which preferences and desires which you have to the partner sought after the test. The Good: The test can also be filled via the mobile app from your smartphone or tablet. So you do not spend unnecessary time on the desk in front of the PC, but it can make yourself comfortable on the couch at home. It should be noted, however, that a photo increases the chances of finding a partner by a multiple. therefore, consider the fact that you have made a good photo on that device to upload it directly.

Mobile App

eDarling also offers a mobile app, where you can log in to their profile also go. The program supports all Androids and iPhones, the app itself is in each store for free download.

eDarling Mobile App

The app is structured like the website and therefore very easy to use. Here you can also turn on push notifications, so you will know when each new smile and each new message. The mobile app all functions are available, which one is already used through the website.

Our conclusion

The platform eDarling convinced privacy protection and security so much that you wanted, several suppliers would take these issues seriously. As a member you are well protected here. Also, big plus of personal customer support that was on offer. Whether a problem occurs or a question arises: here is still taking care of a person. Prices had made a chilling impression at first glance. For a brokerage not cheap. But the more one looks at the benefits that you can try for the less disturbs the amount. eDarling focuses on quality and this happens to have its price. Besides, what a bother a few euros more, if it gets to know the love of his life. Our conclusion is therefore clear: Thumbs up for eDarling absolutely respectability and excellent quality!
The name eDarling is very known in German-speaking countries, after all, these are one of the best dating services for singles on the Internet. Since 2009, this platform is popular with so many members that we wanted to necessarily have a picture of yourself. How serious is this dating service…



Not a scam

Due to the very high number of registered and active members the chances of success are very high.

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