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In Copyop is a Binary options broker who primarily enables its customers the Social Trading via a user-friendly platform. While the Social Trading from Forex and CFD business is here to stay, Binary options traders can now only rarely benefit from the advantages of social trading. Copyop wants to change this by allowing customers to follow and observe or to be followed and observed. As customer-friendly this property really is and whether Copyop fraud or serious betray us in our extensive Copyop review.

Arguments speaking for Copyop:

  • Copyop is regulated by the CySEC
  • The package can be used free of charge
  • Copyop is not tied to a Broker
  • Traders can combine their anyoption account anyway with Copyop
  • A bonus is no more available as a demo account
  • Followers can copy successful traders or watch them

1. Regulation: Is Copyop scam or legitimate?

Copyop Seat and regulation: Is Copyop scam or legitimate?

To find out whether or Copyop fraud is serious, traders need to take the regulation of the Cypriot company under the microscope. In our Copyop review we can in this regard hold positive that the company is regulated because of its headquarters in Nicosia on the European island of Cyprus by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Although the CySEC is compared to the BaFin or the FCA still confronted skeptical nothing to worry about fraud exists at all: First, the CySEC Options Broker is now for the regulation of numerous Binary responsible — the more important proof of the reliability of the CySEC is however, probably the MiFID. The MiFID sets before all arrangements for the supervision of brokers and banks and all financial regulators within the EU must make these arrangements result. And since Cyprus has been a member for several years of the EU, and the financial security system of the small state was brought to an appropriate level, so traders do not have to be afraid of fraud against a Copyop who might be responsible by inadequate regulation.

Since Copyop maintains its headquarters on the European island of Cyprus, the company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This follows the rules of the MiFID and distinguished accordingly by European safety standard from.

2. Trading Platform: Social Trading at Copyop in Test

Traders who want to gain experience with Copyop can look forward to a user-friendly trading platform. Consider them in act as dealers and followers to rally, customers can look forward to an attractive remuneration beyond: For a large number of followers of the broker rewards its customers with Copyop coins. How many coins for how many followers are awarded, learns the trader in his customer. The coins can eventually be converted into real money, whereby a successful trader can generate a little extra income.

Customers who follow their signal generators, however, benefit exclusively from their trading decisions. However, they have the choice whether to copy the trader or instead want to just watch him. If they decide to copy the trades of the signal generator are automatically implemented in the trading account of the client. When observing the follower receives, however, only a trading signal and can then decide whether he would also enter the trade. This method is particularly suitable to make first of all familiar with the trading strategy the trader and to be guided by the decisions at Binäroptionshandel an expert.

Traders are paid for a number of followers by Copyop coins and the followers can choose if they copy the trader or they want to watch. When copying the trades are automatically accepted, while only given when observing a trading signal.

3. Underlying and option types: The offer is manageable

Copyop Underlying and option types: The offer is manageable

In particular, for the traders and also for ambitious followers is not least the number of available underlyings and option types of particularly great importance. This proves to the Cypriot company as quite manageable, as the Copyop test proves. A detailed overview of all available underlyings and option types will not be given, but the company says, however, that the customer both currencies and indices, commodities and shares available for trading, according to which the main assets are likely to be present.

The number of available types of options falls however very manageable: Only one of option is available to customers who want to gain experience with Copyop. It is the Call / Put trade, which is considered the base of Binäroptionshandels. This decides the trader if the price is located at execution time above or below the starting point. This type of trade is not among the most risky models, bringing it however only small yields a.

An underlying assets the traders of currencies, indices, commodities and stocks are available. However, only one of option is offered for trade — this is the typical call / put trading.

4. Conditions: Good results from our test Copyop

Traders who want to gain experience with Copyop can look forward to attractive conditions. Thus, both the account opening and managing a Copyop trading account is free of charge in the first place and also for the actual trade have neither traders nor of followers additional fees are paid. All costs for the broker to be covered both by the loss of the traders and by the difference between return and the insert.

Only from the second payment in month traders must expect additional costs: In this case, a processing fee of 25 euros which must be paid by the customer. Of course, one can however avoid these costs by the money you can pay only once a month. In addition, the trader benefits instead of a repayment in the loss case of Figure 5 and 25 percent — depending on how many people follow him.

Trader must pay costs neither for account opening, or for the account management. a fee of 25 euros was not until the second payment in the month. In case of loss also repayment 5-25 Euro is offered even.

5. Opening an account: How can you gain experience with Copyop?

Copyop Opening an account: How can you gain experience with Copyop?

In Copyop test we were able to state that it is not particularly difficult to open a trading account with the Cypriot company. As with many other brokers, traders must also first fill out an online form, which requires the disclosure of important information. This includes personal information and the most important facts about the new trading account. If the online form is submitted, the trader can always deposit money immediately on its new trading account.

