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C-date, inspired by the English word casual = opportunity is the most popular portal in the German speaking for those who are looking for sex and erotic experiences. As the name C-date suggests, here casual sex is wanted and commanded by the members. Without obligations, without feeling guilty. Reason enough for us to examine whether this is a legitimate platform or whether it is not a scam, the fraudsters will play into the hands. So we summarily registered and even figure out if C-date delivers what it promises.

Mediation: Casual Dating. Affairs, Sex Chat
MEMBERS: around 3 million, 25,000 new registrations daily
Extras: Extra magazine in blog style

Seriousness of C-date in Test

Seriousness of C-date in Test

Who is looking for a fling or one-night stand, this is the place. No binding relationship, no responsibility — as the motto of the casual dating.

Every day, more than 25,000 new members sign. The chance to be able to find here is correspondingly large. In addition, C-date in Switzerland and Austria known and active. So who is frequently on the road, private or professional reasons, can spice up his short trip with an adventure. Just try!

Basically, it’s nice that the provider allows a free application, so that one can get an idea about the platform. If you feel well and want to take the functionality of claim, you may enter a paid subscription. The price is in this case in the middle segment, which is portable. The possibility of free registration but corresponding fake profiles abound on the page, which means that people create profiles, although they are not looking in truth. Therefore, one should always be careful with whom you are doing it on the Internet. Through the chat feature a so-called Fake can be exposed quickly, therefore, at this point of the chat emphasized that enables faster communication.

What Fakes terms: Beware of members that offer an appropriate adventure against money. C-date displays even before such dubious offers. Report this profile best directly! Here it might be to fraud on the part of fakes (third-party).

If you want to use the complete range of services, so it is worth the paid registration. Members who pay for the use of the portal can, enjoy the support provided by C-date; which means that they can expect professional, reliable and reputable counsel.

Conclusion: Pay attention to fake profiles. If the offer of a nice lady sounds too perfect, it is worthwhile to scrutinize this profile. Stay away from members who expect payment for their «services»!

All dealer overview

C-Date All dealer overview

In C-date, there is a potpourri of people who are looking for some fun. The Mitgliederstuktur is mixed, what age, profession and income concerns. Here both men and women are to be found in the German-speaking countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland are represented.

Since the use of the platform for women is free, a corresponding division of the sexes is to be found: 59% women and 41% men. Should you as a woman, however, look for another woman or a couple, but the offer is subject to a charge for you. Due to the high media presence and the wide range of C-date everyone can get their money here.

company Interdate S.A.
Address 291, route d´Arlon, 1150 Luxemburg
commercial register Luxemburg, B158155
eMail: [email protected]

Already on the free registration you get an opportunity to put in a few clicks his wishes and ideas. All the more effort you are with the filling, the higher the probability that you get suggested contacts that are tailored to a. In addition, increasing so the chance to get recommended no fake profiles.

Our testing has shown: When specifying unrealistic wishes, a abound fake profiles are proposed. So care with absurd requests. Always remember that a woman who is looking for an adventure, is not ready from the outset to try anything with a stranger in bed. If you keep this in mind and to empathize in your counterpart, you can find about C-date exactly what is promised to you: An adventure without obligations and a good time.

The range of functions in C-date is also limited in the membership fee. Thus, for example, has no opportunity to present themselves to go in search. Contacts are offered according to your personal wishes and ideas. Equally as you during the registration to submit your profile. Therefore please take sufficient time to fill out and not screw your ideas immeasurably. you can then privately still deny the details and possibly express further requests via the messaging and chat. Cheer up!

Particularly positive is noticed that a spontaneous and free registration is possible, even if you want to get a taste only briefly. It just has the ability to make yourself a picture of the platform. Moreover, the registration takes only a few minutes, so you can start right away. For the impatient and curious just right. The questions that have been answered are chosen sensibly and not unnecessarily consume time: The default values correspond to the motivation of the members, the application is reduced to the bare minimum. This allows a number of contact proposals, since you do not have too much to limit what is always given when the questionnaire is sprawling.

Bonus offers for new customers

C-Date Bonus offers for new customers

The dating high season begins in December and lasts until February. Those who want to save costs, so should subscribe. Thereafter, the prices can be basically raised slightly.

