Binary options brokers 2017 / Binary options signals: trade system

Binary options signals: trade system

The growth of trade binary options knows no boundaries. The number of investors continually rising worldwide. Behind asked about the reasons, these are obvious. With very low stake returns can be generated in a very short time, of which investors in other asset classes only dream. That this is not about gambling, showing traders who recognize signals when trading binary options and enter it with the right strategy. But how to recognize signals?

Technicals is the alpha and omega of successful trading

Technicals is the alpha and omega of successful trading

We have mentioned several times already elsewhere and emphasize it at this point again. ToBinary options to deal with the system, it is imperative to be able to read a chart and identify the appropriate signals. Success in trade stands and falls with the intensity with which the training was operated. A price chart is not just a line with prongs that extends time in this or in the opposite direction. A price chart tells a story and provides material for interpretation. And it is this interpretation of the binary options signals leads to the application of the correct trading strategy.

Support and Resistance — known from film, radio and television

Anyone who has ever watched an economic program on television, knows the terms support and resistance. In the case of supporting the price development goes up, a horizontal line below the highs can be continuously placed basically upwards, it is not broken. In case of resistance, this horizontal line is above the highs of the course and is also not broken. On the contrary, it may even be that can read out the scenario of a downward trend in the image. Exchange rates are based in large part on psychological factors, support and resistance, therefore, are nothing but a reflection of the behavior of investors. But how do you deal with these two horizontal? Very easily. In a long-term support or a sustained resistance to the contra-trend strategy offers. That is, investors are close to the resistance zone on falling or near support zone on rising prices, contrary to the current market direction.

The outbreak — ideal for trend-following strategy

A trend is not reflected in a chart by a straight line resist, which proceeds smoothly and without contours in one direction. The curve of a trend marked by so many prongs. However, there is the question of how high these spikes, the price swings. Using two lines, which run parallel to each other and flank the price development does, determine if these price swings moderate path or if there are outbreaks. With a little practice can be ascertained based on ad hoc responses of firms or economic data releases which messages lead to significant price fluctuations, which change the trend in the short term. Once again it is clear the importance of education for trading binary options. Of course, it makes no sense to wait for the outbreak has occurred, but to recognize in advance when the breakout occurs. Conversely, it is for the trade of course, a binary options system, wait for the breakout and then again with a trend strategy to act.

Bucking the trend

«The trend is your friend» — this old adage has quite valid. For trades with a longer maturity but may be useful to a strategy against the trend. Trends do not last forever. Although a brief outbreak means a price reversal for a few moments, this does not change the trend. Long-term developments make it hard. Cancels the ECB for example the interest rate, the trend in the stock markets would develop sooner or later decline. Low interest rates cause high stock prices and high interest rates often result in reverse to a falling stock market.

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