Best bookmakers 2017 / Bwin Accumulator bet — Multiply winnings now!

Bwin Accumulator bet — Multiply winnings now!

Average gains in a classic single bet no longer satisfy demanding sports bettors these days long. What is needed is big money, an easier life and brings a lot of glory with him. Therefore, many players nowadays try other kinds of sports betting, thereby increasing their own chances of winning. Often it also increases an individual’s risk, but this price is taken into account for huge winnings like.

bwin this new trend is well aware and therefore for some time been offering a bwin Accumulator bet on. This type of bet has not been invented by bwin, but can also be found in the range of Tipico or bet365 . Nevertheless, bwin multiple bet is to be considered in more detail below even as it offers numerous options open minded and venturesome players to supplement the own assets exorbitant. Three important tips in connection with the bwin combo bet are presented below as well.

The bwin Accumulator bet Overview

  • Accumulator bet multiplied winnings
  • Risk increases with number of tips
  • all bets are combinable
  • up to 20 bets can be combined
  • with live betting tips 12 can be combined

How to get a bwin multiple?

Bwin How does a bwin multiple?

A combination bet bwin works at first glance on the same principle as any other conventional sports betting also: The player emits a tip if this is correct, winning amount is calculated taking into account the appropriate rate. The difference between a classic single bet and a bwin combination bet is the fact that in the multiple bet more tips are combined. An example will help clarify the operating principle:

  • Players are three tips from: Win Team A, B, and C
  • three individual advice would be possible
  • all three tips can also be combined

What are the advantages of bwin multiple?

In the above example with the player to write three separate tips that winnings for each correct tip will be calculated separately. Suppose the player is any tip at a different rate of 10,00 Euro and sets all three bets. Then he gets at the end of a gain of

  • 10,00€ x 1.50 = 15,00€
  • 10,00€ x 2.10 = 21,00€
  • 10€ x 1.85 = 18.50€
  • Gross Margin: € 54.50

But if the player combines all three tips with one another, and the odds are combined in the calculation. Hence this would result in the following calculation:

  • 10,00€ x 1.50 x 2.10 x 1.85 = 58,28€

By combining the individual tips to the total profit increased accordingly drastically. However, this applies only if at least one tip is delivered at a rate above a value of 2.0. If only rates below a value of 2.0 are typed, a combination bet bwin no longer worth mathematically

What are the disadvantages of bwin multiple?

In combination with the increased prize money at a multiple bet bwin also increases the risk dramatically. The reason for this is explained as follows: A bwin multiple bet can only be won if all selections are correct. Accesses the players even with a forecast next, losing the whole multiple and collects any profits. Only in this way can be finally the heavy losses that will reap a bookmaker by multiple bets, reverse. Accordingly, the risk of a multiple bet increases exponentially with the number of the included tips.

3 tips for successful bwin combination bets

Multiple bets are often completed very inconsiderate of young and inexperienced players. Here, the pending risk is often underestimated significantly. The eyes of sports bettors are directed exclusively to the potentially achievable winnings and hide the great opportunity to losses largely from. To give just the younger players an easier and less costly access, three tips are presented, which can be helpful in terms of bwin combination bet:

  • Focus on a few tips
  • prefer outsiders
  • use bwin bonus

Who at bookmaker bwin makes a bet for the first time, maybe you should not be equated to a risky combination bet anyway. If they do, it is at best advance the current bwin Bonus activate.After bringing this up to 50,00 Euro bonus money that can be invested in multiple bets. In addition, players should try their own risk to keep as small as possible. This is done firstly by the fact that as few tips are combined. The more tips are combined in a multiple bet, the greater is finally a chance that one goes wrong and the whole bet is lost.

On the other hand players should tap as possible to the favorites try in combination bets. This is not always possible because, for example, often can no longer speak of a clear favorite at odds of 2.0, but it’s worth it because the own chances of winning increase by. Who typed exclusively to outsider who rarely have success with multiple bets.

Conclusion: bwin Accumulator bet brings Action and high profits

No question, bwin combination bet is a particularly good way to increase their own profit levels within the shortest possible time enormously. By multiplying the individual odds appealing sums can be achieved, which however unfortunately often cause players throw all reason overboard.It is precisely the increased risk that a multiple bet bwin can be so demanding. If players know themselves and their tips but keep in check, the results of the own bets should know to convince. For all venturesome players, the bwin Accumulator bet accordingly a nice change to the classic single bet is and at bwin winning limit is finally scratched once.

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