Binary options brokers 2017 / scam or not? Review scam or not? Review

Dukascopy is a part of the Dukascopy Group, which was founded in 2004 and now more than 250 employees. Offers include also binary options that we have even looked at by us precisely here.We found that the bank offers only the Up / Down-trade, but for some very favorable trading conditions holds. On the whole, however, we wanted above all the question whether Dukascopy Binary options or fraud is serious, answer.

5 good arguments for Dukascopy Binary Options:

  • Deposit insurance up to 100,000 CHF per customer
  • High yield of up to 90 percent possible
  • Demo Account available for 14 days
  • Security by FINMA regulation
  • Low minimum trading amount of one euro

1. Regulation: Dukascopy Binary Options experiences show Swiss headquarters

Dukascopy Seat and regulation: Dukascopy Binary Options experiences show Swiss headquarters

In our Dukascopy Binary Options test we first occupied us with the seat and the regulation of brokers. We found that Dukascopy is not established in the EU, but in Switzerland. To be precise, is the head office in Geneva. One of the eight branches located but also in Zurich.

Other branches are located on the one in Hong Kong, the other in Shanghai. But in Moscow, in Kiev, in Tokyo, in Riga and in Kuala Lumpur, the broker is established.

Since the Bank is headquartered in Switzerland, it is accordingly of the controls and monitors the Swiss financial market supervisory services. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA Dukascopy regulated as a bank and as a securities dealer. Thus, the funds and customer data are secured by a force as a trustworthy authority. Moreover, the deposit insurance the broker of the EU Deposit Guarantee equals. For Binary by our Dukascopy Options experiences we realized also that the broker member of the «Agreement of Swiss Banks and Securities Dealers’ Depositor Protection» is. Thus, the deposits of every customer are protected up to 100,000 Swiss francs.

Therefore, we can hold in our test for the time being that Dukascopy Binary Options is reputable. Because the broker is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and offers clients a deposit guarantee, which engages up to 100,000 CHF per depositor.

2. Trade Offer: Only up / down trading available?

Next to our experience with Dukascopy Binary options we have looked at the trade offer accurate. Here we found that, as with most other binary options brokers and, with stocks, currencies, indices and commodities can act.

However Dukascopy provides only a binary options trading on, namely the popular Up / Down-trade, where you have to decide whether the price of the Underlying rises over the course or falls below the price.

Thus, the broker has only one trade. However, this is the well-known up / down trading.In addition, you can trade stocks, currencies, indices and commodities and is not limited to an asset.

3. Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: Profit by high returns

Dukascopy Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: Profit by high returns

The trading conditions seen mostly very good. However, we have in our Dukascopy Binary options can determine additional review that the minimum deposit for German residents is very high. Because these amounts to 5,000 euros for a live trading account. Only persons with permanent residence in Switzerland can benefit from a low minimum deposit of only 100 Euro.

The minimum total trade is sure, however, very low and non-Swiss residents. Because Dukascopy you can already act from a euro. When trading itself also will not charge, apart from the trading fees charged. The maximum return also speaks for Dukascopy, as you here up to 90 percent
can get hold of. In addition, the broker binary options experience a loud our Dukascopy guaranteed stop loss offering. This serves to hedge open positions. Moreover, Dukascopy offers a maximum leverage amount of 1: 300 and the currency trading low spreads from 0.0 pips.

Overall, we can therefore hold in our Dukascopy Binary Options Test that the broker holds favorable conditions. Finally, one can already act from one euro and benefit from a return of up to 90 percent. The Stop Loss guarantee and low spreads can be considered positive. The only drawback here is the minimum deposit, which is very high with 5,000 euros. Only for Swiss residents is low. Nevertheless, this does not rule out that a Dukascopy Binary options present fraud.

4. Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: Easy to understand with useful features

Dukascopy Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: Easy to understand with useful features

While doing probably every trader wants to find a quick and above all always featured trading platform. This should of course be equipped with the critical options and easy for the user to operate. This applies to any case in Dukascopy trading platform to.

