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The Comdirect bank calls itself performance broker and belongs to the market leaders of the on-line brokers in Germany. Founded in 1994 as a direct bank, she focuses herself since middle of the nineties on young, modern and dynamic investors, and with it on the Online-Brokerage. With consultation, banking and Brokerage three competence fields are taken with Comdirect in the central issue. More than 1.5 million private customers wrap, in the meantime, her cash transactions, like fixed term deposits, call money, current accounts and also stock orders about the supplier from. Comdirect is serious of course and we could exclude scam and Duffing in our test.

Income return: Stocks, funds, ETF, option warrants, loans
Options: more than 1200 in worldwide commercial places
Assets: Protrader, Informer, mobile ext.
Regulation: BaFin

As one of the market leaders provides Comdirect extensive offered services for own customers. In addition to stock trade the company as a full bank offers the complete spectrum of the bank services, including property consultation and financial consultation. In the on-line Brokerage the bank has created all technical conditions for a self-determined administration of property. It is as bound to all German stock market places, as in 46 foreign stock exchanges. By Live-Trading außerbörsliche trade is possible on a real-time basis what leads to an extensive stock offer. By her bond dealings traders are supported by technical analysises, like expert’s chart analyses, stock signals and exchange rate care tools., Among the rest, moreover count, as a supplement, comfortable order functions, like „Trailing of stop“, „Next of order“ and «One cancels other».

Offers and conditions Comdirect

Normally the order fees amount on German stock market places to a base price of 4.90€ as well as 0.25 percent of the order volume. In addition, börsenplatzabhängige remunerations are partially brought to the account. The suitable order expenses also result by a fund purchase on the stock exchange. Provided that you about a fund company purchases fonds’ interests him, under circumstances discounted, issue surcharge plus of attacking foreign business expenses, calculates.

comdirect Offers and conditions Comdirect

With worldwide trade the expenses lie order with 7.90€ plus 0.25 percent of the order volume and these orders are to be placed exclusively by telephone. Except merely the US orders which can be ordered also on-line are from this, indeed, against an all-inclusive surcharge at the rate of 15€.

During the first three years the depot guidance is free with Comdirect. Should there be in this time no activities in connection with the account, the supplier calculates 1.95€ month. Provided that you export at least two Trades within a quarter, own a current account at the bank or serve regularly a savings plan, the guidance of a stock depot remains furthermore free.

A depot with Comdirect contains free dividend payments and gales, with one cancels other or order changes, limit changes and share implementation no fees are calculated. Should you belong to the especially active traders and give at least 125 orders in the half-year, receive a discount at the rate of 15 percent.

Company: comdirect bank AG
Address: Pascalkehre 15, 25451 Quickborn, Germany
Registration number: AG pin mountain, HRB 4889
Regulation / licence: BaFin, European central bank
Phone: 04106 – 704-0
eMail: [email protected]
Live chat: 24/7, in German
Video chat: for announced customers
Telefax: 04106 – 708 25 85

Beside the complete extent of the banking products all broker offers Comdirect one of the biggest bond offers. Option warrants, as well as certificates, CFDs, funds and stocks can be traded and to the investors a gigantic choice is available. More than 10,000 funds, more than 1,000 ETFs and about 150 fund companies stand for the choice. In this big portfolio just 500 funds and ETFs are able of savings plan. There still come, with the day and fixed term deposits offers, the usual bank offers. The current account as well as the visa map, construction financings and rate credits round the offer. At the same time customers receive if requested a personal and independent investment consultancy with proposals for the optimisation of the investments. Nevertheless, there remains at the end to you leave which recommendations you would like to move.

In the performance extent real-time exchange rates are included, beside the standard-order kinds, also in boundless number. In addition, the depot from Comdirect all current forms of order kinds and order additions offers. Beside the usual Stop and limit-order kinds also belong to it Trailing stop and the OCO order.

Comdirect and the ext. on the way are of use

As a Comdirect customer one can effect with the help of the ext. banking transactions any time also mobile. Only to check credit balances and transfers, or to give a bond order, you must not visit the nearest branch, for this also reaches a look or some clicks on iPhone. At beginning of utilisation the ext. a password which is to be given administer by every start, as well as after a certain time of the Inaktivität is to be fixed.

In this manner her account, the depot and also the machine is protected, even if it should be stolen once. For the start compelling an account is required, however, afterwards other accounts can be added. In addition, a bancomat finder is for all credit institutes in the surroundings of the user on the ext.

Payment possibilities: own Bankonto
Minimal deposit: depending on the financial product
Fees: none for indexes, currencies, precious metals, commodities, and Zins-Futires; 0.01% to 0.1% (mind. 9.90) for stocks, Dax-Future, Index-Future, volatility index; in addition, 4.90€ with telephonic placing of order
Account processing possibly in: Euro
Payment options: Bank transfer

The newest mobile ext. version places security-technically still on it, she disposes of the iOS-7 design and photoTAN procedure. The service easy in total, including him functionally decorated surface, are extremely customer-oriented and speak for himself. At this level free Bank-Apps can be only very hardly otherwise found, there one can undertake for the ext. absolutely the compulsion to an account.

