Best poker rooms online 2017 / Betsson Poker Bonus: Good offer for players

Betsson Poker Bonus: Good offer for players

The poker and betting company was founded as a pure betsson originally bookmakers in of 2001. Although native of suppliers from Scandinavia, now you have moved the headquarters for legal reasons to Malta. So relates the provider’s valid license today by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and is authorized so to offer gambling on the Internet. Since 2004, in betsson also poker are played at a very high level and for several years is more than just a poker software available. Because betsson Poker is one of the few poker rooms that supports two softwares and two poker networks. It can be played either at Ongame or at Microgaming.

Suitable for any poker software or the respective network provides betsson Poker also each another betsson Poker Bonus, are each a different betsson Poker Bonus Code for. At Ongame you have the chance to choose one of five different offers. The selection is made using the correct bonus code. It can be chosen from the bonus amount of 150 US dollars to 2,000 US dollars.

With the Microgaming software available from three different actions waiting for the new customers. Connected to the first deposit can be either a 100 percent bonus are elected by 100 euros, 300 euros or 1,000 euros. Overall, it can only be perceived one of the actions. The decision is therefore well considered.

The betsson Poker Bonus Offer Details:

  • 200 percent or 100 percent on the first deposit
  • Max Bonus: 2.000 US-Dollar oder 1.000 US-Dollar
  • Expires: valid indefinitely currently
  • Code: Use now the Betsson Poker Bonus Code 2016

Step by step: How Holst you Your Bonus

betsson Step by step: How Holst you Your Bonus

By logging in betsson Poker you have the choice between eight different bonus offers, five of which belong to the Ongame poker and three to Microgaming Poker. For each, these eight deals, there is a different betsson Poker Bonus Code, which «your account» must be entered after the first deposit under. But before that happens, the registration betsson Poker must be made first. If the personal data are verified on the confirmation email and the software or the appropriate browser installed, the first deposit can be made through the poker client. This should be higher or lower depending on the offer. Higher is always better but theoretically, because then more money is to play and thus the free spins bonus available.

Before the bonus is unlocked, however, must be among the best input directly following the first deposit of matching betsson Poker Coupon «My account». For the actions at Ongame these are: «OPOKER150», «OPOKER555», «OPOKER1000», «OPOKER1600» and «OPOKER2000». The two bonus promotions to 555 US dollars, it is a 100 percent bonus. So it must be paid exactly 150 or more and 555 or more dollars. The $ 1,000 bonus is 200-percent bonus and requires a minimum deposit of $ 500. The $ 1,600 bonus is a 160-percent bonus and requires a minimum deposit of US $ 1,000 as well as the 200 percent bonus up to $ 2,000.

When Microgaming software «MPOKER100», «MPOKER300» or «MPOKER1000» until doubled the amount of the initial deposit to a value of 100 euros, 300 euros or 1,000 euros with the bonus codes.

The betsson Poker Bonus Rules at a Glance

  • Bonus: 100 percent to 200 percent Bonus
  • Type of bonus: deposit bonus for new customers
  • Additional Bonus form: —
  • Anforderung: 10 bzw 8 PlayerPoints pro 1 US Dollar Bonusgeld 5 Euro Rake pro 1 Euro Bonusgeld
  • Bonuscodes: MPOKER100, MPOKER300, MPOKER1000, OPOKER150, OPOKER555, OPOKER1000, OPOKER1600, OPOKER2000

If the betsson Poker Bonus are unlocked, to be played in the 60 days of signing up very active in the poker room. Whether at Microgaming or Ongame — both poker rooms require reacting the full bonus within 60 days. The only exception is the OPOKER2000 bonus, which must be unlocked within just 29 days.

For the Ongame bonus promotions as many Player Points must be collected. The bonus must be fully unlocked within the time limit, otherwise there is no entitlement to the betsson Poker Coupon. Per 1 dollar of bonus either 8 or 10 player points must be collected. For each $ 1 rake or tournament fees, 3.6 Player Points are credited to the poker account. This corresponds to a rakeback of 45 percent at 8 required Player Points and a rakeback of 36 percent at 10 Player Points needed.

The Microgaming Bonuses are unlocked in blocks. At € 100 bonus is 4 blocks when € 300 bonus, there are 3 blocks and for € 1000 bonus, there are only two. Pro Euro Bonus 5 Euro rake must be paid, corresponding to a rakeback of 20 percent, the industry average.

Details for poker room

The poker room betsson Poker is unique even by supporting two different poker software and two different poker networks. But that also brings other advantages. The player base at betsson Poker is almost twice as large as in some other and you notice differences in level, a poker room can be preferred. Under license of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta is next to Texas Hold’em and Omaha, Stud Poker and Five Card Draw offered.

  • Two poker softwares including two poker networks.
  • Wide range of game variations
  • Eight different bonus codes at betsson Poker
  • Good customer service

Our bonus review

The bonus is to our betsson poker experience a very successful bonus. For each customer an appropriate reward should be there according to the desired deposit. Finally, a total of eight different offerings. The deals also appear extremely fair. With a rakeback of 45 percent or 25 percent or 20 percent, it is well possible to completely clear the bonus within 60 days. A bit of a shame that the bonus credit of Ongame bonuses can only completely or not be unlocked. The fact that the credit at Microgaming in the specified number occurs in steps, however, is already much better.

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