For this, according to our Dukascopy Binary options offers experiences not only charts with technical analysis, but also shows the FX market news. Even a business calendar and the Dukascopy TV are integrated. Furthermore, the interfaces and all charts can customized to be. The platform is desktop-based, so that a download is required.

In addition, Dukascopy offers an app that is available for iOS, Android and Windows. On it as all important functions are integrated, so that it is easy to understand and on the go.

The Dukascopy trading platform is very easy to understand and clearly structured.Features such as the economic calendar it also offers important options that can be very useful when trading. For this, the broker also keeps an app for iOS, Android and Windows provides.

5. Account Opening and Bonus: According Dukascopy Binary Options Test four bonuses available

When opening an account the Dukascopy live trading account one must first register online. For filling out a simple form, print this out then and signs. Then you can already send to the bank. Dukascopy will eventually send the bank data, so you to transfer or deposit initial amount can.

Another option to open the account, is the online method. Here all the documents are not submitted by mail, but online. However, this is only if the total amount of deposit to a maximum of 7,500 euros is limited.

Dukascopy Account Opening and Bonus: According Dukascopy Binary Options Test four bonuses available

However, to open an account even the broker does not offer bonus. There are, however, four bonuses that can wave an existing customer:

  • Anniversary bonus: Firstly, there are the awards, which you have to apply to the trading account within 30 days after the last deposit. Then you will receive a credit on his trading account, which can be considered as an additional margin. The amount of credit amounts to 100 percent of the credit balance on the trade account. However, the maximum amount is 50,000 Euro. An added bonus can also be purchased here. This is achieved when a deposit has been done again. Nevertheless, two bonuses a condition must be fulfilled, namely a certain trading volume must be achieved. To calculate this, multiply the equity incl. Bonus with the number 30,000. This volume shall be achieved after one year. If this is not the case, the bonus expires. In addition, it should be noted that prior to reaching the required trading volume, the bonus may be paid either to cover trading losses used yet.
  • Capital Bonus: On the other hand there is also the capital bonus. This has the same conditions as the anniversary bonus and only a difference in the amount of credit. Because this is not 100 percent of the trading account balance, but only 10 percent.
  • Trading Fee Discount Program: also the same conditions as in the anniversary and capital bonus reservation of this program. Here are obtained, however, no credit, but a 20 percent discount on the trading fees.
  • Advertising premium: Who also a friend Dukascopy recommends a broker and this opens an account with the broker, will also receive a discount on the trading fees. This applies until a total of 100 euros was achieved.

Thus we can in our test whether Dukascopy Binary options or fraud is serious, noted that the broker offers a simple account opening process, but unfortunately can only take place when deposits up to EUR 7,500 online. Advantageously, however, the four awards that can even double the trade account balances under certain conditions or at least promise a discount on trading fees.

6. Demo Account: Account to practice for 14 days

Before starting with the trading, it is advisable to test the action and to make themselves first of all with the platform familiar. For Dukascopy offers a demo account for 14 days can be used. Preliminary you have only a fill Registry Forumlar online. If you want, also can simultaneously also the ECN Demo account use.

The demo account can be very useful. It is therefore advantageous that the broker Dukascopy offers one and has for two weeks.

7. Service & Education: Community with videos and Contests

Before trading you should not only a binary options demo accounttesting, but also inform in a more detail about Binary Options. However, this is not only for beginners, because often are advanced traders always looking for a new and better strategy.

Here Dukascopy offers a so-called Dukascopy TV , where many videos of experts available are. It interviews with professionals or even video tutorials can be watched. In addition, there are many webinars and seminars offered by the broker.

We also have in our Dukascopy Binary options may find information that the broker also a community holds. This is with 50,000 members so far quite large, so you can exchange data with many other customers here. In addition, here are videos, a blog and several contests offered. So there is a contest of fashion designers, a model contest, a Trader Contest, a contest Dukat, etc. In some cases the customer may even win some prizes.

