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A less known Forex broker in our test is of the CapTrader. Though the user’s figures there rise during the last months and years rapidly, other competition suppliers still advertise more openly and more actually than CapTrader. Within the industry has set up CapTrader as a sort of élite broker who should be used only by very experienced Forex to traders. Whether is really so and what of the performances and conditions of the broker to hold is we have taken in our test once certainly under the magnifying glass. However, before we have employed the compulsory test on seriousness.

Trade: Forex, CFD, stocks, ETF, commodities, options
Assets: more than 1 million bonds tradably
Sotfware: TWS, AgendaTrader, WebTrader, MobileTrader
Regulation: BaFin

Review: is CapTrader scam?

An exact audit of the circumstances and backgrounds of CapTrader has shown that the broker is a subsidiary of the company of Interactive broker. This name seemed to us famously, so we investigated briefly and see there: Behind the more known supplier FXFlat stands also the English company of Interactive broker. CapTrader is still radically German and still owner-controlled. The supplier belongs merely to a bigger group whose flagship is the company of Interactive of broker. The company headquarters of CapTrader lie in the German Ratingen.

Company: Bond mercantile bank FXFlat Ltd
Address: Kokkolastr. 1, 40882 council member genes, Germany
Registration: AG Dusseldorf, HRB 44445
Regulation / licence: BaFin
Phone: 0800-0393528
eMail: [email protected]
Live Chat: available

Moreover, in Germany CapTrader disposes of a securities trading licence. The account processing against it is carried out by Interactive of broker in Great Britain. With it an insert protection which lies with up to 50,000 GBP also comes along. Should insolvency have to announce of the Forex broker customers have the possibility to get back her inserts up to this sum. By the account processing in Great Britain another advantage arises for all users and female users of the broker. In England there is no payment tax, so that at the end of the year some euros are saved. Also we would like to mention a complementary insurance of sides CapTraders which assures of inserts by height from up to 30 million US dollars. However, this is probably valid rather for the area of the stocks depots and less for trade by currencies and foreign currency. How the European right are required customer’s money and company money by the CapTrader apart.

captrader Background: so seriously is CapTrader

The regulations must be included also. CapTrader is checked equally twice. The English financial supervisory authority FCA is responsible on the one hand. However, substantially more importantly for the German company of CapTrader the licence and control is by the German financial supervisory authority of BaFin. This already worries since 1997 about the fact that in the house CapTrader everything shuts with right things. This double regulation gives you in this respect a piece of security, as that it does not concern with CapTrader thereby scam or Duffing. The supplier is serious and makes this by his relation the German-speaking trader network clear.

Clients say this

Also to the CapTrader we have carried out an extensive Internet search and have had a look at some opinions and at criticism to the offer and the seriousness of the CapTraders. Besides, has struck us that the number is not particularly high in different reviews. Without wanting to anticipate too much we came fast to the end, why exactly this is the case. Since with a least payment of 4,000€ is interesting of the CapTrader probably only for the least traders in Germany. Professional and experienced dealers appreciate CapTrader and try to keep her account there. However, from these only the least real assessments put on the Internet. But for it there are us.

However, from few progress reports of other dealers we could close that many are not contented with the basic principle Forex-and CFD trade. These had to accept apparently bigger losses and hold responsible for it CapTrader. This is not absolutely the right manner to practise criticism. Finally, it is a matter for CapTrader more of decorating All around pleasantly and customer-oriented. And as some other users and female users report, this succeeds. Above all the friendly and always accessible Kundensupport as well as the experience is promised that stands behind the broker Substanz and employee really try hard to provide a professional and good feeling for the customer.

The Support in the test

As with our progress reports commonly we have also exactly had a look at the Kundensupport once. In addition we have contacted the employees on different ways and have put easy and more difficult questions. There have referred these affairs partly to the commercial principle of the Forex-Tradings in themselves, partly, however, also on the special service and the offer of the broker.

Finally we can say that the after-sales service is very friendly and absolutely competent. To us was helped in all questions competently and obliging. In addition, has been convincing to us 24 hourly services. Monday to on Fridays the phone is taken in Ratingen constantly. The number is free of course. Moreover, establishments of contact can follow by email and live chat. Also with it we have gained very good experience.

Our experiences with CapTrader

To sum up, there is not a lot what would speak against the CapTrader as a reliable partner with trade with foreign currency on the Internet. Specifically we have won the impression that it concerns with the CapTrader the absolute Forex élite and the least payment is chosen intentionally so high to get access only experienced and professional traders. Less users and female users with higher capital lead to the fact that the employees can look clearly better after every single customer. This principle likes us, we felt very in good hands with CapTrader.

Concerning the seriousness we have on account of the double Lizensierung and the German core of the company no doubts. We would invest our money any time with the CapTrader.

The offer of CapTrader

captrader The offer of CapTrader

Is the registration worthwhile with the CapTrader? This can be decided when all signs and dates have been compared to their other broker. We have put together once what distinguishes the broker and where the advantages and disadvantages of the CapTraders lie.

