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When it comes to the support of a solid parent company, so the betvictor Casino has probably never make really serious concerns.Finally, the betvictor Casino belongs to the group Victor Chandler, which operates in the gaming industry since the forties of the last millennium. Although the various online offers have been added only in recent years as a kind of reinforcement, but nevertheless the betvictor Casino needed never to having insufficient inflow complain.

No wonder is accordingly the fact that general experiences classify the betvictor Casino reputable and exclude a betvictor Casino Scam consistently. To confirm the whole by a proper and objective investigation, we conducted a detailed test as Mead, was in the system checks whether the betvictor casino scam or is reputable.

To what extent the results sometimes differ from the general assessments, can be read in the following test report. Besides a large selection of games, a competent service team and a good solution for the Live Casino, our test does have revealed a few small weaknesses in betvictor Casino.

BetVictor Casino stands by

  • 60 years of experience in the betting business
  • Customers in 160 different countries
  • License from Gibraltar
  • great games selection
  • Negative: less attractive welcome bonus

A range of casino games: Over 300 Games

BetVictor Range of casino games: Over 300 Games

In terms of sheer number of different casino games can complain not registered in betvictor Casino actually. Over 300 different games are presented to the client in a well designed lobby. An order by different criteria, for example in terms of index is up to the players themselves. In this way every customer quickly finds the right game for themselves, without having to look before long.

In addition to the variety of games are betvictor Casino also manufacturers very interesting that behind the various games. These are not the big developers such as Playtech or Microgaming, which can now be found in nearly every casino. Instead, the operator of Casino betvictor translated apparently on as wide a variety of different manufacturers. So, in selecting these games from Netent, Amaya, Obenbet and Realistic. On the seriousness of the manufacturer has been a matter of course as well respected as well as the quality of the games. Finally, the betvictor Casino has to lose a significant reputation in the worst case. 10/10 points.

  • more than 300 games
  • Games from different manufacturers

Safety and Licensing: Everything is OK

A casino that is successful in business for over 60 years, should know about all the tricks on the subject of security and privacy communication actually. After all, a customer trusts a gaming company, in which he or she registers at all of its important and personal information. In such a case the customer wants, understandably, to make sure that his data not messed around with, and that a third party, these get to see only in cases regulated.

Experience with betvictor Casino refer firstly to the gaming license from Gibraltar, which already regulates large parts of the handling of the casino with customer data. Who in this area is not reasonably well versed and instead once again want to find out which kind of privacy that betvictor Casino guarantees exactly who can do this on a clean content conditioned information page. For our part, no serious vulnerabilities could be seen in the test, even if an additional security certificate would the betvictor Casino certainly do well. 8/10.

  • License from Gibraltar
  • Well-presented information page

Bonuses and conditions: Up to € 200 for new customers

Bonus and conditions: Up to € 200 for new customers

We need the betvictor casino bonus credit, that he in relation to its underlying principle significantly different from those of its competitors do. Instead of a stupid deposit bonus, is the savvy players nowadays already thrown behind every corner, every player in betvictor Casino can determine which bonus amount he would earn. Total wait up to 200,00 Euro to the new customer, with the full bonus can be make payable.

In detail, this means that the new players have to implement amounts at the casino and whenever they have played a certain amount, a portion of the total bonus amount will be credited to them. The only problem is that a total wager of 6,000.00 Euro must be provided before the maximum bonus amount migrated to the player’s account. At the same time the player needs throughout the promotion period, by the way, includes only 30 days, playing with his own money, which increases the risk additionally increases. Experience with betvictor Casino confirm that this property is well intentioned, would but then use a bit more sophistication in the execution. 7/10 points.

  • up to € 200 Real Money Bonus
  • Bonus stages unlocked

A chic Bonus concept alone is not enough to really convince all players from the private casino.That must also betvictor Casino learn. Those who want to be based to a revision of the offer of a better action for new customers, which should in the Play Million Casino look in, where up to 3,000.00 euros or wait at Stargames, a casino with much simple bonus conditions.

Deposits and withdrawals: PayPal is supported

BetVictor Deposits and withdrawals: PayPal is supported

Somewhat confusingly seems at first glance to the fact that no or hardly any information on the possible methods of payment are provided in betvictor casino as long as the interested party is not registered as a customer. That should especially those players interfere, are knowledgeable about the industry well and want to make sure first of all that a casino is really serious even before their own data will be released for registration.betvictor Casino Experience has shown, however, that there is at this point no need to worry.The offered not only meet the current standards, but go even a bit beyond. So even accepting, for example, accept payments, which applies to both inputs as well for payouts. Moreover, disbursements betvictor Casino are usually very fast — with PayPal, the money is often already within a few hours on your own bank account. 9/10 points.

  • PayPal is offered
  • fast payouts

Customer sevice: In principle, it’s good

If we come as Mead to the result that the customer of a gambling company can be described as good in principle, this means a few prints normally. The is also available in betvictor Casino, since for example no number is available, thanks to enable customers to come up with problems immediately with an employee from this week. Although there is a Live Chat, however, is that only between ten in the morning and zero o’clock available.Also in this regard, other casinos to offer something more. For those who prefer by mail To contact a support, is of course also this option. In this case, even a response is guaranteed within 24 hours. 8/10.