Concrete Bonus offers are available at C-date not, but the platform can also be used for free, so that no bonuses are necessary. Coupons or special offers should always be researched by the user himself: With a little luck you will find on partner pages ever special offers. C-date itself offers something terrible at.

Positive: Although this is one of the leader in case C-date casual dating is that prices have remained constant for years, which can not be said about all partner exchanges.

The costs and payment options

Registering with C-date can in principle be free of charge and the first contact suggestions can also be perceived that way. To contact, say: The personal interview, you should complete a paid registration. For this also functions as the chat are then released allowing a faster contact.

In C-date one has the choice between three subscriptions to choose:

3 months cost € 39.90 per month. This subscription option is for those who are very sure of himself. In the time you can, if you are daring enough and is serious, but quite already make the one or other acquaintance. Per day, this represents a price of 1.33 €. This is the most expensive subscription variant and yet very low for a market leader.

C-Date The costs and payment options

6 months you get a month 29.90 € /. This corresponds to 1 € per day. This is the most selected subscription period; no time pressure, no stress.

12 months make € 19.90 per month, which corresponds to € 0.66 on the day: a saving of 33%. Sounds pretty attractive, is not it? it closes twice a 3-month subscription from, you get 6 months on C-date, although one can perceive a whole year for the same price. Therefore prefer to perceive the free trial subscription to get an idea about the platform and only then decide which paid subscription you perceive. Planners can save money here!

You can pay here about the most common means of payment, including credit card, debit card, bank deposit, transfer and checks are. should Announce man 2 weeks before the end of the subscription. Omitted this termination, the contract is extended. As with other companies also, it is then very difficult to come back out. Our tip: Write down when your subscription expires or announce directly to the registry to prevent inadvertent extension.

Privacy and data protection

When it comes to privacy of Internet users is fundamentally skeptical, which is good, considering that companies like Facebook lead us with their provisions astray. This is at C-date fortunately different. If a Member for deleting his account, it will be together with all stored data deleted. To clarify: If you want to delete their profile FB, so it only deactivates; However, the data remain with the company itself. C-date however, deletes the data.

However, it admits C-date by the registration rights an anonymised to use its data for market research purposes.This is an Internet Service Provider, however, absolutely consistent basis you should therefore leave no worry itself.

By the procedure of C-date, which operates with a matching method, the privacy of the user is protected. The questionnaire during the registration questions and expressions of requests will be considered when matching, whereby only contacts suggested that you either way wanted similar. This insight into the profile is only reserved for those with whom one «matched» has been.

Here the member has even control what content they want to share with whom: You can decide whether to make the photos for contact suggestions immediately visible or prefer to manually unlock itself. Personal content can be shared or withheld according to personal preferences.

For customer service of C-date

For customer service of C-date

About 50 employees are reachable at C-date just for the customer service charge and the Help section of the registered members. Whether the technical information relating to data security: We always receive a personal response. This can take up to a maximum of 3 days, usually customer queries will be answered within 24 hours, however.

Subscription 3 months: € 39.90 per month equivalent, 1.33 € per day
SUBSCRIPTION 6 months 29,90 € per month, equivalent to 1 € per day
Subscription 12 months: 19,90 € per month equivalent, 0.66 € per day
Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, direct debit, checks
Notice period: 2 weeks before the expiry of the subscription

Almost obsolete, however the contact via Fax seems to be, is accessible via the customer service z. B. in the event of termination. But The fastest way is still via email: Simply write and wait. Our experience here was very satisfactory.

In addition, C-date is currently working on an online customer service that provides instant self-help is to make possible. This is still under development and is currently being tested.

For ease of use

C-date is logical and simple, while after the first few minutes of the first contact suggestions. Even people for online dating sites are new territory, can get started in just a few clicks here.

The mask is completely user-friendly and easy to use. When creating the profile you follow the instructions of the program to be sure of a point leads one to the next. The setting will be quickly saved and completed.

The contact proposals are clearly structured, in messages and profile visitors clearly. New messages are announced additionally via mail, so you really do not miss anything. By clicking on the stored link you will be automatically redirected to the message.

Conclusion: very simple operation, even for beginners of all ages.

The mobile app of C-date

Unfortunately, there is by and for C-date no mobile app and probably will not even give this. This is easily explained:. Most provider of applications, such as the iTunes Store, bothered by the obvious sex Apps.

