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Already in 1999 was founded and has worked since then a customer’s basis from, would you believe, more than one millions customers. Beside Europe this supplier is also represented strongly in Asia and maintains there own subsidiaries. In total 90 employees provide according to own specifications for the fact that to the customers the best service and optimum conditions can be offered and on an average second 15 transactions about are dealt with. Also we would like to look this on-line broker with registrations in Malta, Great Britain, Ireland and the Isle of One closer and determine also, besides, in the test whether the customers can be unconcerned with regard to duffing and scam.


  • Adaptable income returns of more than 100 percent by easy options
  • Maximum income returns from up to 1,000 percent
  • No additional payment duty
  • Five contract kinds
  • Free demo account with 1,000 euros of virtual credit


  • Continuing educational offer only into English

Our review Our experiences in the overview

Already the figures show quite unambiguously that it concerns with a special supplier who protrudes from the mass of the on-line brokers for trade with binary options. Not only the established clientele from worldwide more than one million traders sounds impressive, but also the worldwide presence. The supplier is strongly represented not only in Europe but also in Asia and in the Arabian space. Pure formally belongs to the Binary Ltd. Company team.

The most important criterion for the assessment of an on-line broker is the choice of the tradable basis values and the number of the instruments for many prospective customers. While ersteres criterion explains above all for a high flexibility with a choice of the right trading strategy, the risk can be adjusted with a good width in instruments also very well. With both is right, in any case. For a very big and well structured choice in different basis values risk levels can be chosen with different instruments between 70 and 1,000 percent.

However, quite basically our experiences with have shown that this supplier concentrates above all upon the essentials what is called in this case that optimum trade can be carried out. Exact real time exchange rates can be guaranteed by a big net in trading partners and an exchange rate inquiry technology on the technically newest stand. Besides, the on-line broker lines up with the claim to offer the conditions to his customers who are also available to the professional dealers. Also belongs to it that no fees or commissions are required. It is attractive with also that the customers not only round-the-clock, but also on the week-end can act. In any case, an extensive whole offer which opens a lot of commercial possibilities for the trader.

The positive impression is valid of course also for the question of the seriousness. All experiences show that it goes with this broker with right things to and dates as well as inserts of the customers are protected. Amounted or Duffing have here no place. Now in detail we want to look other points – first to the offer ourselves.

Trading assets

The first sight by the assessment of a broker is valid for experienced investors almost always to the offer of tradable basis values. Since, after all, it also turns in trade with binary options on nothing differently than the investment in real stock exchange values. Every trader brings along a different knowledge and accordingly his predilections also differ concerning the commercial favorites. Even if our experiences have shown that trade limits itself in most cases only to some values, it is important of course that the values are present with which the trader really knows a lot. Even if it may not necessarily be vital maybe that everything can be traded what is available at the market, a clever choice of commercial values opens quite simply increases possibilities. To agree on according to our view very well successfully, the aims choice width and structure.

Besides, the offer encloses the categories Foreign currency, Indexes, Stocks and Commodities. The so-called Randoms show a specific feature. While with the foreign currency all major as well as the most important Minors are present, the dealer with look at the indexes with the most important worldwide values also has a good choice. However, with look at the stocks the offer is a little easier to grasp and limits itself to values from France, the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, five values stand in the area of Commodities for the choice, beside precious metals and industrial metals also oil. Comprehensive offer of tradable basis values

An other, a little bit unknown commercial category are the so-called Randoms. With it with chance indexes tries to simulate markets. Besides, according to him can be put on particularly volatile variations or also bulls or bear’s markets. Besides, in our eyes it concerns, in any case, an interesting possibility to extend own commercial spectrum. Penetrate to advise, however, is about to argue thoroughly with these instruments, before one gets into real trade.

Positively there is to be emphasised with look at the commercial offer also the possibility to determine the expiry date of the contracts independently. Besides, the terms can be chosen widely freely between one minute and one year.

In total five different contract kinds can be traded on Beside the probably best known basis version „On / from“ contracts, there is „achieved / achieved not“ contracts as well as „purchase / sales“ contracts. In addition, a commercial variation is offered «Asian» and to put the possibility with options on changes in the decimal place area. With the version „Achieved / achieved“ does not concern it around a variation which might be confessed to many traders under the name „Air / No air“. Here it is a matter solely of predicting whether a certain exchange rate level is touched in the term achievedly or not. Also with the version „Purchase / sales“ concern it basically around a known version with which it is a matter of predicting whether a certain value moves within a certain exchange rate breakdown or not. It concerns a version less known in this country against it by the commercial instrument Asian and the trader also has here the choice between Asian steep path and Asian trap. Besides, it must be properly forecast whether the last exchange rate within the contract term about the average price of the option term lies underneath or. With «decimal place» must be properly forecast whether merely the last place of the exchange rate reaches a certain value or not.

