Best bookmakers 2017 / Bet3000 withdrawals — Cash out your winnings now!

Bet3000 withdrawals — Cash out your winnings now!

The selection and quality of sports betting and associated odds certainly represents the most important aspect when it comes to the decision for or against a bookmaker. Indeed, these two criteria are not the only factor in the quality of a provider. Because eventually Betting worthwhile only if generated winnings can be paid out free of charge and as quickly as possible and, above all.

Therefore, the following guide assumes Bet3000 payouts even more closely. Looked is not only on the different withdrawal options, but of course also to the respective transmission time and the associated costs point. Bet3000 has in recent months of a rather small and inconspicuous providers a true competitor for the large industry leaders like bwin or Tipico developed. — The betting line was expanded, improved the visual design of the website, presented with the offer attractive. Whether these positive trends can be recognized even at the Bet3000 payouts is therefore examined more closely.

Bet3000 Overview

  • only a withdrawal options
  • Customer authentication is required
  • Payout period is up to five days
  • Free Withdrawals are possible

Which payout options does Bet3000 offer?

Which payout options does Bet3000 offer?

Amazingly, belongs Bet3000 the few sportsbooks who belongs apparently still unaware of the versatility of various payment methods. Bet3000 provides its customers with a single payment option available and differentiates itself clearly from all other vendors from. In Bet3000 players can only pay by bank transfer. All other classical methods such as credit card or e-wallet remain completely sidelined. Why exactly Bet3000 focused on this a withdrawal method and all other variants can be left out, remains unclear at this point. Perhaps the bookmaker afraid of various fees or wants to ensure that customers can pay just a really secure payment method. For a trustworthy payment by bank transfer is all.

How to get Bet3000 payout?

Although Bet3000 payouts show not very flexible, can be requested for very simple and without major complications:

  • log in
  • Select the menu item Payments
  • apply payment per click

Player for a payout at Bet3000 meet no earth-shattering tasks but merely log into their account and there specify the payment amount. Subsequently, the payout can be edited by Bet3000 Support immediately. This only works if has already taken place at this time verification of customer data. This is always done at Bet3000 to get sure try that no underage customers to bet or fraudulent activity to their destination. For the verification of the players need

  • a copy of a current photo ID
  • a copy of a bank statement
These two documents Bet3000 can check whether a relevant player really is who he claims to be. Unchecked no Bet3000 Withdrawals can be carried out. This procedure also applies to all players on the Bet3000 app want to bet and pay off at Bet3000.

How fast are Bet3000 payouts?

Who already a bit familiar with the online sports betting industry, knows that bank transfers are the payment method usually needs at long until the money arrives on its own account. So the facts presented itself at Bet3000, because for payments required by the bookmakers usually at least three days, with a duration of five days is still within the self-imposed framework.

The temporal rule of three to five days at Bet3000 applies, however, only when the verification of the customer is previously carried out. Should this not be the case again comes on top of an impressive work. Players should adjust accordingly that the payout at Bet3000 always takes some time. Fortunately payouts Bet3000 it but free. Many other sports betting providers charge for bank withdrawals quite a not insignificant fee. Bet3000 shows in this regard fortunately very accommodating.

Conclusion: Bet3000 payouts with limited choice

Regarding the choice of payment options, it must be said clearly that Bet3000 can not keep up with the competition. The Bet3000 Bonus Code may currently be occupied perhaps lush than it was a few months ago, but this ultimately of little use if the conditions for payment up to date are not entirely. Payouts at Bet3000 need long and are possible only via bank transfer. All customers who want to place bets at Bet3000 regularly should take this into account. This does not mean, incidentally, that Bet3000 would not be trustworthy or even frivolous, but still shows up as a small hook in the otherwise very compelling offer the bookmaker.

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