Best bookmakers 2017 / Cashpoint withdrawals — Cash out your winnings now!

Cashpoint withdrawals — Cash out your winnings now!

When it comes to serious bookmaker, who already have several years of experience, then Cashpoint always up front with. The bookmaker does not only have a proper Maltese gaming license, but also has also one of the most difficult to ergatternden Schleswig-Holstein gaming licenses. Furthermore, Cashpoint makes sponsorship of famous teams and leagues such as the DEL or the VFL Wolfsburg deserved what will be credited by sports bettors always high.

But not only the great commitment of bookmakers is taken from new customers strongly under the microscope, but also the various services in the permanent offer.After all, a player himself has no noticeable positive advantage of having his bookmaker sponsoring a famous team. always be a particular focus disbursement conditions of a sports betting provider. Only if this everything is above board, an application for the players can pay real dividends. As it is with the Cashpoint payout, therefore reference is made below under the microscope.

Cash Point payouts Overview

  • few withdrawal options
  • Payment methods are safe
  • Payments will be charged
  • Payment period and limits vary

Which payout options has Cashpoint?

Which payout options does Cashpoint?

Usually always use online sports bettors only a single account, from which they transfer money into their player account with a bookmaker, or accept advice which they disbursed money.Therefore it must be ensured before any notification that the bookmakers of your own choice also supports individually preferred payment method. the need for the online gambling open a separate account, would probably mean a great effort for most players.

All the more surprising is the Cashpoint presented with only two different payout paths. Where comparable competitors like bwin or bet365 all modern and secure payment methods to offer to Cashpoint focused exclusively on the bank transfer and the payment via Skrill. Also other conventional transfer methods such as Neteller, credit card or with Sofortuberweisung fall away.This is surprising especially because Cashpoint has in principle supported quite versatile payment methods and even included PayPal in its program. It remains at this point only to say that the choice is limited to players, the options offered are necessarily recognized as fair and safe but.

Under normal circumstances, Cashpoint charges its customers no fees for a withdrawal.Presumably this is the reason why so few payment methods are supported. By Cashpoint holds as much as possible their own expense, it is capable of bookmakers to reduce the own expense.In this sense, the threat of a small penalty may be understood, should the information on IBAN and BIC be entered incorrectly in a required bank transfer. In this case, eventually may incur bank fees Cashpoint understandably does not want to wear yourself. Precisely for this reason should always be careful player during Cashpoint, but basically all bookmakers to transfer all the information as accurate as possible.

How long does Cashpoint payout last?

Who wants to spend most quickly in real life be obtained in sports betting money, the should pay attention to the choice of payment method. Usually there are significant differences in the speed of execution. This also applies to the Cash Point payout:

  • Bank Transfer: 3-5 days
  • Skrill: immediately

The faster money is to be paid, the more likely customers should use at Cashpoint on the withdrawal method Skrill. Only when their payments are booked within a few minutes on their own account. Who contrast opts for the traditional bank transfer, must expect a considerably longer period. Incidentally, it should be at this point noted that at Skrill a minimum payout of 20.00 euros must be instructed.

Step by Step to Cash Point withdrawal

Experience has shown that especially younger and inexperienced players at the beginning are very uncertain, as a Cashpoint payment is correctly applied. For this reason, the exact procedure will be explained step by step. The prerequisite for a Cashpoint payout are incidentally incurred wagers. Typically also Cashpoint forbids just deposit money and then pay back unused. This ban is due to the active efforts against money laundering projects.

  • Winnings will be credited
  • Click the account to Deposit / Cash Out
  • Choose pay method
  • Select payment amount
  • enable payout


Cashpoint is certainly one of the modern bookmaker who makes the least number of different payment methods available to its customers. Only two different variants are supported.Fortunately Cashpoint clearly more accommodating in other areas, allows free withdrawals and supported with Skrill an exceedingly fast payout option. This is not only true for the regularly earned profits, but also for the money using a Cashpoint Bonus Code has been earned.Especially new players should pay attention to this bonus money as the deposit bonus can have ready up to 100,00 Euro cash.

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