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Corsa Capital scam or not? Review

Corsa Capital investments is a broker for foreign currency, CFDs and binary options. In our test we have more exactly looked the supplier. The results of the test are summarised into our review. However, besides, we can anticipate that it concerns on account of being absent regulation and address presumably an unserious supplier and we cannot recommend the registration in Corsa Capital!

Commercial options: Forex, binary options, CFD
Assets: more than 70 stocks and commodities
Commercial platforms: Meta Trader 5, Web traders

Our experiences in the review

Corsa Capital has specialised in the segment of the Forex of trade, the possibility also, however, offers beside currency trade to place on binary options as well as on binary stock options. Already the Webpräzens strikes by a rather superficial style of information with which above all the gigantic chances of trade are placed special emphasis in this segment or in particular with Corsa Capital investments. Though many other platforms also place special emphasis on the huge loss risks which are absolutely possible with this financial product, not necessarily, these name, nevertheless, plainly. Here there is with the on-line broker absolutely need to catch up. If the investor is already confronted on the first side with the statement that it itself with trade with binary options around one of the easiest possibilities acts to become active on the stock exchange and with the fact is explained that, in principle, no foreknowledge is necessary, then such an information policy is to be called more than negligently. Even if these products with few clicks can be traded, it is absolutely necessary after our experiences to argue with the functionality of levered products like CFDs or in the Forex. And the application of capital without any strategical background knowledge amounts in principle to a pure game of chance. Besides, it requires beside the knowledge at least easy of basal financial market-technical connections of at least basic abilities to be able to analyse charts technically. Basic it is to investors who want to try in highly speculative derivative trade, to advise to collect experiences first with a demo account without risk to be able to estimate the possibilities and dangers of this commercial form properly.

CorsaCapital Our experiences in the overview

In addition, Corsa Capital on his sides serves other ones partly surely merkwürden information which apparently pursues above all the aim to show trade as an only attractive commercial possibility to binary options and the Forex. The statement is different that stock options are to be acquired for 25 USD, blocks of shares against it, however, only with 10,000 USD begin not to indicate. From the possibility to purchase fondant haste do not seem to have belonged the persons responsible for these sides apparently yet or at least do not want to know it. In addition, Corsa Capital tries to explain his customer that stocks are to be acquired, in the meantime, physically hard, while be available options against it for each and round-the-clock, a statement which seems understandable in consideration of many possibilities to become active on the capital market, a little. This unserious and basically wrong information policy move the broker from our point of view in an anything but good light.

In addition, it makes Corsa Capital prospective customers also not quite easy to find out objectively about the offer of the tradable products. Obvious the company risks first everything to win the prospective customers for itself and to move for opening own commercial cash discount in which the risk is played under this and big bonuses are promised. This culminates in the statement after which only dealers of Corsa Capital are able to reduce the risk unilaterally. A statement which contradicts all present laws of the financial asset basically.

Company: Corsa Capital Investments, Corp.
Phone: +44 (20) 331-899-63, English / Russian
eMail: [email protected]
Live chat: about Skype, ICQ or Yahoo messenger
Recall service: available, English / Russian

To make to itself an entire picture about the commercial possibilities of Corsa Capital, one must open first own account. This shows an other disadvantage towards other suppliers who lay the maps concerning the offer openly on the table also for investors not registered by them. To overlook the spectrum of tradable products one must orientate himself as an external prospective customer by the exchange rate notice boards which appear on different undersides and also on the main side of Corsa Capital. Then the so-called Forex quotations are listed. While it is usual with serious suppliers, the possible spreads for trade must be included in the plan to explain clear, the investor searches these infos with the broker in vain.

Tradably the US are with look at the mentioned exchange rate notice boards a row of currency pairs like euro / a dollar or British pound / the US dollar. Other currency pairs are formed from the Swiss franc, the Japanese yen as well as the Canadian dollar and by far not all possible combinations are offered. In total about 20 different combinations stand for the choice. Besides about 30 different binary options can be traded with stocks as a basis value. Also here the information about spreads or otherwise fees is absent at first sight.