  • Live Chat available
  • Reply to emails within 24 hours

Design and Performance

After betvictor casino experience the design are in the casino many players significant riddles. What makes a good impression at first glance, is developing the next moment into a real horror. Once a player is interested in what is at the bottom of the page in the navigation bar, he or she has to contend with a significant problem. The Home in betvictor Casino was designed so that all the games in the casino are loaded in a list with preview with one another. However, this does not happen simultaneously but sequentially. Whoever therefore tries to click on something on the bottom navigation bar at the bottom of this page, will inevitably and especially involuntary repeatedly click on one of the games and will be automatically connected. This is not only annoying, but also very annoying.

The performance achievement in itself but is pleasant in betvictor casino because the games load quickly and safely. Nevertheless, just the portals dilemma should definitely be revised. 6/10 points.

  • content structuring is logically
  • short charging times at the Games

Live Casino: The ultimate choice

BetVictor Live Casino: The ultimate choice

If we did not know better, we would smooth think that the operators have lost from betvictor Casino in love with real live entertainment. The inclined customer presents itself in betvictor Casino not only one, but four different live casinos, all of which exude very own features and are located in different countries. Victor’s Palace, Club Victor, BV Grand and Victor’s Live Casino are focused respectively on own priorities differ in essential respects, however, hardly. There are different options for the different table games Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, the version can be denied, for example, as a single-player or multi-player in some of the casinos. As for the live casinos it is for actually solely the taste of the customer, for which version he chooses. On the quality of the casinos we have nothing to complain about and awarded 10/10 points.

  • four different Live Casinos
  • Selection of different version of classic games

Limits and Payouts: a transparent scheme

From an online casino is expected in relation to disbursement quota unconditional fairness and openness, after all the players want to have to recognize from the outset whether a casino is worth that there is placed your own money or not. A casino dss, the profits of players suppresses or collaborates with other dirty means, should be assisted but not by one’s own money.

But in betvictor Casino, the monthly report on the payout ratio will be within easy reach under the item regarding fairness. There, the values for the individual games can be found, some of which are above average to settle. Table games, for example, have a payout ratio of over 98 percent. These are legitimate values that are worthwhile for an application. The table limits simply invite to shop, since different versions of games worry with their own limits that each player can bet exactly as he wants it. 10/10 points.

  • different versions of the game allow variable limits
  • High Payout

Loyalty program and VIP Club: More and more deals

Loyalty program and VIP Club: More and more deals

The betvictor Casino pursued a plan when it comes to developing new bonus program.Namely, the operators seem to have fixed on the idea of wanting to offer one of the best loyalty programs in the industry. Sorry them is undermined only a tiny error: Transparency is not always given for many players. Although the information in the team at the appropriate information page that loyalty bonuses await those players that meet certain conditions, but exactly how the specific loyalty bonus is then calculated, should not appear to be betrayed.

More precisely on the other hand been taken in the VIP memberships. In this regard, is determined exactly what should be done so that a receptacle for the customers in the stands.However, the exact procedure not one hundred percent is clearly also in this case. A bit could betvictor Casino accordingly to refit, so the numerous bonus actions reap the success that they deserve as well. 8/10.

  • Loyalty bonuses for active players
  • Attractive premiums for VIPs

Mobile App: Simple and fast

BetVictor Mobile App: Simple

We say it right ahead: A proper app for betvictor Casino does not exist. A mobile access to these services still is possible, however, because the developers have betvictor can play creativity and skill and allow now that can be accessed without complications on the homepage from betvictor Casino via the browser of the mobile terminal.The download a separate app is accordingly no longer necessary. Simple, fast and uncomplicated, a mobile access not be guaranteed.

The offered selection of games is very appealing. This is especially true because it is significantly larger than what customers are likely to be used to from other casinos so far.Nevertheless, the mobile version of betvictor Casino also has a small hook, for an exclusive bonus is not offered on this portal. 8/10.

  • wide selection of games
  • no download necessary


A really big deficit, in which the players would stand on the hair, in turn, is also not present. The betvictor Casino’s doing overall quite tidy but delivers not quite as good as it would have been expected from a casino of this caliber probably.Especially with the bonus actions and upon page load predominate still some shortcomings that should be absolutely eliminated in the near future. The live casino, game selection as well as arrangements with regard to the table limits and payouts contrast could not be better. For this reason, the evaluation in the test of betvictor Casino is definitely the solid upper middle and betvictor Casino receives from us the predicate of a consistently reputable casinos. This results in an overall 8.4 out of 10 points.
When it comes to the support of a solid parent company, so the betvictor Casino has probably never make really serious concerns.Finally, the betvictor Casino belongs to the group Victor Chandler, which operates in the gaming industry since the forties of the last millennium. Although the various online offers have…



Not a scam

BetVictor has completely persuaded me in the test. I recommend this broker to everyone!

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