But this is not so bad, because the creators of the site have not fallen on his head and therefore offer a mobile-optimized website. This can be reached by phone via the standard Web browser access the site and use. This site can be used as usual, only that they can play on the go.

Our conclusion

Among all the dating sites that we have taken in recent weeks under the microscope, is not such as C-date. Thus, this site stands out from all others. Particularly pleasing was the fact that access and use the service for women will be charged, so that the high proportion of women can be explained. We know so not necessarily. The price is appropriate for the quality and ease of use in the middle segment and absolute. For C-date and also offers its customers a personalized customer service and focuses on the preferences that are less interesting on other platforms. Here men women women women women … partners can seek and find. Particularly positive is just noticed that here everyone can get involved. No matter how old you are, what sex you belong to and what preferences you can enjoy, although you would not otherwise talk about. Whether you are therefore a flirt or even a first SM experience look for: Here one is correct. Work and family status are likewise irrelevant, everyone is invited to join. Why, we wondered, to read on the Internet but so often that it is rip off at C-date? We have researched and found the following: Because women can use the services of C-date avail free, can be found here, and of course those profiles which are commonly referred to as fakes. So there are people on the go, it might not be serious and just want to make mischief. Perhaps there are even children who want to allow a fun with the adults — but that’s just speculation on our part. Our tip: Make sure someone expresses itself. Trust your gut feeling and always remember: It’s not yet fallen from the sky. Should an offer so listen too good to be true, then it probably is not a serious offer. And one more tip: Respond to report not on emails and messages that demand from your on a private email address. This is in most cases to love third-party services for a fee. Because these platforms are also not protected against service providers who want to bring their services to the man, said does not correspond to the philosophy of the company. best with this contacts and inquiries directly to the customer, delete and not go into. Who thinks, may at C-date but quite a positive experience and take one or the other exciting adventures. So what are you waiting for? Simply register for free and get an idea about C-date itself: Log ultimately costs nothing.
C-date, inspired by the English word casual = opportunity is the most popular portal in the German speaking for those who are looking for sex and erotic experiences. As the name C-date suggests, here casual sex is wanted and commanded by the members. Without obligations, without feeling guilty. Reason enough…



Not a scam

When you register with C-Date can be serious, just data or chat, or find exact affairs.

Register NOW!
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  1. I recently left C-date and was charged £104 and change for doing so. No where in the T & C’s is this made apparent. I would like a full refund asap. Thank you.

  2. Hi
    I have been charged £191 without my consent. I have not agreed to pay that sort of amount. I am withdrawing my memership straightway as I feel scamed. Can anyone explain why it was charged to me.

  3. This site is a scam! Lot of messages are coming from Cote d’Ivoire with men posing a a woman. In the site, they are declared to live in Europe. As it happens, they declared that they had to go to Côte d’Ivoire for their mom and they need money to come back to Europe!! There is no way to cancel the subscription, contact support does not answer. A TRUE SCAM!!

  4. hmmm so far i’ve contacted about 16 girls, 14 of em where scam / trolls but the other two well… one of em is a 31 year old fit prostitute in my area and asked money in exchange of her discrete services if we meet up but we’ve been chating and exchanging pics for free. The other one is a 52 year old woman, i’m 25, we’ve met twice at her house i bealieve she is married, not shure about kids , we’ve hoocked up but things haven’t led to sex since she likes to take her time but the relationship seems promising. Girls my age are usually a scam or do not respond but i guess there’s just lots of people who contracted the service but are not willing to commit so they just troll people to see what happens. Both successful contacts moved to whatsapp within a few hours of engagement. Hope this helps someone desperate to cancel their subscription, i didn’t trust the service either so i went through anonymous bank deposit it was roughly $1 extra dollar on top of the regular price and i met real people on my second week i don’t think i’ll renew my subscription but if you already payed and waiting for refund you might as well give it a try. Both this girls contacted me, the ones that i choose were scam and i live in mexico.

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    Aweѕome! Its truly amazing piece of writing, I have got much
    clear idea regarԀing from thhiѕ piece of writing.

  6. Alex vouillot

    How on hell can you assess such horrible site and conclude it is not a scam??? do a bit of research and you will see they are stealing left and right the silly people (like me) who registered on their website!!!!!!!!!!!!

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