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A basic requirement for trading binary options is a trading account. The criteria that the selection of a broker lead, vary from trader to trader. Safe in one or the other like the trading software play a role. Very few brokers have developed a proprietary platform, but engage in binary options platforms back on one of the three variants, which have now established in the market and found to be completely reliable. Large differences do not exist here, however, of course, the «look and feel» has been adapted to the respective broker, made in smaller additional functions deviations.Below we will present the three best-known among the binary options software. Important facts about binary options software:

  • Most platforms of binary options brokers are similar
  • The most common variants include TechFinancials, Tradologic and Spot Option
  • Binary options are simple applications usually
  • Binary Options software can trader using a demo account to meet

1) What should afford a software binary options?

1) What should afford a software binary options?

At a binary options software fewer claims are usually linked as for example on a platform for Forex and CFD trading. So the applications are also usually with far less functionality and features provided as it is the case for a forex platform. The binary options charts are not equipped me the wealth of analysis tools and an extensive course analysis traders must typically access to external solutions.

Nevertheless, there are also in binary options platforms differences in terms of quality and handling. A good binary options software is distinguished for example by an intuitive operation and through a structured design. Should also quite inexperienced investors can find their way easily. It is also a fast order execution crucial to avoid the price gaps as completely as possible. Different chart types are also beneficial as well as many time periods for the course presentation. Anyone who is not sure if the trading platform of a broker is right, can see if this is a binary options demo account offers. This is not always the case, but if there is such a demo version, this should also be used.

Important criteria must meet a good trading platform:

  • Reaction time and speed: Are there delays in the updating of the courses, a position may no longer be profitably opened. A durable uniform renewal rates also makes it possible to control the rates permanently. In sudden delays occur with most traders to irritation.
  • Design: A simple interface is an indispensable feature for binary options trading software. Only those who can open up all essential information at a glance, can make the right trading decisions. When trading binary options seconds can be crucial. Therefore, it is essential that the design is clear and functional.
  • Ease of use: Only those who get along quickly finds within the binary options trading software, can benefit from fast decisions sufficiently. It is useful also when the traders the trading platform at least able to adapt slightly to his needs. So for example it is very helpful if customers can decide for themselves whether they want to use a confirmation box or not. Basically, there are more security because it prevents accidentally trades are received.On the other hand it delays the conclusion, which can be detrimental to traders of Turbo options. Ultimately, however, this is a matter of preference and a binary options software should go on it.
  • Analysis: In general, binary options brokers do not offer too many possibilities of analysis. Why should at least be as high the provided graphs and analysis tools. These include that they are as current as possible, they can be represented in different time frames and the additional information used are as clear and meaningful.
  • Range of trade types and additional functions: The Binary Options Trading Software determines which trade types a binary broker can offer at all. Most trading platforms offer four or five different trading styles. However offered not always the same. The same applies to the additional functions. Most platforms allow meantime, roll-over to use Early Closure and other additional functions. Yet, here too, that this is not always the case. So if you want to use certain functions or commercial types, must ensure that it is included in the corresponding binary options trading software.

Conclusion: A good platform for binary options is characterized among other things by an intuitive and uncomplicated operation of as well as a fast order execution. Even for beginners, the software should be suitable and allow an efficient commercial manner.

2.) Spot Option Platforms: What sets them apart?

In the first of three variant If this is the binary options software Spot Option. Captivates Spot Option, as the other competitors also. By a very clear user interface The basic version of the three trade types can be executed.

  • Classic call and put trading
  • One Touch Handel
  • 60 seconds trading

Spot Option can, however, also other broker yet individualized, so that the financial institutions have the ability to customize the trading environment to the needs of their customers or to their own desired range.

Among the additional features to be implemented:

  • The rollover feature to extend an option beyond the original expiry date.
  • The builder option (Update: The new version of Spot Option 2 and no longer at all brokers) are traders the opportunity to design options in terms of return and risk mitigation itself, thus optimizing its own risk management.
  • Premature termination of the option on «Early Closure» it allows to lock in profits before the actual end of the trades.

Some of the brokers, which provide their customers with Spot option is available, in addition offer the so-called pairs trading. The relative development of two underlyings (eg Apple’s stock vs. Google stock) is traded with each other, the absolute performance does not matter.Among the best known brokers who use Spot Option include BDSwiss and Banc de Binary.

2.) Spot Option Platforms: What sets them apart?

