Best bookmakers 2017 / Betsson withdrawal period — Get your profits now!

Betsson withdrawal period — Get your profits now!

Sports bets are made to collect winnings. Of course, the thrill to play a role, but ultimately it’s all luck knights about to hit the big time as possible and throw their own household budget supplement a little.Precisely for this reason should payouts operate from a bookmaker, where possible, quickly and free of charge. No player has finally tired of waiting for weeks before he can spend his winnings last.

The bookmaker Betsson years is already proving a modern, open-minded and extremely prudent partners when it comes to online sports betting. Accordingly, the sports betting provider has asked the optimal course for a quick payoff.The same applies to all other aspects associated with the payment of winnings or bonus money.How exactly the Betsson disbursement period is defined and whether players have to reckon with hidden charges, shows the following guide.

Betsson payout Overview

  • reputable payment methods offered
  • Betsson does not charge for withdrawals
  • limits vary
  • Payment period varies
  • closed payment system is supported

What payment methods does Betsson offer?

What payment methods does Betsson offer?

A payout is to be understood not only fast, but also safe. For this reason, many players the various payment modalities of bookmakers look even before registration. Finally, anyone have an account benefits at bookmaker XY if there can not be played due to mis-payment methods.This applies not only for payments, but of course also for payments.

General has been found in recent years that many bookmakers offer significantly less payout options as deposit options. The reason for this lies not only in the duration of payments, but also in security and the fees for these same payouts. Betsson presents a solid selection of four possible payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
Thus the most basic customer needs are covered. While it would have been nice also offer PayPal as a payment method, but the question whether Betsson fraud or serious , is certainly arises at this point is still not.

What fees does Betsson demand per withdrawal?

Betsson is a bookmaker who does not torture its customers with additional charges. On the contrary, payments are generally also free deposits. Simultaneously operated Betsson with its payouts with so-called minimum limits. While other bookmakers such as Betclic charge a fee of 5,00 Euro for example, for a payout of less than 15,00 Euro, Betsson puts rather firmly same minimum thresholds for payments. So neither confusion nor uncertainty or unclear costs for the players may include:

  • Credit card: minimum 10 €
  • Skrill: at least 20 €
  • Neteller: at least 20 €
  • Bank Transfer: at least 20 €
These limits are adapted to general practice and can keep up with the competition. Smaller payments could not be agreed with the payment policy of Betsson and a profitable operation of the own offer.

How long does Betsson payout last?

If players are angry about a bookmaker because the payout period seems too long, they often forget that this is not the fault of the sports betting provider. With a payout of winnings a complex web of different compounds becomes apparent: The player’s identity must be verified to prevent fraud, the payment service provider needs time to carry out the transaction and the employees of the bookmaker must edit the order by the customer for a payment and pass on. However, a bookmaker Betsson as informs its customers about all of these steps and sets for each withdrawal method an approximate Betsson payment period determined:

  • Bank Transfer: up to 5 banking days
  • Skrill: 24 hours
  • Neteller: 24 Stunden
  • Credit card: up to 5 banking days

The Betsson payment period is thus dependent on the selected payment method and this can be seen as a trend with other bookmakers. For those who prefer fast payouts, thus knows exactly which method he should prefer. Here, however, is still the closed payment system considered: cash inflows and outflows to be made with the same method in order to prevent money laundering or other scams.


Betsson is a bookmaker who can splash out in any way. He puts his players not only a wide range of diverse sports book and provides them with a Partybets app , precisely in order to use this service or on the move, but also supplies all the players in addition to fast and secure payment methods. Criticism at this point is inappropriate because Betsson is fast, does not charge and takes its players as much as possible against. This is already visible in the comprehensive help section by all payment methods are explained in detail.

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