Best bookmakers 2017 / How to delete Interwetten Account — Do it now!

How to delete Interwetten Account — Do it now!

For many players, online gambling is a nice pastime, the addition also can bring in a couple of winnings, if Fortuna is disposed towards the players hold. For some other people, the gambling can become a problematic addiction, in which the out of online gaming operators have long been nothing more to do with pleasure. In such a case concerned must act quickly and if possible lock their betting accounts or gambling accounts or deleted. Reputable and trustworthy bookmakers give their players this not only practical advice, but know also actively support.

Betfair is certainly one of the largest and most reputable bookmakers that are currently active in Germany and Austria. Already since the 1990s takes Betfair sports betting on all kinds of events and lots contrary, takes good care of its customers and provides them also making one or another Betfair bonus code available. But as a responsible bookmaker Interwetten also know that some players have sometimes through difficult times. Then he gets these players with advice and practical help. How exactly does a Betfair account can be deleted betray the Terms and Conditions and the help area at Interwetten. The most important information is summarized.

The account cancellation at Interwetten Overview

  • different deactivation methods
  • temporarily closing
  • permanent deletion
  • numerous enlightening measures for victims

Can an account be deleted at Interwetten?

As can be deleted at Interwetten an account?

Firstly, it would be reassuring for most players that Betfair shows to be very discreet bookmaker when it comes to close or disable a customer’s account. Although a contact with a request for deactivation or blocking must be directed to the support in the pending state, but in this case no notice for any reason must take place for this request.

There are two variants of the account deletion at Interwetten. Those who want to delete their Betfair account without the option to be able to open this again, applying for permanent deletion in customer support. In this case, no registration or registration with a real money account at Betfair may take place more at a later date. However, those who need just a little time to get back to an acceptable handling level in relation to your own game, can also apply for a temporary blocking. However, this must apply for at least seven days. Longer closures are quite possible.

The point of the Responsible Gaming Interwetten will very seriously, which supports great responsibility this Bookie again. There are proposed and presented different handling possibilities regarding a coming game addiction on the website of sports betting provider:

  • introduce betting limits
  • perform self-test
  • account lockout
  • can provide contact information
Furthermore, Interwetten stands up for the protection of minors. Underage players are not allowed at the bookmaker. Therefore always take place at irregular intervals and checks theInterwetten payouts . The protection of all and a fair and safe play are very important to Interwetten. Each player can also perform a self-test, by which it can be seen whether a problem gambling is present at Interwetten. Then advises Interwetten to control their own consumption, for example by use limitations. If the well can not help, ultimately, the Interwetten Account needs to be deleted. The nice and fully trained support also helps with important contact details further on the subject of gambling addiction.

Deletion overview

Before players can delete her Interwetten Account, they should first consider that this is a momentous step. With immediate effect all the features of the account for the duration of the suspension or when permanently deleting also be locked forever. Then the account access is no longer possible, it can not make any more payments or placed bets.

If still at the time of account lockout money on the account, this will be paid on the bank account.Players should be aware that if possible run no open bets more about your own account, however. Otherwise, it can lead to annoying money losses. An account lockout or — deletion can also via the Betfair App are made.


Interwetten is a bookmaker with heart and one that its responsibility is conscious. Of course, also wants Interwetten Profit with offering online make sports betting, but any means he is not right. Players not only get a very easy way to help you deactivate your account can permanently or temporarily, but will also receive also versatile other assistance. Nevertheless Betfair treats its customers naturally as responsible adults and would never interfere by themselves in the play behavior of its customers. The last and decisive step must be taken by the customer accordingly. Interwetten can do at this point nothing more than offer his assistance.

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