Best bookmakers 2017 / Digibet payments — Get your profits now!

Digibet payments — Get your profits now!

The stronger one bookmaker its customers in terms of payment methods comes to meet, the bigger shows are usually the confidence that the player turn in the betting provider concerned. Digibet is a sports betting company, which has its fan base, especially in German-speaking and therefore tries especially the local customers meet when it comes to the payment methods.

However, already a glance at the relevant help page at digibet that digibet payout offered is less described in detail, as this is normally required. There are also in the Terms and Conditions little conclusive information. Precisely for this reason should bring already some light on the following guide. If that’s too complicated, which should perhaps you prefer to log in bookmaker bwin or bet365 perform, because there the corresponding payouts are exactly and described to the last detail.

Digibet payout Overview

  • two payment methods safely
  • no Transaktionegebühr
  • Minimum limit for payouts is 10 €
  • Transactions are settled within a few days

What payment methods has Digibet?

What payment methods does digibet?

Concerning payment methods specifically offered there right the first anomaly in digibet. Confirm experiences that payouts digibet in various ways are possible, in the terms and conditions or the cash point of the bookmaker can this but hardly find information. Instead, there is merely the indication that two payment methods in any case always work:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Verrechnungscheck

In addition, will be announced in the Terms and Conditions that withdrawals can also be made via another method theoretically. However, this is not explained in detail. This may be due, among other things, that in the digibet Conditions also pronounce the right to restrict the customer the choice of deposit and withdrawal options as they see fit. In this sense, may still other possible payment methods are not listed in the following guide on. Since the criteria for digibet allows certain payment methods or not, are not clear, should not subsequently be made for more confusion.

If the two above-mentioned payments is talk, then make a lot of players rightly whether digibet charges fees for its payouts. From other sports betting providers customers are finally used that just are usually provided with the most unfavorable conditions, these two payment methods.

In digibet but this is different. Payments are generally free of charge, as long as the relevant conditions are met. When crossed checks and bank transfers does show the conditions that minimum amounts of € 10.00 must be paid to ensure that the payment is charged. Who wants to pay less than 10,00 Euro, must pay a fee of 2.50 euros. This is automatically deducted from the amount paid. Accordingly, such small payouts digibet are actually not recommended because after deducting the fee hardly anything left that could be transferred. This is regardless of in which digibet quotas have players earned their profits and directed, without exception after the payout amount that is instructed by the player.

How long does Digibet payout last?

Many bookmakers and customers depend on today mainly on the speed of payment methods.At best, their own money should show up within a few minutes in the relevant account, so either played immediately or all the cash can be spent. In digibet, operators have contrast injected with respect to its fixed repertoire of withdrawal options on two versions, both of which require a relatively long time:

  • Bank transfer: within 2 to 4 days

Fast payouts are therefore not necessarily the strength of digibet. Experience, however, shows that remittances are usually actually credited within two business days on your own bank account. Since the crossed checks are, however, sent by post, this may lead occasionally to unintended or unforeseen delays. Players should also keep in mind that a personal check is still no cash. The check must be accordingly redeemed at the next Bank still only.


It is a pity repeatedly if one bookmaker is likely due to various oversights even obstacles in the way. digibet determine this disadvantage in terms of their payment methods. More detailed information would have been very desirable to thereby evaluate the bookmaker even better.With the information, the digibet but reveals of himself on the own withdrawal methods, the majority of players can not do much. This is exactly why the previous versions were also simply shortened to the two payment methods in principle entitled to exercise any player. A little more grace would provide safe future for digibet. Finally, the bookmaker already knows in his currentdigibet Bonus Code not really to score.

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