Bonus for new customers

CorsaCapital Bonus for new customers

Payment bonus: inclusively 100 US dollars
Bonus conditions: can be used to the action, but not be paid – however, profits are payable
Validity: no temporal restriction
Other bonuses: none

Basically our experiences show that bonuses offers should be valued always carefully. Often they contain hidden or also evident requests to correct the self-sedate budget for the deposited trading capital upwards. After our experiences investors should be tempted as far as possible not from such stimulating to overstretch her budget. In Corsa Capital a pure bonus which seems to be attached to the information on the web page according to also to no other conditions is offered against it. By the official opening of a real commercial cash discount Corsa Capital promises a bonus without payment at the rate of 100 USD which one cannot allow to pay to himself though which can be used, however, immediate in trade. Besides, promises of the Forex broker to his new customers that earned profits are payable immediately. If this applies in such a way, this would be an absolutely fair offer.

Payments and payouts

Like all the other suppliers also, Corsa Capital also has a big interest that the customers act with accordingly high applications and transfer suitable amounts to her commercial cash discount. For this reason all suppliers make to her customers so easily as possible to deposit money fast and uncomplicated. In Corsa Capital stand for this increases possibilities for the choice. However, besides, is pointed out conspicuously strongly to the internal liquidation system in the area of the web page, a side with that the spontaneous search in the net at first completely in the emptiness runs. This is of another tips to a business method working a little seriously. For the payment itself the service «Bank wire» is suggested. Besides are available apparently also e gold and Webmoney and here immediately a being due of 1.5 percent is announced. In total the specifications to the payment possibilities make a rather opaque impression. In addition, it is drawn the attention for debit entries by the commercial cash discount on the British supplier Skrill who should master the transaction according to Corsa Capital in few hours against which the bank transfer takes up several days. Pure technically the way is shown to the debit entry in five steps and an authorisation of the investor as well as the specification of the aim of the debit entry are necessary. There does not seem to be a regulation after which the payment follows always only to the spring by which was also deposited in Corsa Capital against it.

Payment possibilities: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer
Minimal deposit: no specification
Fees: none
Account processing possibly in: Euro, US dollar, British pound
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill

Security and regulation

Especially critically is to be seen that one looks as an investor or as a prospective customer for tips to the security of the layouts as well as to the competence of any regulation authorities in vain. Also this fact is quite unique within the industry of the on-line brokers and serves not exactly to estimate the seriousness of the supplier’s Corsa Capital as especially high. There does not seem to be basic safety standards like an insert protection ground as well as a separate account processing, as it belongs with serious suppliers for a long time to the standard, here. At least one finds no tips in which is expelled to such standards. This fact should make investor more than taken aback. The trust of the investors is the most important capital for the suppliers, so that brokers CFD are actually anxious to put responsible regulation authorities as well as certification numbers in the foreground of her Internet presence. This is an absence, nevertheless, so tips, no good sign and points rather to duffing and deception.

Support and customer service

CorsaCapital Support and customer service

Corsa Capital offers of course own Support. Indeed, the offer looks rather easy to grasp. Beside a recall function there are some phone numbers to which the investor can turn. Here establishments of contact are possible between 08.00 o’clock and 17.00 o’clock. Nevertheless, our first attempts to get in touch promptly ended in the Wartschleife. In addition, an establishment of contact with Skype is also offered. Also under the column training Corsa Capital has put together some sides and information which is likely, nevertheless, after our experiences hardly to make inexperienced investors with the partly complicated connections close. Webninare one looks in vain and the offer of video – Tutorials limits itself to subjects like opening an account or a demo account. At least, a demo account is offered. For this the investor with specification of the name and a valid email address can announce himself.

User friendliness of the web page

To the user friendliness of the web page above all one can be said: What uses a clear creation if the user with the information contained in it should be led quite apparently behind the light. There comes that the linguistic creation of the sides seems not quite consistent. Thus one lands over and over again on English-speaking contents which do not want to fit partly so surely to the column under which they were stopped. In total the creation is rather delusive.

Result – This broker seems unserious, which is why we advise against a use

A supplier, with the information policy alone is directed to run through the risks of trade, and to discredit other layout forms, has forfeited after our experiences his claim to seriousness quite extensively. Unfortunately, the a little inspiring confidence impression also stretches through many other areas. Especially critically is to be seen with the fact that is refused to refer to the usual safety standards. Obvious there is not such equipment with the broker at all. Except a bonus which is apparently attached to no other conditions speaks after our test really a little for this supplier. Also the Weiterbildungsnagebot is rather poor. In total is to be advised against Corsa Capital urgently.
Corsa Capital investments is a broker for foreign currency, CFDs and binary options. In our test we have more exactly looked the supplier. The results of the test are summarised into our review. However, besides, we can anticipate that it concerns on account of being absent regulation and address presumably…



Not recommended

I do not recommend this broker because it has no regulation.

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