New customer’s bonuses

With the bonus for new customers it is always such a thing. Almost every supplier not always has a suitable regulation in his general terms and conditions, however these actions are also offered. With there was during our test period, unfortunately, no own bonus offer, neither for new customers nor for inventory customers. However, the look in the GTCT betrays that this is to be expected every now and then absolutely. Who is active currently with another broker for binary options and still waits for the right opportunity to the change, should have every now and then a look at the side of Who would not like to be patient, can also try of course to turn directly to the customer service. Not seldom one succeeds in trading out a special bonus if one enquires directly afterwards. However, basically we advise not the strategy to orient themselves with the choice of the right supplier exclusively in a possible bonus, but to notice always also on the actual conditions and to keep an eye on own budget with the height of the payments above all. If these things are noticed, nothing stands in the way of a syringe for the trading capital in the form of a bonus of course.

A lot of possibilities to make a payment on offer

As the international supplier who is represented at many markets also offers a gigantic choice in possibilities to transfer money on the commercial cash discount as well as to let pay money. Basically is to be noticed that one must commit himself with the registration to a payment method which must be also used always. Of course this method of payment can be also changed later once again what is connected, however, always with certain administrative expenses in the account settings.

In total three basic possibilities are offered by Beside the electronic bank transfer the payments can be dealt with of course also by means of a credit card. In addition, several suppliers from the area ecash are also available – under it known suppliers like Neteller, WebMoney or Skrill Moneybookers. No fees are required for payments and payment by sides of the supplier. The least heights for payments and payment lie mostly with from only five to ten euros, besides, differ, however, according to supplier.

Security and regulation: is licensed in Malta and Great Britain Security and regulation: is licensed in Malta and Great Britain

First takes up legitimately for itself that the successful history lasting only now since 1999 shows a certain guarantor for the security and seriousness. Nevertheless, the investor can also count on the sturdy regulations which guarantee high safety standards of the inserts. The supplier is licensed by the authorities in Malta and Great Britain. Both states belong to the EU and, hence, guarantee also the suitable common standards. The customer’s inserts are always administered with separately and are deposited exclusively in Gera actions AAA banks. Also in case of an insolvency of the on-line broker the money of the customers would not be in danger. On basis of the experience gained by us the investor can be calmed and does not need to worry before scam and duffing.

Support and customer service: Good offer for all customers

With an extensive offer of basis values and a wide customer’s basis it is not missing that questions arise which can be cleared not only with look at the web page, even if the offer of information provided there is very well-arranged. In this case specific phone numbers are available for different countries. Also for Germany own hotline is switched. In addition, one has as a customer of the possibility to turn by live chat to the company and of course there is also own email address. While it can come with the phone over and over again at waiting periods, a speedy liquidation is very likely with the chat. also pursues big expenses if it is a matter of providing additional knowledge about trade with binary options for his customers. Beside many offers in the web site itself there is own Blog pursued into English which takes up regularly different subjects all around trade with binary options. The Webinare taking place at regular intervals are very interesting, in addition, also. Possibly once week a Webinar is offered. An object of these offers are trading strategies for advanced investors, so possibly special forms of the chat technology or certain layout classes like commodities. However, also these offers are available only into English.

Web and mobile trading

In total we have found with a very well structured web page which holds ready all important contents and information also for German customers. About a clear menu one reaches fast to the categories in request. In addition, numerous market information and own analyses in which one can orient his commercial decisions also belongs to the offer provided about the web page.

Trade itself is dealt with about a Trading platform which is very simply built up, in principle what makes a quick entrance in trade possible. In addition, with additional tools becomes with, however, rather economically handled. However, at least live charts can be called away for the traded basis values. However, for the possible analysis, in addition, one must otherwise manage. The customer also finds own ext. for trade on offer. Thus it is well possible to call on the heave also with the Smartphone and to take part in trade. One must not renounce mobile trade with

Result – is a trusted broker with many possibilities

With we have tested a supplier with whom the investor is adaptable and can use a lot of possibilities. With a small restriction with the stock values this is valid with look at the commercial offer as well as in particular on the commercial possibilities. Beside several instruments above all the term of the contracts is eligible absolutely freely, so that the trader can choose between one minute and one year. However, concerning the Support and service the supplier is aimed unambiguously on an English-speaking customer’s team. Though there is a phone number for the German market, but with chat, Webinaren and Blog needs it profound knowledge of English, around this can be of use actually. Otherwise one is very in good hands with, in any case. This is also valid with look at the question after the security of the inserts. Not only our experience has shown that here everything is in order and neither a scam, nor duffing threaten. For it stand, for the rest, also more than 15 years of successful company history as well as the government authorities of Great Britain and Malta.
Already in 1999 was founded and has worked since then a customer's basis from, would you believe, more than one millions customers. Beside Europe this supplier is also represented strongly in Asia and maintains there own subsidiaries. In total 90 employees provide according to own specifications for the fact…



Not a scam is an interesting binary options broker and can be convincing with especially high income returns.

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