Binary options brokers 2017 / Binary options robots: We show you how

Binary options robots: We show you how

Increasingly appear broker websites in various references to the possibility for traders binary options to trade automatically. What at first sounds very tempting for beginners, should first be subjected to scrutiny. earn money without even sitting at the computer or mobile device and wait for good opportunities need? Of course, any such evidence read interesting. In fact, this approach for some dealers to be profitable, which is technically interesting and want to rely on a good Binary Options Bot.

All about automated trading:

  • Automated trading systems act according to the requirements of the Trader
  • OptionBit provides with AlgoBit
  • a system for the automated trading available
  • AlgoBit created real-time signals via realtime chart and monitored automates markets
  • Trading systems should, if possible, be tested on a demo account

1) Signals correctly interpret: a machine system makes it possible

1) Signals correctly interpret: a machine system makes it possible

The term «bot» is a common Titulierung for technologies for automated trading with binary options and similar financial products. The promises of brokers read positively. Traders should have the chance here to act, without a special way the trading platform to open the respective Brokers. An integral part of such extras major trading signals and market trends, so that dealers are well informed when it is time for the opening of new positions or to leave early. Are in most cases. Such moments to realize just beginners falls not always easy. Important for traders is often that the tools offered available free as possible, but are demonstrably useful and professional. Typically, a demo account is offered, therefore traders canbinary options strategies to test their feasibility and only if they are their cause safe use, real money.

Conclusion: Fully automatic trading programs act absolutely independently as specified by the trader. Thus, online trading is possible for users without having to independently sit in front of the screen. Via binary option test account can be tested for their implementation strategies in advance.

2.) Trading, although the time is sometimes scarce

What is relevant is that communications on trends in real time are transmitted to Trader. Only this guarantees that traders trade binary options automatically, without missing any acute changes in the market. The OptionBit AlgoBit is a binary options bot options can make trading with the dealer experience in automatic Binary. AlgoBit is automatically on behalf of customers who do not have the time or inclination to look after the implementation. The advantages of the system include the ease of use and automatic market surveillance.Employed scoured the software markets to give investors advice on the way. It is possible to trade any number of underlying assets and real-time signals are created by realtime chart. The AlgoBit can also be used without any special knowledge, making for beginners well suitable.

Conclusion: The broker OptionBit provides with AlgoBit a Binary Options Bot available, trade automated the trader. The system ensures an automatic market surveillance and generates real-time signals via realtime chart.

3.) OptionBit clears Trader comprehensively about the AlgoBit on

3.) OptionBit clears Trader comprehensively about the AlgoBit on

To use the Trading Bot Algobit binary options, the trader must open an account with the broker OptionBit and make the minimum deposit of 200 Euros. Then he gets access to the platform on which numerous signalswith the corresponding price trends at a glance display. In addition, extensive information for each plant in a separate table are displayed.Algobit offers numerous trading opportunities, because the tool provides signals for currencies, stocks, indices and commodities. The broker informed prior to login in a video elaborated entries on features and opportunities offered by the model traders. An important statement is that the financial markets are very volatile, so it many retailers may lack the necessary calm to adequately respond to trends. And peace is as important as the proper background knowledge to trade successfully and no opportunity to miss. The OptionBit AlgoBit available in four variants for trade available: short or long-term trades, manual or automatic action. The maturities in the short-term trades are between one and five minutes and in long term trades between 15 minutes to the end of the trading day. A four-page tutorial will explain how this works and what hides behind it in detail.

o sum OptionBit provides comprehensive information on the features and capabilities of AlgoBit available. In a detailed tutorial very important to be informed about all the important facts about the system.

4.) Requirements Trader vary depending on mode

Thus, traders, as already mentioned, «act quickly» between the modes, «acting in the long term», «manually act» and select the signal-based trading approach. From 60 seconds investors can trade in order to achieve returns. When Short Term and Long Term trades put dealers the options and run time. When trading signals that determines the OptionBit AlgoBit, it comes to defining the right option According time. The MCC is the account balance as well as open and ongoing positions represent, allows easy withdrawals and also provides direct help, if there are questions about the bot system for traders.

Conclusion: Traders can choose the AlgoBit between four different variants. In Different modes create customer desired maturities and options. The customer stands at any time to advise you.

5.) How the Trading Bot Algobit

Like other trading bots of Algobit delivers trading signals, the tool generates using its artificial intelligence. Its operation is based on a trend-following, taking into account the market volatility. The program has a Autostrade function which designed primarily for trading strong trends within one trading day ( «intraday»). Trends can be used for publication of special News from politics and economy.

About the Autostrade function the trader can trade the trend identified one underlying binary options. In the trend of the trader can repeatedly enter per day. The system allows entry of up to five times. During trading hours the Algobit system checks the market conditions to determine if the trend is still intact or not. If a trend is established, a call or put option is ever posted to trend direction automatically. The opening of a new position by the system is linked to a requirement. The previous position has finished in the money or have made a profit.

In the other case, if the last position ends up out of the money and runs at a loss, at the same time ending the series. The stop of the series at this point is to protect traders against losses.There is yet another loss protection. This special safety feature guarantees under conditions a lossless first use. The gain is reinvested until the second trade, the initial investment is therefore retained, provided that the first trade is successful.

ConclusionThe Algobit can be used by traders thanks to the numerous trade signals for different assets in different ways. Although most traders to ideally want a functioning fully automated trading, which creates a program completely automated over a longer period. An important reason for this is that the Trading Bot requires new instructions, because the markets are constantly changing.

6.) Chance, risk and criticism

6.) Chance, risk and criticism

In trading in general principle applies:

No matter how good and possibly highly acclaimed Trading bot can offer the user a completely risk-free trade or guarantee him certain gains.Because the program while constantly delivers trading signals, but they are only visible and evaluable indicators and instructions. Signals do not guarantee that the posted positions profit when decay. Trading signals may prove to be «right», but they can be in the future as not confirm. Even if a trading bot a high winning percentage of 60 to 80 percent is promised has all a hook.Thus, not only some, but many trades must have been performed automated in a day. If a lot of trades placed, it goes without saying that also positions binary options end up in the money. This requires a certain available trading capital. The question arises, how much capital must be used at all and that number must be positioned on trades over what period, so at the end of the trading day, a gain is recorded. None Trading Bot, included Algobit or the broker OptionBit unambiguous statements about profits are and losses made. There are dealers who report positive experiences online, but only own trading profits will provide the final proof for the Trading Bot. Experts generally recommend a cautious approach to Algobit and other trading bots. Especially experienced traders place their trades based on certain trading strategies independently. Trading with binary options includes its own analysis of various trends and underlying to open on this basis positions or close.

Conclusion: If Algobit secure fully automated trading allows binary options and chances of winning between 60 to 80 percent, the question arises: Why does the broker OptionBit customer when profits with binary options also through the use of software are easily possible.

7.) Our conclusion: Trader should know the risk

Ultimately, every trader himself has to decide whether it intends to rely on an automated trading system of a broker, or rather is its own strategies. Caution is advised in any case, because even sophisticated tools can provide no guarantee of sustainable and profitable trade. If it is possible to test automatic trading systems without risk in demo mode, this should in any case be availed.

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