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Copy trading at eToro — How to do it

There are many benefits that brings Social Trading with it. This includes, for example, joint action, the opportunity to benefit from the experience of all other community members as well as to successfully trade without much time. At eToro is the first broker who offered this type of joint trade and are now one of the world’s most famous eToro to Social Trading brokers. Introducing eToro and also show how it is possible to copy at eToro traders.

Copy trading at eToro: Overview of key features

  • The eToro Social Trading offers for beginners and advanced traders many benefits
  • One of the procedures in Social Trading represents copying other trader
  • At eToro every trader can be copied with one click
  • In OpenBook can be realized a search for four promising traders

1) Social Trading Provider eToro

1) We provide the Social Trading Provider eToro ago

The headquarters has the broker eToro in Cyprus and the company is therefore regulated by the local financial supervisory authority CySEC, which operates according to the single EU farther Directive, the subject also, for example, the BaFin. If that’s not enough as an answer to the question whether eToro fraud or serious is, is perhaps of the 3.5 million users around the worldare convinced.

At eToro inexperienced investors can copy with just one click, the strategies of so-called signal transducer and on thus, to benefit from their skill and experience. Thus, no one has to rely on to deal with extensive market analysis and to watch the markets. However, it is therefore advisable to acquire a sound basic knowledge, before they can start with the Social Trading. Only in this way we will get the best signal transmitter, see and understand what is important in the search.

At eToro is not only possible to copy strategies, also allows users to trade themselves and find this trade instruments such as currency pairs and CFDs on stocks, indices and commodities. To trade a web-based trading application available and it is possible this aseToro demo account know beforehand.

Conclusion: The regulation at eToro is via the CySEC and the Cyprus-based broker can attract more than 3.5 million customers around the world. In addition to numerous possibilities of social trading can also be done manually and via a web-based application which scores primarily by professional charts with eToro trading.

2.) eToro OpenBook: Find the best signal provider

It is not so easy to find a Trader for copying and without special auxiliary tools would not be an efficient search feasible. This is also eToro conscious and therefore presents the broker its clients the so-called OpenBook available. This is a database that contains a lot of information to each trader the broker.

Each Trader comprehensive statistics can be accessed and it is possible , in detail to find out about things like performance, number of winning weeks, maximum drawdown or the risk assessment. It can also be absorbed through the OpenBook contact a trader. There is also a built-in search, in which the selection of potential signal transmitter can be limited by specifying certain criteria.

Conclusion: The OpenBook eToro has been designed to find a signal generator which is to be copied. So, in this database numerous data and statistical information on the trading activities of brokers and a search function facilitates the selection.

3.) eToro CopyTrader: To copy other traders

3.) The CopyTrader eToro: To copy other traders

Who is copied, each member can decide for themselves. eToro provides for numerous statistics available from which can be read off of the success and the risk appetite of traders. Ideally, you should choose a trader who was both successful, on the other hand this success not only owes a big trade, but steadily over again properly lay. eToro is therefore not only the overall gain in, but also the percentage of winning trades, called the hit rate. Employees who have opted for a trader can determine how much money he invested in him. A maximum of 20 percent of the capital can be tied to a single trader. With the money used all trade movements are automatically reproduced. This is done using the CopyTrader function of eToro. Here, a switch will be copied with the mouse and from now on every trade is transferred to the trading account of the copier. Invested the model ten per cent of its assets in a business, the program automatically be reinvested ten percent of the capital, which was tied to the trader. Alternatively, the activity of a trader only track and then decide on a case by case whether a trade is to be copied or not. Copying can be stopped at any time if the copier with the power of the signal generator is dissatisfied.

Conclusion: The copy of the trading strategies of other traders carried with eToro with just one click. For this purpose, the CopyTrader function is used. In this case, the copier using a maximum of 20 percent of its capital to a signal transmitter and each copier can decide individually whether all trading decisions or only certain ones are to be copied.

4.) Conclusion: copy other traders with just one click

Who wants to copy eToro traders can implement this with a mouse click. First of all, but one or more traders must be found that it pays to copy itself. Here the OpenBook eToro comes into play. These can all trading decisions and statistics of all traders be consulted to seek out the most promising of them. With the CopyTrader functional strategies are copied and up to 20 percent of its own capital, the copier assign each signal transmitter.
There are many benefits that brings Social Trading with it. This includes, for example, joint action, the opportunity to benefit from the experience of all other community members as well as to successfully trade without much time. At eToro is the first broker who offered this type of joint trade…
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