Best bookmakers 2017 / Betsson Bonus conditions — get your money NOW!

Betsson Bonus conditions — get your money NOW!

Betsson is one of the Scandinavian bookmakers, who worked in Germany and throughout Europe in recent years, a good reputation. At Betsson convinced not only the attractive selection of sports betting from various fields, but also the option to one or other livestream, which is placed in the portfolio of the bookmaker. In addition, Betsson can also points to the fact that German players remain so far been spared the betting tax.

Betsson Bonus conditions - secure bares Now money!

As a renowned provider can Betsson will be taking to settle its tax obligations themselves, which is well received by the players across the board. But not only the classic offer for Betsson agrees, but also the current bonus for new customers to be proud of.Up to 55,00 Euro freshly registered players can currently save at Betsson, provided they have not yet submitted a single tip. The bonus at Betsson must necessarily have been fully activated before the first predictions, otherwise a bonus credit can no longer occur. These and other policies around the bonus offer of Betsson can be found in the Betsson conditions that should read carefully each player before the bonus activation. To the method to be all important details to the Betsson conditions hereinafter described and explained exactly abbreviate a little.

The Betsson Bonus Rules Overview

  • All new customers can collect bonus
  • maximum bonus amount can be up to 55 €
  • Bonus can be paid in full
  • Bonus must be at least ten times played
  • Minimum ratio of 1.50 is fixed

3 steps that activate the Betsson

  • open an account
  • Deposit money
  • activate bonus

Important when Betsson is the fact that the bonus must be as it were activated by the player by hand. Although there is no Betsson Bonus Code are, the bonus will not be credited automatically. Instead, the player after registration and first deposit must activate the bonus by clicking on the appropriate check box in his customer. Only then the bonus will be posted to the account. The minimum deposit was set at 10.00 euros. By special arrangements for manual activation bonus, players should ensure that they place their first tips until the bonus money has been posted to your account can. Following the game can then begin right away. Furthermore, this regulation also allows to players who have registered a long time ago with Betsson have but never leave a tip to select the current welcome bonus.

The main Betsson Bonus Rules

Betsson is a bonus offered, the first demands something like many other bookmakers of his players before he has them bonus money. The exact conditions are as follows:

  • the bonus amount must be played by ten times
  • a minimum ratio of 1:50 is required
  • System bets will not help clear the bonus amount
  • the bonus period is limited to 30 days
The above-named Betsson Bonus conditions are for the player of great importance and should definitely be noted. According to the guidelines has the bonus amount received by the player, are provided in value ten times as wager at different bets. This means a turnover required amount of 550,00 Euro in the maximum case. Although the value of the initial deposit need not be played, the sports bettor but his own real money first starts at Betsson thus employ. Only when this credit has been applied, the bonus amount is used as an insert. This procedure can be discovered in other sports betting providers also.

The minimum ratio prescribed at Betsson with a value of 1:50. Simultaneously System bets are the bonus period, which lasts for 30 days excluded. A limitation for winnings, such as those atBetsson is described in the bonus conditions, does not take place at Betsson. All winnings and bonus amounts can be paid after successfully executed sales receivables.

So the Betsson Bonus conditions are easier

So the Betsson Bonus conditions are easier

Although Betsson Bonus Rules certainly not among the most serious in the sector, it would be some players but all right if they would still turn a little easier. Especially the bonus period seems to have been relatively tight. In this regard accordingly applies well the old adage: No pain, no price. Players should therefore be to make the first few days after the bonus activation not too much, and still leave enough space for numerous bets. The two golden tips for facilitating Betsson conditions eventually are as follows:

  • Place many small bets
  • mainly proposed favorite tips

While many small bets take significantly more time to bring the same but also a significantly lower risk. Players can not lose too much even for misguided advice. This is particularly important because is played initially with their own money during the bonus period. Who does not want to lose, should therefore be positioned as small as possible bets and also place bets primarily on favorites. Although these often entail a not the highest, but the safest gains. In this way, the Betsson Bonus Rules may look almost a little easier.

Conclusion: The Betsson Bonus conditions are cool

Betsson is a bonus provider that can keep up in any case with the competition. Although the bonus turns out not necessarily absolutely huge, but also other renowned colleagues such asbwin does not offer their customers more bonus money. On the other hand, however, Betsson takes its players with the low minimum quota contrary quite. A value of 1:50 favorite tips can be submitted in many sports yet. Somewhat limited presents itself therefore only the bonus period, the peaceful a little more customer-friendly would be allowed to fail. Nevertheless, in principle can cope with this task all types of players. The elimination of these wagering control still forms on top the icing.

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