Best bookmakers 2017 / Bwin partner program — How to earn money with friends!

Bwin partner program — How to earn money with friends!

Friendships are not really worth its gold or money, at bookmaker Bwin this is but quite possible. Because not only the different bets and various bonus actions, such as the Bwin Bonus to rinse in this sports betting provider regularly money in the cash register, but also the option with Bwin Friends advertise certainly provides financial benefits.The Refer A Friend program Bwin has developed an initiative that principle may be worthwhile for all players.

It ultimately benefit not only those who are already registered and recruit a friend or acquaintance, but also those who actually signing up after such an invitation at Bwin. advertise How exactly with Bwin friends is possible, reveals the present guide, where all the important details are presented concretely.

The Bwin Refer a Friend Program Overview

  • each player can recruit friends
  • individual link is created
  • various options to send link
  • attractive rewards
  • qualifying events must be completed

How does the Bwin Refer A Friend program?

The Bwin Refer A Friend program is based basically on a very simple strategy: Bwin wants to save advertising costs and therefore is in the broadest sense of the effectiveness of word-of-mouth. For this, registered customers are already to animate their friends, relatives or friends to talk about the various benefits Bwin. Unless they have been made sufficiently curious, they then log in to even the odds in real time. If they then also begin to position various inserts regularly, the original customer has the bookmaker Bwin done a great service and can expect a reward.Many other modern online bookmakers have already established a similar system. Also at Bet365 or mybet such actions are offered for some time.

How a friend can be invited?

When registered customers want to advertise with bwin friends, they have to sign up for the appropriate program. The bookmaker even created for this purpose a separate link. Once the friend this link is activated, a secure application made which is automatically associated with the user name of the recruiter. So Bwin automatically saves, which player who has been campaigning as a new customer.

There are several ways to send the links that you just made to your own friends or relatives:

  • by e-mail about Bwin
  • hand over mail, messenger or social network
Bwin has always presented as an extremely flexible bookmaker and accordingly it should not be surprising that the averaging possibilities of own links in the Refer A Friend program can be selected individually. Most simply, this certainly works on the mail that is sent directly from bwin. Up to five names and e-mail addresses can be registered on the distribution. If this is too impersonal, which can link the relevant course copy and send hand via email, messenger or social network. So players will have a chance to reach more friends. Subsequently, the active friendship invitations can be viewed in a well-stocked Overview.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Players who have recruited friends obtained at Bwin not automatically cash or other prizes, but must first wait for the referred friend also participates actively in the affairs of Bwin. Otherwise would be fraud clearly bring to light across the stage and Bwin can not support such actions as a serious and reliable sports betting provider course.

What are the eligibility criteria?
A friend who was freshly recruited must meet one of the following tasks to the registry:

  • Completing a certain number Betting
  • unlock the bwin Bonus
  • deny a specific number Poker Games with private Rake
  • use a certain amount at bingo

Only when one of these objects has been followed entirely from new friend you refer, the player who has advertised this friend can appreciate his reward. After all bwin has to ensure that the hired player actually intends to play at bwin and has not only registered for the bill.

What rewards are there?

Who wants to advertise Bwin friends, is certainly not only convinced of the qualities of the bookmaker, but want to get a likely also a reward for his dedication. For this reason, bwin different reward options has thought over which sports bettors and otherwise oriented Bwin customers certainly should rejoice:

  • amounts of cash
  • Bonus amounts
  • Freerolls Poker Tournaments
  • Tournament Vouchers
  • Loyalty points for the shop
  • Bingo cards with balances

The selection of the bwin rewards is therefore considerable size and has a clear incentive for players, so they seek to referring new Bwin customers. For each player, a fitting reward should be present at this selection.


Bwin has devised to attract new customers on land, a particularly sophisticated system. The intercede friend is certainly more effective than expensive and complex TV or Internet in many sports friends. This is exactly why rewarded Bwin customers for their recommendations. And with prices that can be more than excellent. Anyone who thinks that he has a few friends and acquaintances who are not yet registered with Bwin, could however be interested in it, do not hesitate and from the great selection, the exciting bet and the high bwin winning limit to tell.Then likely soon the first rewards on their own account land, which in turn bring tidy money.

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