Forex, CFDs and stock trade

During our test we have specialised particularly in the area of currency trade. However, is to be mentioned that about CapTrader still many other financial products can be traded. EFTs, futures, option warrants and CFDs are only some of it. The Traden with stocks and bonds also puts out an essential share. According to own specifications offers of the CapTrader in total more than 1.2 millions differentstocks which can be buys and sold about the broker fast and simply. Stockbrokers should not miss the programme of the on-line broker, therefore. The total number of the commercial instruments and order kinds is clearly higher with CapTrader than it dealers of other suppliers may be used.

With low spreads to the financial success

The commission which is taken per Trade by the broker is especially important for customers of a Forex of broker always. Per order draws of the CapTrader about 0.3 Pips. The spread which lies with major like EUR/USD with 0.2 Pips is to be known also. The spread indicates the difference between buying rate and selling rate of a currency pair and with it the area which must be overcome by the purchase or sales, until the dealer is in the profit. A lower spread is better. And exactly this is here the case. With 0.2 Pips CapTrader lies among competition suppliers and can score here.

However, a little we were disappointed concerning the lever. After our research this lies with only 40:1. This is clear not enough to earn bigger profits already with small applications. Together with the high least payment traders are made effect bigger inserts and raise her positions. Here it can become more customer-oriented of the CapTrader.

Many trading platforms supports

captrader Many commercial platforms supports

The commercial platform trader workstation is provided from CapTrader originally. The service needs getting used to, however, goes after some time easily from the hand. However, the structure is rather mediocre. For it you receive from CapTrader an access to agenda Trader. This is usable free of charge and costs otherwise about 790€. A really successful service him shows how much CapTrader places on customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the other commercial platforms which can be downloaded externally are supported. Although the popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 do not belong to it the choice with services is fanned out like NinjaTrader and multichart broadly. However, in total we would recommend the agenda Trader. Tradesigna, Invetox are also supported and Co. by API. It should be also mentioned that there is the possibility of the mobile Tradens. In addition Apps are ready for Blackberry, Android and iOS.

Payment and payouts

Payment possibilities: bank transfer
Minimal payment: no specification
Fees: none
Account processing possibly in: Euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, British pound
Payment options: bank transfer

There are point deductions for the CapTrader concerning the payment and payment possibilities. If a customer liked to effect an insert, he must transfer money to an account. This is not only relatively costly, but also lasts some working days. Directly with trade cannot begin new customers with CapTrader. Competition suppliers permit, for example, also the singulars for on-line services as for example PayPal. With it the money is within less seconds on the on-line account with the broker and can be used to the action and Traden. On account of the high least payment we hold it topically not for possible that CapTrader thinks over his politics once again and also admits Online-Bezahldienste. particularly as the classical bank transfer is of course clearly sure.

Concerning the payment the broker then makes a usual impression again. A payment within 30 days is completely free. For every other SEPA payment the human amount of a euro is drawn. Usual other payment is settled with 8€. However, a payment ordinarily reaches already in the month to hold his finances together.

Bonuses and special actions

To our regret there are with CapTrader, unfortunately, no new customer’s bonuses with which the first payment of a user is raised by a certain percentage. Also special actions and special premiums do not seem to be Usus. In addition, we could not even receive some euro by the advertising of a friend.

Account opening only from 4,000€

As already before in our progress report mentioned the least payment lies with astonishingly high 4,000€. With it CapTrader lies definitively at the head the on-line broker and makes clear that beginners and novices should rather use other brokers. Since no beginner would like to invest directly sums in the 4-figure area It is not to be assumed from the fact that the CapTrader will clearly reduce this value. Though still some months ago the least payment lay with 5,000€, still is created with a high least payment a market and segment for the professional traders who are probably opened only reluctantly for smaller private investors.

More than 80 different currency pairs

The number of the currencies and currency pairs is attached with CapTrader with 80 pieces relatively high. However, you must notice that can change the Margin according to foreign exchange. The lever which lies as already mentioned in the highest case with 40:1 is also different.

Manuals, webinars and demo account

The CapTrader education centre is completely equipped. At the possession groundbreaking manuals with interesting additional information stand on every subject, Webinare and seminars. Beginners receive a basic overview about the topic of the action with foreign currency. The offer is still directed rather at experienced and professional traders.

is to be pointed out to the demo account. After our research this can be also opened without registration for a live account and suitable payment easily. Besides, the term is boundless. Also who could not thereby liked to invest his real money account with CapTrader is well-advised, to itself with a demo account in the market to try. The beginners who functions the financial segment thereby learn. Professional dealers can check her strategies and develop new tactics with a demo account completely without risk.

CapTrader is OK

The CapTrader is suitable as a broker for trade with Forex definitively rather for experienced traders. By the high least insert sum was created an artificial border which should keep some private investors from acting about the noble broker. Who would like to take in hand, however, the necessary money a fair cost structure, an exceptionally professional Support and extensive educational offers agrees. Our recommendation is directed above all at such traders who already know the business. Tip for all beginners: With CapTrader a free demo account gets itself which can be used indefinitely!
A less known Forex broker in our test is of the CapTrader. Though the user's figures there rise during the last months and years rapidly, other competition suppliers still advertise more openly and more actually than CapTrader. Within the industry has set up CapTrader as a sort of élite broker…



Not a scam

CapTrader is sure with the German BaFin licence seriously. I recommend this broker.

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