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Binary options on weekends

Binary Options are derivatives whose performance, however, depends on the underlying assets, which are traded on exchanges or on classic forex market. The courses are not freely defined by the broker, but are based on the actual trade movements at the respective reference markets. This is also a trade at the respective reference market is necessary for the price quotation on the Binary options trading platforms, a circumstance which is not given on weekends. To close this gap, the broker will offer the so-called binary options One touch trading or high-yield trading.

Binary options on the weekend: Mode with opportunities and risks

To illustrate the one-touch trading, here the rules are presented from three different brokers. Anyoption case is a little different from the other two vendors. Generally one-touch options after closing of the stock exchanges, ie from Friday evening, be traded. An entry is possible until Sunday evening. The expiry time is the following week. The choice of option made on the basis that the broker pretends target price of the underlying. Then there is the question of whether the underlying exceeds this target, or at least once during the term reached ( «one touch). By clicking the investor decides whether to accept the default. At anyoption the introduction of a minimum of 100 euros for a trade in the top 350% return is possible. anyoption determined from Monday to Friday once daily a Durschnittskurs from which then results on the reference rate for one-touch option.

anyoption Binary options on the weekend: High Yield mode with opportunities and risks

The options can be resolved after the purchase at any time again. The option is in the money if the price of the underlying has reached or breached once the predetermined barrier during the term.

Banc de Swiss (short BDSwiss ) allows the purchase of one-touch options during the week. On weekends binary options on the One Touch mode on commodities like gold, currencies, Bitcoin and also shares such as Twitter are available. This provider Traders can already enter with 50 Euro, the gains exceed partly the 500 percent mark. Of course, always both scenarios, the expiration of the option above or below a specific price target, are traded. As with BDSwiss where stocks, commodities and currencies as underlying for options on weekends, similar underlying assets and additional indexes can be selected at anyoption. The maximum duration is seven days. The option expires in the money (the trader achieves the defined return) when the specified price is reached within this period.

BDSwiss Maturities from Friday to Friday

Banc de Binary provides the one-touch trading also on a entry from 50 Euro. The maximum term also extends over a week. The maximum yields are, however, a little below those of the two featured competitors.

Special features of the weekend trade

The One Touch trade on the weekend is different from traditional trading not only in the higher entry sizes. The selection of the underlying assets is limited and is determined by the brokers.However, analog to traditional trading available for all underlyings both a call and a put option.This commercial version is very suitable for volatile values. Underlying with high price volatility may well make price jumps that allow the achievement of the barrier in the course of a week. The upper or lower limits are of course as set by the brokers that the probability of achieving the price target far is of course less than 50 percent. Otherwise would be unrealistic returns to 500 percent.Offering a DAX option with a deviation of one percent over the duration of a week as a base value, would be ruinous for the broker, as this barrier is reached fairly certain.

Compared to the usual relatively short maturities of one-touch mode is interesting for investors who are not permanently active online on the platform. Now and then a glance at the chart shows that the trade is already successful, or not. Relying solely on his instincts in the purchase of such an option, but is just as dangerous as in all other Handelsmodi also. The high volatility of a title does not mean that the price movement is random. Here the market mechanisms play a role also of course. The preparation for decision-making should be as thoroughly.

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