Also the broker offers a SMS information service in which you can be informed of all operations on the trading account and also about events in the market. 20 SMS are free each month. All other but are charged EUR 0.07 per SMS.

Customer support while accessing post, email, telephone, live chat and a callback service.Thus here Dukascopy offers a wide selection. In summer, the customer service representative can of Sundays 9:00 to 9:00 on Fridays be achieved, namely every day for 24 hours. In winter you can reach the support, however until 10:00. But this he is also available on Fridays until 10:00.

In our Dukascopy Binary Options Review We can therefore absorb that the broker offers many opportunities for further training in the field of binary options. The Info Service is a further additional service which includes 20 free SMS. In addition, the customer can not be reached only by mail or telephone, but also through a live chat.

8. Deposit and payment: By bank transfer or credit card?

Dukascopy Deposit and payment: By bank transfer or credit card?

Since cash receipts and payments constitute an important point in trading, we have the possibilities Dukascopy taken options more closely during our experience with Dukascopy Binary.

We could establish first that there are two options: either you will do the payment or the payment by bank transfer or credit card. The road on the credit card manages this within one business day and therefore faster than a bank transfer. Because this usually takes at least two banking days.

Nevertheless, the transfer has an advantage, namely here are no fees charged. When a deposit or withdrawal by credit card, however, a is fee of two percent of the transaction amount imposed. This is only true for euros, US dollars, British pounds and Swiss francs. For the currencies JPY, AUD, CAD and PLN, however a fee of 2.5 percent is calculated.

As credit card accepted here Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron. In addition, one should know that the payments limited to 8,000 euros are. Who therefore switched a higher amount or wants to pay, should choose the bank transfer.

You can import and pay by bank transfer and credit card. Both options have their pros and cons here. So you can make with a credit card a quick transaction, should it be expected fees and a maximum amount of 8,000 euros but with two percent. The bank transfer is meanwhile free but lasts for at least two business days.

9. Seriousness: Is Dukascopy binary options scam or legitimate?

Whether Dukascopy Binary Options but is reputable or more fraud, can be derived from many aspects. So one can say that the broker thanks to the years of experience has integrity. Because Dukascopy was founded in 2004. It is therefore likely that the broker would have noticed, he would act untrustworthy. Furthermore, also show opinions that Dukascopy is not an impostor. In addition, the Bank is well regulated and has a deposit guarantee for every customer.

For these reasons can be assumed that no Dukascopy Binary options present fraud and the broker is reputable.

10. Our conclusion: Dukascopy high yield & high minimum deposit

In summary, we can say in our review Dukascopy binary options, the broker makes a serious impression and holds many advantages for its customers. So there is a large community, a TV with interviews and tutorials as well as several webinars on offer. The minimum trading amount is a Euro this very low and thus another advantage.Also positive is that there is a return of up to 90 percent. However, there are also some disadvantages which flow Binary in our Dukascopy options valuation. Because also found we that Dukascopy requires a very high minimum investment of 5,000 euros for non-Swiss residents. In addition, transactions can take up to one business day by credit card and are always connected to charges. However, we can recommend Dukascopy to all traders who can muster such a high minimum deposit or in Switzerland are living and wish to take advantage of the training opportunities and the bonuses and the high rate of return. Note, however, you should also, that the broker offers only the Up / Down option. The pluses of Dukascopy Binary options in the overview:

1.high yield of up to 90 percent

2.Security by FINMA regulation

3.2 bank bonuses and 2 discount premiums

4.act from a euro

5.Accounts opened via the online method possible

6.England support available

7.Deposit insurance up to 100,000 CHF per depositor

Dukascopy is a part of the Dukascopy Group, which was founded in 2004 and now more than 250 employees. Offers include also binary options that we have even looked at by us precisely here.We found that the bank offers only the Up / Down-trade, but for some very favorable…



Not a scam

Dukascopy is an international broker with European regulation, which invests heavily in training for its customers.

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