Best bookmakers 2017 / Bet-at-home account banned — Act now right!

Bet-at-home account banned — Act now right!

An online bookmaker guarantees its customers generally at any time day or night unlimited access to their own betting account. Deposits or withdrawals can be made, bonus offers enables or bets are made. All the more surprising, therefore, is when customers suddenly discover that one’s account was suspended when the relevant bookmaker.

Often there are for this approach the bookmaker rational reasons, but must first understand the customer. In this case, a few basic rules to help you significantly. A Bet-at-home account can optionally be locked again. Before customers get upset at this point, however, unduly, it is first of all the reasons to locate in respect of which the account was ever locked. If a Bet-at-home account has been suspended, also exists in the normal case, the possibility of this to re-enable it. Players interested at all issues concerning this topic are supplied hereafter with all relevant information.

The Bet-at-home account lockout at a glance

  • Various reasons for account lockout
  • Fraud lead to blocked account
  • Suspected underage gambling
  • inactive accounts after inactivity

Why a Bet-at-home account can be blocked?

Why can not a Bet-at-home account be blocked?

There are various possible reasons why a Bet-at-home account has been suspended. Often the reasons are harmless, especially if it is regular and properly registered player accounts. The three most common reasons for an account lockout in Bet-at-home are the following:

  • underage gambling
  • Fraud or manipulation
  • Money laundering or criminal activity

Bet-at-home is a trusted bookmakers, who adheres to all relevant rules regarding the fair and transparent online gambling. To this end, the operator was finally equipped with an official gaming license. Accordingly, Bet-at-home is very careful underage players to deny access to their own betting offer. If there is a suspicion that this is a minor participant in a registered and active players, is accordingly reserves Bet-at-home before the right to terminate the account.Other sports betting providers like Pinnacle or Bet365 would act at this point in the same way.

The same applies to accounts and registered members who obviously trying to cheat at various sporting events and betting accounts. Who, for example, opened several accounts in bet-at-home to more than one Bet-at-home Bonus activate and be able to get a higher bonus sums must reckon directly with an account lockout. At this point, there’s the self-protection of the bookmaker from unplanned losses, but also fairness to other players over the foreground.

The third most common reason that a Bet-at-home account has been suspended, may be based on criminal activities, actions or attempted money laundering. Players want to deposit in Bet-at-home and selbiges wash in this way the dirty money, do not behave the law and are therefore punished by Bet-at-home automatically and instantly with an account lockout. bet-at-home shows in this respect even more the own fairness and seriousness.

Inactivation of own account

Basically, there is also a fourth option for an account lockout in Bet-at-home. It is this fact not an actual account lockout, but rather a kind of inactivation of one’s own account. This inactivation or deactivation may be caused by the player himself or either be initiated by the bookmaker. The reasons are varied:

  • Players will be temporarily excluded from the game
  • Player wants to permanently bar game
  • Bet-at-home disabled account due to inactivity

If players decide to that want to stop placing bets at bet-at-home in the future, they can voluntarily take out of the game by deactivating their account or be inactivated. But the bookmaker itself has the ability to put the account into a kind of hibernation. This happens when a total of 12 months, no more player activity were recorded. Then the customer concerned is alerted to this development. Failure to Respond Bet-at-home charges a processing fee for disabled accounts in the amount of 5.00 Euro per month.

What to do when one’s Bet-at-home account has been suspended?

Players who surprised or angry that their Bet-at-home account has been suspended about it should deal in a first step with the customer service of Bet-at-home. This can not only provide information about any reason one’s Bet-at-home account has been suspended, but also explain in terms of possible countermeasures.

It is even easier, those whose accounts have been disabled for inactivity reasons. You need to log only into their account and already all functions are restored, and the account is enabled again.

Conclusion: Understandable conditions and measures of Bet-at-home

The bookmaker Bet-at-home like any other business must also protect against certain scams.This is done by certain legal guidelines are strictly followed. Once a player violates these guidelines or the suspicion that such an infringement has occurred, must Bet-at-home act and lock the account in question. This is not only perfectly legitimate but also in the interests of all honest customers. Should it have, however, traded at an account lockout to a misunderstanding, players should immediately contact customer support. This will take in its competent and customer-friendly manner with immediate effect all possible measures in order to clarify any misunderstandings can.

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