Bonus with high attraction

Who opens currently with Comdirect a free current account, can be pleased about a welcome premium from up to 150€. The premium consists 50€ from three positions too in each case. There are 50€ as an activity premium, the bank lays out other 50€ for the account change and than satisfaction guarantee again 50€ what leads in total to a bonus of 150€. Everybody who still own no current account with Comdirect receives him.

The activity premium pays to you Comdirect if you have arranged at least five transactions, like payments and payment, transfers, withdrawals in bancomats, debit note payments, credit card turnovers or Wertpapieran-and sales with more than 25€ of turnover within the first three months after the Kontoeröffnung. In this case the activity premium is credited to you in the fourth month after Kontoeröffnung.

Payment bonus: 50€ with first deposit
Bonus conditions: 5 transactions of at least 25€ within the first 3 months
Validity: for the time being
Other bonuses: 50€ at close-down the account

Also in the fourth month after Kontoeröffnung you receive a credit above the account change premium if you have concluded your previous current account. Moreover it is necessary to confirm the close-down Comdirect during the first three months after the Kontoeröffnung in the personal account area.

You receive other 50€ than satisfaction guarantee, you should not be contented with the current account. In addition it is necessary that you express the reasons for the discontent at the earliest 12 months after opening the account compared with the bank. Other conditions are that you have received the 50-euro-activity premium in the fourth month after opening, as well as the account change premium. In addition, 5 transactions were further monthly more than 25€ and more necessarily.

Goods Support with Comdirect

Who resolves to entrust with his capital Comdirect, with or without consultation, the possibility has to get in touch with a competent contact. This can happen in different way, among the rest, also by mail or by telephone. Every customer has the possibility to turn with general questions to layout plans or charts of accounts or other questions to the supplier to the friendly team of the Supports. As already mentioned, the establishment of contact of the Supports is possible not only by mail or phone, but also by chat and contact form. The Support is extensive so that even an on site-service is available with PC problems, a map locking service, a recall service as well as numerous Apps, including the possibility on networks like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter to get in touch.

If the depot is opened, finally and the customers her personal contacts can reach the customer consulting followed, with problems and questions not only by telephone, but also by videotelephony. This provides for a personal contact together and a strengthening of the customer’s trust in the contact.

Offers to trainings and Webinars with Comdirect

comdirect Offers to trainings and Webinaren with Comdirect

The company makes available his customer all around bonds, especially stocks, various training offers. These can be taken up live on site as well as on-line in Webinaren. In our test we have made the experience that by the training offer Comdirect the traders receive possibilities to optimise her Trading over and over again anew to be able to operate more successful in the markets. This is the more significant than Comdirect the customer the possibility offers to take up all training offers free of charge. In addition, the training offers of the partners with which the bank co-operates are also available to the customers. We have found out in the test that the offered seminars and Webinare serve actually to act more successfully as a trader and to be able to apply sure strategies. Hence, the participation in the offers of the bank is absolutely to be recommended.

Regulation and protection

Of course has also made the Comdirect arrangements to protect not only the customer’s dates, but also the capital of the investors very extensively. Hence, the inserts are secured first once legally by the reparation equipment of the German banks. In addition, belongs Comdirect to the members in the federal organisation German banks whom also a good hedging promises. This protects customer’s property up to a height of more than 115,000,000 euros from wrongful loss.

Registration with Comdirect

Our experiences with the equipment of a commercial depot are uncomplicated, like so a lot at this company, also impressively. The process is relatively easy to carry out, while a form is filled out which contains specifications for the contact options and discloses the professional situation of the applicant. In addition, the bank would want information about your experiences in the Trading area. Afterwards you can check, before the application is sent off, all specifications and print out him for her own bases, as well as as a written copy to be signed, and send to the broker. Comdirect checks your depot application and requires as a rule a verification about the Postident procedure, before then the account becomes a free-switched and you can begin with trade. Then also the first payment can be carried out by you.

The process of the depot opening is nearly identical, after our experience, with all brokers, the differences lie really only in absolute little things. Nevertheless, Comdirect offers you after the registration process a video with which you can get the first overview and get to know the broker. Here beside the registration formalities you also find out details about the fact which possibilities the bank offers you as a broker and introduces to you Comdirect as a broker.

Our result to the Comdirect

After our experience an extensive and professional securities trading is possible with Comdirect. This supplier offers possibilities to act with a huge number of bonds and to invest, besides, also in savings plans or funds. In addition, the company offers comfortable possibilities for the participation in the mobile securities trading, in seminars and Webinaren. Further the broker with an excellent Support who is accessible on seven days in the week round-the-clock is convincing. As already shown, the possibility for the establishment of contact, after the standardised possibilities exists, also by live chat or video-discussion. One can recommend this broker with his offer absolutely. The favorable conditions with trade as well as the extensive offer provide anyway for a high degree of comfort and flexibility.
The Comdirect bank calls itself performance broker and belongs to the market leaders of the on-line brokers in Germany. Founded in 1994 as a direct bank, she focuses herself since middle of the nineties on young, modern and dynamic investors, and with it on the Online-Brokerage. With consultation, banking and…



Not a scam

Comdirect is the perfect combination of current account and the numerous possibilities of international financial markets.

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