  • Reaction time and speed: The charts of Spot Option are updated quickly and consistently. Sometimes even more often than once per second. Compared to the old platform Spot 2.0 is much faster and offers significantly shorter waiting times. Moreover, the risk of exchange rate variations was significantly reduced.
  • Design: Currently, the binary options trading software Spot 2.0 has the same interface at each broker. Perhaps a change in graphics is available only later and is due to the novelty of the trading platform. Currently, the spot 2.0 platform can thus easily detect. The design is considered further to its predecessor. Praise is for example the fact that now each underlying has a graphic symbol and different opportunities will be to analyze the data.
  • Ease of use: Spot 2.0 was also significantly improved in terms of usability. The clarity was significantly increased by the graphical symbols and additional features such as the multi-asset view. The customer can now find their way and navigate more quickly. The search for the underlying is a definite plus. Commendable also are the various display formats with different density of detail.
  • Analysis: The trading software Spot 2.0 offers a relatively wide range of different forms of representation. An advantage is also that the time frame between 30 minutes we can be set 12 hours and can then vote on the term. In addition, can be represented with Spot 2.0 up to four underlyings on one side.
  • Range of trade types: Spot 2.0 is one of the binary options trading software which offers the most customer choice. Interesting option types as the pair option and many additional functions ensure that offers for many traders Spot Option is the best trading platform for binary options.

Conclusion: Like all other software versions also, the Spot Option software is characterized by a clear and well-structured work surface. In the basic version of three types of options are tradable. However, brokers have the opportunity to expand the use and adapt its own performance and range.

3.) TechFinancials Software: particularly extensive

The most comprehensive trade package plus a wide selection of charts can be found at TechFinancials. Large brokers like OptionFair rely on these binary options software. The following trade types are at TechFinancials available:

  • Classic Call and Puthandel
  • One Touch Handel
  • 60 seconds trading
  • Boundary (border)

The user interface is clearly structured. It is striking, however, that the traders in the use of TechFinancials often a somewhat smaller universe is made of underlyings available. In return, live messages via the Yahoo! -Newsticker are continuously displayed and enables access to historical price data.

In addition to the commercial variants above but TechFinancials also includes other additional functions. Early Closure allows for this platform also premature profit taking. TechFinancials has proved itself in every respect and offers novices and pros alike a high value in use.

    • Reaction time and speed: The TechFinancials trading platform drops in speed now behind many new and further developments back. Depending on the broker trader must occasionally take delays. In general, these hold but within limits.
    • Design: The design of the Binary Options Trading Software Tech Financials is kept comfortable minimalist.Some are likely to keep the visual representation for less presentable than most of the competition, but so is the simple design does not distract from the essential information.
    • Ease of use: The Tech Financials trading platform is probably one of the platforms, which makes navigating the easiest. Also the fact that the representation of graph moves in favor of the overview into the background, especially in entering the trading binary options with this trading software is very easy.
    • Analysis: Basically Tech Financials offers very minimalist graph whose time frame can be changed manually.However, this is to adapt the term of the option. A good idea is the plotting of the term of the chart, but the view is partially too small.
    • Range of trade types and additional functions: In the trade types TechFinancials provides a sufficiently wide range with numerous tools.

Conclusion: TechFinancials represents the largest of the three variants and also pray more trading styles as the Spot Option Software. Among the range of services include live relating to business news and access to historical price data.

4.) Tradologic Software: Here are the features

4.) Tradologic Software: Here are the features

As a third party of the leading platforms for binary options trading also Tradologic will be introduced shortly. The trader is deflected to the side by any unnecessary functional, quotes and charts are well represented. In trading styles Tradologic provides:

  • Digital Trades (Call- und Puthandel)
  • One Touch
  • Boundary (border)

Moreover, the software is also equipped with additional functions. Also included are

    • Early Closure for early gain assurance
    • Rollover to the next expiry time for the event that the option to original maturity would have run out of the money.
    • Reaction time and speed: The Tradologic trading platform is very responsive in the rule and updates the courses smoothly and promptly. Chance to smaller hanger can be observed, but this also depends on the broker and the time. Normally, however, the small juddering fall not into Gewicht.Design: The design also depends on the choice of binary brokers, ranging from a modern presentation with charts to a tabular listing of options. Here, then, every trader will be able to find his preferred form of presentation.
    • Ease of use: Tradologic is one of the more complex platforms, which is due to the extensive possibilities of individualization. Nevertheless, even newcomers to the binary options trading software quickly get to grips.Clear menus and different representations contribute that all trading styles, underlying assets and maturities can be selected in seconds.
    • Analysis: Tradologic offers a wide range of different display formats, which can be customized also in size and detail. In addition, the binary options trading software allows the binary brokers also use external programs.
    • Range of trade types and additional functions:The Tradologic binary options trading software offers numerous commercial species and some additional functions. 5 trading styles are available in the basic version, the binary brokers can choose from nine other.

Conclusion: Again, beginners can quickly find their way and Tradologic software offers the basic version of the three trade types. The Early Closure function exists and the rollover function.An Option Builder, however, is not to be found.

5.) Conclusion: Hardly differences exist in the platform

After considering the three most common types of binary options software can be said that the selection of the new broker should not take place after which trading application is offered. The variants are up to some small facets nearly identical and have largely also a similar structure. Much more important for the choice of a broker are features such as minimum deposit, minimum bets, selection of underlying assets and the possible returns.Each basic version of the software can be modified and individualize and thus it is primarily on what brings out the broker from its platform and not to which variant is.

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