The minimum deposit at Copyop is 200 euros and can be done both in euros and in pounds sterling or US dollars. The deposit options are in this case quite diverse from: Transactions can vonstattengehen by credit card or by bank transfer — Deposits eWallet, however, are not possible so far. After the deposit Customers can start in theory directly related to trade — but it is quite recommendable, first of all to go through the verification process. This is finished after sending a copy of your ID, a current consumer invoice and possibly a copy of the credit card. If you want to directly gain experience with Copyop without first passing through the verification, it is necessary to note, however, that this must be done before the first disbursement definitely.

Customers must first fill out an online form, then they can capitalize on their account with a minimum of 200 euros by credit card or bank transfer. Prior to the first disbursement then just have the verification are executed.

6. Bonus: The offer is in this area mau

Trader, would like to experience with Copyop and other online brokers are already accustomed to attractive bonus offers for many years.Whether promotional bonus, plus new or deposit bonus — small additional payments for both the trader and the broker advantageous.As a bonus namely helping to attract new customers and to strengthen the bond with existing customers, brokers can look forward to a stable and growing customer base.

As the Copyop has shown experience, while no bonus is offered by the Cypriot company unfortunately. Neither a new customer, nor a deposit or promotional bonus belongs to offer the broker, which unfortunately can not contribute to a positive Copyop review.One can only hope that the offer will be soon extended by at least a bonus, because this would be for both the broker and the customer benefit.

Bonuses are both brokers and traders for advantageous unfortunately still at Copyop no bonus is not yet available. Traders can only hope that the offer of such a bonus is added soon.

7. Broker: Copyop can independently be used by brokers

Broker: Copyop can independently be used by brokers

In the test, we were able to hold that Copyop can be used independently of an existing trading account with a broker. While it is common for some vendors of automated trading systems that a merchant account is provided by a partner broker, this is not the case with Copyop. Traders can therefore open a trading account with the Cypriot company, without the need to manage an account with an experienced broker.

One has to note, however, that Copyop cooperates with anyoption.Although a trading account with anyoption is not a prerequisite for a social trading account with Copyop, traders can connect their anyoption account with the social trading service of Copyop. If they wish, they have to log in only with their anyoption credentials in the Copyop-access area.Then, they can carry on their trading account with anyoption the Social Trading without previously open an account with Copyop.

Traders must open an account with another broker, to investigate the Social Trading over Copyop can, but she can connect an existing anyoption account with their Copyop access. A positive review Copyop we could forgive, because a anyoption account still is not a prerequisite for an account at Copyop.

8. Demo: A demo account does not belong to range of Copyop

A demo account , which allows traders, free and without obligation to gain experience with the Binäroptionshandel or with the Social Trading, is highly desirable and almost necessary for many traders.Unfortunately, experience shows that neither Binary Options Broker nor Social Trading Broker often offer demo accounts — and, accordingly, this is no different for Copyop.

Inexperienced traders who want free and without obligation to test the social Binäroptionshandel under a demo account first of all be, unfortunately be disappointed with the range of Copyop because although Copyop serious and generally also very customer friendly, is the Cypriot company no free, no obligation demo account made available.

Prefer the trader still act on a demo account, but not forego the Social Trading, he can contact customer anyoption is possibly. The broker who works with Copyop together, although provides purely officially no demo account, however, experience has shown that the customer partially forgives out of goodwill demo accounts to customers who have already opened a live account at Cypriot companies. Although Copyop fraud is not an issue, traders can try the Social Trading pursue in this way at this broker in the demo account, without having to invest real money.

A demo account for inexperienced beginners is not offered by Copyop, traders can instead try to get a practice account with anyoption. So that they can log into their trading account with Copyop thereupon possibly.

9. Conclusion of our Copyop experience: 10 out of 10

In our test, we were able to hold that Copyop working seriously and that accordingly in Copyop fraud is not an issue. This is supported primarily reliable control of the company, which is carried out by the Cypriot CySEC, but also the user-friendly handling of the customer and the company’s attractive range convince in the test. Especially the attractive conditions and easy account opening without broker bond ensure a positive Copyop review, while the lack of demo account and the nonexistent bonuses when customers ultimately care again for frustration. All in all, therefore remains only to hope that the broker will expand its range over time further and remove the last flaw yet. The pluses of Copyop in the overview:

1.Regulation by the CySEC
2.Attractive conditions
3.Easy account opening
4.No broker bond
5.Followers can choose between the observation and the consequences

In Copyop is a Binary options broker who primarily enables its customers the Social Trading via a user-friendly platform. While the Social Trading from Forex and CFD business is here to stay, Binary options traders can now only rarely benefit from the advantages of social trading. Copyop wants to change…



Not a scam

The broker Copyop has a very good offer, unfortunately, prevents the offshore regulation a clear recommendation.

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