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How to delete or close a Bet-at-home account

Whenever there is a variety of options, the few users opt permanently for only one option. This is especially true when the various options compete with each other and by special offers or specific advantages in trying to win the favor of customers. This of course also applies in relation to online betting provider.

And who suddenly encounters looking a new bookmaker, which seems to be better than the old one, who might like to think about it, to let delete your own account at the first provider. Even the bookmaker Bet-at-home is repeatedly confronted with the fact that some customers want to delete your Bet-at-home account. Not always is a reorientation with respect to the provider of the reason. Also, a gambling problem may be responsible for ensuring that customers want to delete your player account. How have players who wish to delete their Bet-at-home account to proceed, and if that is at all possible, reveals this guide.

The deletion of the Bet-at-home account at a glance

  • complete deletion is not possible without further
  • Bet-at-home offers permanent blocking
  • also temporary certificate may be revoked
  • Bet-at-home may also terminate your Account
  • Mail to support is necessary in any case

What options are there to delete or close a Bet-at-home account?

What options are there to make clear a Bet-at-home account?

Clients have no way to make clear the own account using a single action permanently and without residue in Bet-at-home. This must be, at best, even at an application to the bookmaker support. Instead, players have to leave at bookmaker Bet-at-home option permanently disable an account that they no longer want to use. Specifically, this means that during the period in which the account is locked, no access can be granted to the account. Lockouts can be carried out at the request either permanently or temporarily. A player’s individual reasons for blocking must of course not be specified.

A temporary blocking of the Bet-at-home account

A temporary closure of Bet-at-home account is basically very easy to perform. In the beginning, first is an email to the Bet-at-home customer. In this mail, although no concrete grounds for cancellation of the account must be given, however, for the personal information must be provided, which have been entered when opening an account. In this way the customer checked the accuracy of the data and ensure that no unauthorized person has given access to the customer’s account.

For a temporary blocking also the time frame must be specified within which the account is locked. Customers who wish to have such a blocking make the Bet-at-home account should bear in mind that within this period, the following activities are no longer supported:

  • Log in to account
  • Placing bets
  • Enabling Bonus Promotions
  • Changing customer data

Permanent blocking of the Bet-at-home account

Those who want to remove his Bet-at-home account, the fact, the only way a permanent blocking of the own account. This will also be requested via an email to the customer. Again, the actual customer data must be entered again. A disclosure of personal reasons for blocking is not necessary. Players should ensure that such a permanent lock is not irreversible. At the time of suspension, outstanding bets on their own account to run, selbige should be accordingly necessarily evaluated previously. Also final payments should be carried out in the best case before a final account lockout. Other bookmakers as Tipico or bet365 go about this before quite similar.

Why a Bet-at-home account can not be simply deleted?

Already in the Help section of Bet-at-home, which indicates that the own player account can not be deleted. The reasons for this are, however, not disclosed. The players have no choice but to rely on the judgment of the bookmaker in this regard. Generally it can be noted at this point in two factors that may have led to the Bet-at-home does not allow simple account deletion. Firstly, it is the legal situation that already obliges certain customer data over a period of time to save Bet-at-home. Moreover, it is usually so that players who come to an account can be deleted, can not again be registered with the same bookmaker usually. By inactivation of the account with simultaneous storage of the relevant data is Bet-at-home sure subsequent confirmatory applications may be excluded.


Privacy is at the present time, are handled in the numerous concerns of daily life on the Internet, is a key factor. Sports fans who register at an online bookmaker, want to ensure that their contact details are safe and deleted according to your wishes can be. When a bookmaker as Bet-at-home however, they are faced with a procedure that is likely to displease many players initially. While an account lockout in Bet-at-home is possible, however, a user account can not be deleted easily by the customer. An unlimited inactivation contrast possible. This violates Bet-at-home, although not against the conduct of honest and customer-friendly bookmaker, but must nevertheless be like a little criticism. This is especially true because no reasons for the actual procedure are included. The same procedure relates to the way all players in Bet-at-home, regardless of whether they on the home PC or the Bet-at-home app play. Accordingly, it is for the players themselves, if the want to Bet-at-home trust or whether perhaps a short inquiry is advised when appropriate customer.

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