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The gaming company part of the worldwide Mansion Group and can thus support a casino company with ten years of experience to be insured in the industry. Although does not already have such a long history, but to make on the way to go in all countries of the world a name. So far the offer of in 189 countries will be offered around the world, 21 different languages are supported.

More than one and a half million customers enjoy already more or less regularly on offer from That probably speaks once that is reputable and not fraud plans. Nevertheless, we have these providers in our test looked at again in more detail on the dissecting table, in order to evaluate whether fraud or is reputable, definitively and with certainty.

The license from Gibraltar, who receive only a few gaming companies the first clue in our test was, already. What other results we have unearthed, we will reveal in the next report. The bonus actions and the game selection and customer support, we can specify in advance to the heart but already. convincing

  • License from Gibraltar
  • Dissemination of the offer in 189 countries
  • more than 1.5 million customers
  • class customer service
  • attractive bonus programs

Range of casino games: Games from Playtech

Casino Range of casino games: Games from Playtech

An online casino that gives itself the name, should have to offer in our opinion, a lot in terms of game selection. However, experience has shown that not to be canceled each test of confident casinos regarding a positive effect on the game selection. Fortunately, we can only salute before the game selection of The games are from the home Playtech and fulfill much more than the minimum standards relating to entertainment, security and fairness. Whoever discovers a casino with Playtech software, can be sure to play on the best side in advance.

Nevertheless, this alone is not enough when it comes to the selection of the individual games.By focusing too narrowly on only one genre, for example, many players would significantly limit its gameplay. More gratifying is shown by the fact that has made provisions in this respect. In addition to modern and innovative slot machines, which are based for example on the latest hit movies, including the classic casino games are offered, of course. Some of them can even be found in the live mode, but we later come who deals with the concrete offer from Live 10/10 points.

  • wide range of different games
  • secure software from Playtech

Safety and Licensing: to outbid Hardly

Casino Safety and Licensing: to outbid Hardly

We have to admit already that has really taken precautions well in terms of the security of customer information. This shows on the one hand already at the renowned gaming license, which may call his own Few casinos manage to get European gaming licenses as from Gibraltar, because the rules are relatively strict focus in the local areas. This can ever secure a place in the top league.

Also in relation to data protection, the operators of have spared no effort. So the casino for example, has a certificate from Norton, which ensures the encrypted data transfer of customer information. In addition, the casino has been examined by TSTLabs what applies primarily to the random number generator that is used for all matches. Only if this random generator actually operates randomly, customers can expect a fair game. 10/10 points.

  • Certificate of Norton
  • Gaming license from Gibraltar

Bonus and conditions: Up to € 3 200 for new customers

Casino Bonus and conditions: Up to € 400 for new customers

At is generally advertised with a bonus package worth a total of 3,200.00 euros for all new customers. This requires, however, a plurality of individual bonuses together, bringing each very different benefits for new customers with it. As real deposit bonus can therefore only be described the part of the package, which can double the first deposit of each customer up to a total value of 400,00 Euro. All other parts of this bonus package relate to later deals that may optionally be used by new customers or not.

The welcome bonus to a maximum of 400,00 Euro is fully payable for the customer. The same applies to experience also for the profit that will be generated with the resulting bonus money. At best, a player pays therefore a 4000,00 euro and replaced after the bonus period back this 400,00 Euro, plus the same amount and any winnings. For players with a little experience and a happy knack, this action may therefore prove quite lucrative. However, beforehand the bonus conditions must be fulfilled, which say the bonus that the bonus amount received has to be implemented at the casino 40 times. 8/10.

  • Bonus completely cashable
  • Bonus conditions are acceptable

Although the bonus conditions are considered fulfilled in our test, it is often the case that new customers would be based either significantly larger bonus sums or many times simpler bonus conditions. A higher amount of bonus features such as the Casino Club , whereas Stargamesshines with the player-friendly conditions.

Deposits and withdrawals: Low deposit limits

Casino Deposits and withdrawals: Low deposit limits

In many casinos the chaff from the wheat, when it comes to the precise specifications for deposits and withdrawals. Often many payment methods available, but subject to different fees or offer a few deposit options, which in turn specify very high minimum amounts. Experience with have shown that the operators in this respect seems to try to take a middle. The choice in the way one money or pay is relatively large and also the minimum amounts are designed. Basically it can be assumed that the smallest amount claimed is aimed for a transfer to the selected method. So on deposits immediate transfer must be paid at least 15.00 euros, whereas there are only 10.00 euros in a transaction through Neteller.

The arrangements for payment are clearly structured with The duration for alignment and the minimum amount which must be requested, also depend on the selected payment service. The maximum payout limit is restricted for regular players to around 10,000.00 euros per month, VIP players enjoy higher withdrawal limits. 9/10 points.

