Best bookmakers 2017 / Cashpoint app — Bet from mobile now!

Cashpoint app — Bet from mobile now!

Although Cashpoint is already for many years in the business and has rendered outstanding services as a sponsor popular teams and leagues, this bookmaker is repeatedly overlooked in various tests.Here Cashpoint has even one of the sought-after Schleswig-Holstein gaming licenses that few other vendors such as Tipico can show. And also a Cashpoint app for mobile betting is for quite some time in the offer of the bookmaker.

But not always, when a sports betting provider customers provides an app, these are also to an offer that is really worthwhile. On the contrary, many mobile solutions can satisfy the demands of ambitious sports bettor only passable. Often there is for example a need for optimization in terms of navigation, display, or granted special functions. Whether the judgment at the Cashpoint app fails similarly negative or whether Cashpoint with its App comprehensively convincing know the current guide will shed more light.

Cashpoint App Overview

  • available for free and without download
  • works on all operating systems
  • all bets and account functions are accessible
  • Shortcuts in navigating prove to be player-friendly
  • Cashpoint bonus can be used portably

How does Cashpoint app work?

How does the Cashpoint app work?


Many mobile solutions of the latest generation is no longer based on long classic app model, in which the application must be downloaded and installed. Instead, nowadays increasingly set to mobile versions of pages that can be accessed through the browser of iPhone or tablet. Players must therefor not even notice a separate web address, but can easily through the normal website Cashpoint reach the mobile portal. The site registered by itself, whether a player is accessing from a mobile device to the offer of Cashpoint and adjusts its own presentation accordingly. This is done depending on the respectively used apparatus, the account of this aspect is fully automatic. For the player the Cashpoint App brings therefore the greatest possible convenience factor with him.

What can Cashpoint app?

The Cashpoint app grants primarily first of all the basic access to the entire range of the bookmaker Cashpoint. This means that all bets such as Cashpoint live betting or typical pre-match bets are necessarily supported by the app. Players can freely choose the individual favorite sport as well as for the preferred type of bet. Combined bets System bets or many other possibilities are available for free. Also, the full account access, thanks to the Cashpoint App necessarily guaranteed. A Cashpoint cashing via App therefore also be utilized as the services that it has to offer the support team of Cashpoint.

Moreover, Cashpoint app but also all sorts of other features to offer that even diehard sports bettors still likely to inspire. So far the offer of app could be no less than considered upper average. However, using the NOW button function is the Cashpoint app a real highlight. The NOW button function fulfilled basically two tasks:

  • Shortcut to the latest betting
  • Shortcut to certain sports and bets
Basically represents the NOW button is a way of simplified navigation that should convince all lovers of fast and uncomplicated game. In any case, the Cash Point app is already proving to be very user-friendly in terms of navigation. In addition through the NOW button, which can be activated from every single page of the offer made, the opportunity to quickly navigate to specific areas. Annoying Click and Search is superfluous. Thus Cashpoint offers its mobile customers a real highlight and the Danks many players can be sure. If you still prefer to play with the familiar structure at Cashpoint, also receives this option. Then the selection of individual sports and events reverts to the classic well-known menu selection.

Cashpoint Bonus for new customers

Of course, holding the Cashpoint app for newly registered mobile customers not only completely new and exciting features willing but also focuses on time-tested strategies. Among including the Cashpoint can bonus for new customers will be understood. This assures a sum bonus of up to 100.00 Euro, which can migrate into the pocket and to the bank account of a player completely.Specific bonus conditions there are for this course. They are as follows:

  • Maximum Bonus: € 100
  • Minimum deposit: € 10
  • all payment methods accepted
  • First deposit must be played through 8x
  • Minimum ratio of 2.0

Players can unlock the bonus on the Cashpoint app and have no purpose Cashpoint bonus code enter. However, the bonus conditions must be fully met in order for the team of Cashpoint posts the bonus to each player’s account. After that is the bonus sum at leisure and can also be paid immediately upon request.

Conclusion: Cashpoint app brings useful features with itself

With the Cashpoint app bookmakers can show what really is in him and that the shadows that these providers ekes many places, is accessible in any case. Indeed, Cashpoint app not only offers an ideal platform to complete mobile betting, but for example, ensures the NOW button function also an easy to use navigation to. These efforts are likely to all players appreciate.Through the current bonus offer, which is also to use at Cashpoint via smartphone or tablet, the whole package is perfectly rounded and each player may be lucky to be able to use this totally free.

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