Best bookmakers 2017 / How to delete bet365 account — What needs to be considered?

How to delete bet365 account — What needs to be considered?

A great many of online betting providers offer to their customers a very hard gaming fun at a high level. Unfortunately, many sports fans often fall into this fun like in a spiral, which from a slight penchant slowly but steadily culminates in addiction. Many sports betting providers has been already trying to stave off this negative tendency a priori by offering for example preventive consultations.
But if nevertheless it goes so far, that one’s play behavior looms critically large, often there is only one way out for the players to terminate the gambling account. bet365 offers to its customers different ways of a betting account termination, either to close it permanently or to inactivate temporarily. Sometimes, it may eventually be possible, that a psycho is rehabilitated within a short time and an individual banking account is opened again, so further placing of bets won’t cause any problems. There are multifarious options to terminate a bet365 account to meet all kinds of client’s interests. Just for this purpose there are different termination procedures briefly explained below in order to show all the players their opportunities.

Account termination by bet365 — brief overview

  • various options to terminate an account
  • non-reversible termination and temporary inactivation are both possible
  • e-mail message to customer support is necessary
  • also bet365 can block or inactivate an account

What procedures are there to terminate a bet365 account?

Bet365 What methods are there to make clear a bet365 account?

Basically, for players maintaining an account at bet365 there are three possibilities to exclude themselves from gaming experience using individual initiative:

  • non-reversible termination of an individual account
  • temporary inactivation of an account
  • inactivation or blocking of an account by bet365

While by the first two procedures the customer uses his/her individual initiative, the third one is a measure, which bear no relation to a request of a customer being under certain circumstances. If bet365 over the course of its entrepreneurial activity drags to light, that over an opened account were carried out or are going to be carried out any clandestine practice, the betting provider has the right to block the account. Then subsequently there will be conducted a detailed research, and during this period the aforestated player will have no access to the account. Once the investigation is completed, there will be taken further measures.

On top of that, bet365 also has the right to block different inactive accounts. Inactive accounts are for example those accounts on which there haven’t been carried out any actions such as placing of bets or conducting of pay in and pay out operations for more than one year. Inactive accounts are subject to a so-called administrative fee in case, if the account holder won’t contact the customer support service of bet365 after he is informed that his account has been inactivated.

Procedure for temporary blocking of an individual account

Sometimes certain life circumstances may require from a player to withdraw from gambling for a while. If at this time it is already known, that this withdrawal will be only temporary, this condition may be taken into consideration by blocking of his/her account at bet365. Players can contact the customer support and require for inactivation or temporary blocking of their individual account. The player doesn’t have to give any reasons for making such a request. The sport better defines the period of inactivation by himself/herself. Within such a period it will be impossible to perform the following operations:

  • To pay money into an account
  • To place bets
  • To activate bonus offer
Following of the end of the pre-determined period the account will be automatically unlocked and the player can disport himself with placing of different bets or with bet365 live stream again.

Procedure for non-reversible termination of an individual account

The player, who is sure that he wants to block his/her bet365 account not just temporarily but has taken a decision to delete it forever and irrevocably, has to contact the bet365 customer support in the same way and apply for the desired blocking. In order to do this, the employees of bet365 require for the following information:

  • customer’s name and e-mail address
  • place of residence

In addition, various formalities also need to be observed. Prior to carry out a non-reversible termination, negative account balance has to be compensated, pending bets will be processed. Only after this the account blocking can be conducted. The player needs to note, that this blocking cannot be undone. The procedure for termination also is not automatically followed by deletion of personal data, as this information has to be kept under law on the so-called statute of limitations on actions. Players, whose account has been terminated, cannot legally log in with a new account at bet365. This is how bet365 protects on the one hand the customer’s health and on the other hand protects the betting provider itself from fraud.

Conclusion: serious measures and great willingness to meet the needs

In the same way as by performing all other activities, bet365 betting provider pays great respect to the measures which have to be taken for an account deactivation or blocking. In the first place are considered both health and safety of the customers. Differentiation between temporary and permanent inactivation of an account is also offered by many other betting providers, for example by bwin. The customers, before having their account at bet365 terminated, should definitely still bear in view the bet365 bonus code which brings up to 100,00 Euro cash. Many players sign up at different betting providers only in order to get money from their bonus offers.

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