Best bookmakers 2017 / Bet-at-home app — Fast bets on the move

Bet-at-home app — Fast bets on the move

Bet-at-Home is one just in Germany for the most popular bookmakers and not just since yesterday. A high reliability, clean payment methods and an impeccable reputation bring new customers coming back to to register with the bookmaker Bet-at-Home. Of course, the range of sports betting is convincing at Bet-at-Home — both the great classics from the football or tennis, as well as smaller exotics are supported by the bookmaker.

This support comes in the form of sponsorships, incidentally, in many cases even more, which shows that Bet-at-Home is a bookmaker with a lot of passion for the sport. But if modern bookmakers to convince the customers themselves, long enough not only a good reputation and a solid selection of sports betting, but it must also be new and innovative features are offered. This includes, inter alia, Bet-at-Home app, to which the fans had to wait a long time. Nearly already it seemed as if the bookmaker Bet-at-Home would oppose the new technological advances, because as many other suppliers long since had an app in the program, limped Bet-at-Home this use is significantly behind. But now the time has come and all customers who have a mobile device, the offer of Bet-at-Home can also use the mobile app to use. Whether it really worth it and is keeping up with what the newly developed app reveals the following guide.

Bet-at-Home app at a glance

  • available for free mobile website
  • Bet and casino fun of widely available
  • no download required
  • Access to your own betting account is possible
  • Many mobile devices are supported

What technical requirements has Bet-at-Home application?

bet_at_home What technical requirements have Bet-At -Home application?

Technically, the Bet-at-Home mobile app optimized page version, ie a Web app. This has the advantage that they can change their terminal at will, yet always encounter a similar design and the same navigation points for the customer of the bookmaker. The test showed that the app has proven very user-friendly. It is super easy to navigate. The predictions is done with just a few screen touches.

Access to the individual betting account is given indefinitely, saying it is even possible deposits and withdrawals. The Bet-at-Home app works smoothly for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and other systems.

How can the customer start using the application?

There is no download required. The user can scan the QR code directly from the home page and already begins the betting pleasure. Alternatively, it is possible simply to select the mobile website bookies in mobile browser. The address is: The technical adjustment to the terminal is automatic.

Which bets are mobile friendly?

Which bets are mobile support?

As already illustrated above, the customer who logs on the mobile friendly version of Bet-at-Home, the ability to access all the features that are included in the classic portfolio of Bet-at-Home. This means in plain language that any bet that is generally offered by the bookmaker, may also be concluded by Bet-at-Home App. Around 14,000 different bets per day in 50 different Sportarte can be played on your mobile device. Classical and exotic sports in the choice of Bet-at-Home are:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Squash
  • Motosrport
  • Darts
  • as well as numerous special bets

Bet-at-Home app Bonus

Many players are wondering again whether the current Bet-at-Home Bonus can be activated and unlocked also from mobile phone or tablet. The answer to such a question is clearly yes.After all players who dial in via mobile devices in their account, to access all the features that are available conventionally using the normal site of Bet-at-Home. This also includes the bonus.

The Bonus Details are shown again for a better overview:

  • Bonus amount 50%
  • Maximum bonus € 100
  • Bet-at-Home Bonus Code: FIRST
  • Bonus is completely free playable

Bonus friends who want to unlock and activate your Bonus via Bet-at-Home app, you must first open an account as usual and make a minimum deposit. A Bet-at-Home PayPal deposit is allowed under the bonus conditions. Then it goes to the input of the current Bet at Home Bonus Code which is FIRST. Directly after the bonus balance will be credited. The bonus can take depending on the selected Ersteinzahlungshöhe, up to 100,00 Euro and can be free play completely. The newly registered sports bettors need to play through the bonus amount as well as the first deposit each four times at minimum odds of 1.70 for this. Once that is done, all the amounts that are now on the player’s account, migrate to their own bank account. First, however, no withdrawals are allowed.

Conclusion: Simple Bet-at-Home app with a great performance

Nowadays it is not enough for a bookmaker long, just having an app in the program. Selbige must also prove to be efficient and user-friendly. Especially the next big thing are currently the Web Apps that present themselves in the form of a mobile web page. The user can recognize in this way familiar structures and geared to the said party. Moreover, annoying download times and incompatibility issues are superfluous. The Bet-at-Home app has accordingly seemingly done everything right by the customer of the bookmaker is granted a faster and more powerful mobile access. The access to all the features that are known from the standard range, the players will receive absolutely. Somewhat wistfully agrees accordingly only the already known Bonus Bet-at-Home. This may convince not entirely due to the 50% bonus increase and the connected Bonus Rules.Accordingly, those customers who mainly for separate mobile bonus promotions are more interested in an account at another bookmaker such as is ComeOn advised. There is an extra bonus for the first mobile bet.

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