  • diverse Payment Methods
  • well-structured explanatory notes

Customer Service: Freephone Included

Casino_ Customer Service: Freephone Included

According to experiences with customer service in the casino could not work better actually. The staff are friendly and well trained. This means that they really have an idea of when problems occur, as they are to solve. We have very different met at other casinos where the support engineer often had even less idea than the customers themselves.

About this, our test showed by that the service is easy to reach. Apart from the mandatory option of sending an e-mail, customers can clarify their questions also in direct communication with an employee in the live chat. In addition, there is also a toll free number that will be provided for customers from different countries. Our result is in this point that such concessions can hardly be surpassed. 10/10 points.

  • free number
  • Live chat with competent staff

Design and Performance: Attractive and simple experiences praise overlooking the design of the casino, the relatively simple structure of the website. Due to the color selection, the texts are legible on the side and the internal structure also allows new casino visitors to find their way quickly and easily. With regard to the brand recognition or entertainment value of the design, however, a few small drawbacks must be recorded. Yellow text on a dark background now offer relatively many casinos, so the uniqueness must be questioned.

The rapidity of the page structure and the load times in games again give no cause for concern or annoyance. With a stable internet connection to make all areas entered quickly and the demo versions of the games run smoothly and stably. At this point the praise, however, not only the operators of, but also the software maker Playtech applies. 8/10.

  • readability and coherent structure
  • fast loading times of games

Live Casino: Wide range

Casino Live Casino: Wide range

Some casinos offer their clients a separate area for all games that are disputed with real live dealers and croupiers. At customer only option available on the left navigation bar, in the games show those games that are disputed in Live mode. A separate casino area would have been desirable at this point. Nevertheless, this should not unduly penalize, because the selection of games in Live mode is exceptionally convincing. There are nine different games that can be played live, the dealer acting course highly professional always and at any time. There are different versions of roulette, baccarat and blackjack as well as a version of Casino Hold’em. This selection Friends of the live game can play a long time, which can accept all experiences from the test. 9/10 points.

  • nine different games
  • popular games in different versions

Limits and Payout: Hardly details

When it comes to the payout of a casino, to some operators hide behind opaque pay and other casino owners prefer their numbers do not even publish. For the latter group includes because, despite intensive research, it is not possible the corresponding numbers on the website of the casino to track down. This may for many players bring a semblance of unseriösem behavior with itself, is nowadays but unfortunately often already become the rule. In the case of does not mean hiding the exact ratio with certainty that rogue forces are at work. Basically, it can be considered at a casino of this caliber that the quota necessarily lies above a value of 90 percent and is accordingly clearly situate in the green zone.

The table limits are kept relatively variable as in many casinos. In some games, there is the possibility to choose between different versions and so, for example, participate in exclusive high-stakes games. This applies particularly to the live mode, waiting for the diverse variants for high rollers and willing to take risks. 7/10 points.

  • Games for high rollers and willing to take risks
  • Different table limits on individual games

Loyalty program and VIP Club: Well explained

Casino Loyalty program and VIP Club: Well explained

Loyalty programs are now offered by a number of different casinos. The principle is always the same or at least similar: For games with real money, a certain amount will be credited to loyalty points that can be converted again at a later date in is a lot of effort to explain its customers haarklein exactly how the program works and what they should be in obtaining loyalty points. Such a detailed explanation can be found only rarely in casinos in Germany.

The higher the number of collected loyalty points and the more deposits had been spent on the casino account, the higher the player in question rises to the so-called loyalty levels. Beyond a certain limit, he shall be considered as VIP and can enjoy various benefits such as an increased limit for payouts. In addition, wait at several other offers that existing customers can benefit again. 9/10 points.

  • good Illustrated Loyalty program
  • interesting options for VIPs

Mobile App: With separate welcome bonus

Often present mobile solutions for customers who would like to play on the smartphone or tablet, as a kind of stopgap and not as a real alternative to conventional usage manner of the offer. has but a little more invested time and effort in the development of the app that offers a true replacement for all those who do not want the go without the classic casino game. And for those who now opt for an application via the mobile casino, waving an additional welcome bonus of 200.00 euros. 9/10 points.

  • own welcome bonus
  • complete replacement for desktop Casino

Our review Verdict: Review produced a smile

If we add up all the individual evaluation items arises for an overall result that can definitely need not.know in all important areas, the operators what they look for and what is important to the players in the world. All this is for a conclusion that, although not quite at the top, but still above the average. For the future could extend its offer a bit more and just for those customers who like the live sector go, create a separate area with more ambience. The transparency in the payout ratio should be increased.Overall, however, is a remarkable rating of 8.9 out of 10 points.
The gaming company part of the worldwide Mansion Group and can thus support a casino company with ten years of experience to be insured in the industry. Although does not already have such a long history, but to make on the way to go in all countries of…



Not a scam is the official main sponsor of West Ham United and operated so serious and reliable, no doubt.

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