Best forex brokers 2017 / Best Forex Broker for professionals 2016: 1st place for FxPro

Best Forex Broker for professionals 2016: 1st place for FxPro

The trading currency pairs represents the largest and most liquid market in the world.

Every day there are implemented several trillion dollars. Private investors have already discovered the Trading with Forex itself. And thus, there are also countless Forex brokers, who all vie for the attention of potential customers.

Thus, it may prove to be a task almost impossible to sometimes, to find the best Forex broker. We want to help traders doing and explain the following article some criteria that support merchants interested in finding a good commercial providers. As part of this, we provide the best forex broker for professionals 2016.

Best Forex Broker for professionals: These criteria should be met

FxPro Best Forex Broker for professionals: These criteria should be met

The landscape of Forex brokers is huge, varied and very confusing especially for inexperienced traders. Each broker is unique terms which trade conditions offered underlyings, trading platforms, and services . And every trader is individual in his actions, his own ideas and preferences.

What one investor necessarily expect from a broker, may not be so important and what the other of a bother to the other trader does not matter. Thus, it is not easy to designate a broker who really can make every completely satisfied. But how can it be possible to determine the best brokers from all suppliers at all?

It is not as hard as it seems at first, because there are some universal criteria that guarantee high quality of the offer of a broker. Place on the superior quality primarily professionals much value. Among the features of a provider that has the potential best Forex Broker belong to be for professionals.

Transparent market model

Broker can be in the way they operate in two different broad categories: Market Maker and No Dealing Desk broker. Market makers provide their own courses for trade and thus form as it were a separate market from. In order to provide the necessary liquidity, market maker broker must often take the opposite position to the orders of their clients. Such brokers are financed entirely through the spreads that are fixed in the control.

No Dealing Desk brokers do not own orders, but conduct their customers’ orders directly to a liquidity pool further which include, for example, large banks and institutional investors. These liquidity providers compete here for the best rates and the customer of the NDD Brokers gets always to see the best of these courses. Such brokers are financed by commissions and direct the spreads on the interbank market continues without surcharges to customers.

Basically, it does not matter which trading model introduces Broker because both variants have both their advantages and disadvantages. The bottom line is that the customer at all times is clear on how the broker is working. So should ensure transparency in any case the best Forex broker in terms of their own trading model.

Professional trade surface

FxPro Professional trade surface

An important factor is the trading platform. This is characterized with a good broker through a user-friendly handling and a wide range of services. Professional tools and a variety of price analyzes are the nuts and bolts and allow traders a targeted trade. Some brokers provide their customers with an application for the trade available, other offer, however several platforms. Among the most popular trading platforms MetaTrader part 4. This offers numerous advantages for both beginners and experienced traders. Special features of MT4, among the huge range of features and analysis tools, as well as the intuitive operation and the extensive customizability that even the inexperienced do you find your way easily.

Impeccable regulatory environment and Resilient deposit guarantee

A strict regulation is also indicative of a serious and good commercial providers. The competent supervisory authorities monitor the work of brokers and ensure that the generally applicable regulations are complied with properly. Which Authority thereby takes over the regulation depends on the country in which the trading company has its headquarters. Forex brokers in England are subject to a rule of BaFin.

A good broker guarantees its customers, even in the event of bankruptcy, for its part, an optimal protection of their investments. In most cases, these are primarily a deposit insurance at a statutory Deposit Guarantee Fund. However, some companies have a voluntary deposit insurance, which protects client funds even more.

Comprehensive education and Knowledge Opportunities

FxPro Comprehensive education and Knowledge Opportunities

A trade suppliers with potential test winner does as much as possible efforts to facilitate its customers to enter into the world of trading and providing them with basic knowledge. Also knowledge offers advanced should belong to the standard repertoire. This may be the broker realized for example through webinars and seminars that are, at best, even in German language. Additional points are awarded for this

  • training videos
  • Tutorials
  • Tips and tricks for beginners
  • exchange encyclopedias
  • or counselor

Services and analysis:

FxPro Services and analysis

Who wants to be a winner, ensures that the customer always feels like a king. For the quality service belongs among others a German support, well-trained and courteous staff, good accessibility without long queues, and the rapid processing of requests. In addition, the contact should be possible for customer support in several ways. A service hotline, and the written contact via e-mail, are the basic requirements for a good service offering. In particularly good brokers there is even a live chat, which also keeps its promises.

Furthermore, should provide an adequate supply of research and analysis available a good forex broker. These include market assessments of trade experts and business news in real time. A plus point, there is this to access tools such as Trading Central and Autochartist that enable a professional course analysis.

A forex broker recommendation can be given for advanced claims unlike beginners only for trading houses with a transparent market model and possibly an exposed position on the market due to banks and other liquidity providers. Advanced benefit of limited deposit bonuses and a large webinar listing and are instead on good arguments rely on «hard» facts.

Conclusion: The search for a good broker can be very difficult for many traders. The choice of forex providers is enormous and both the conditions and the trade deals differ in their diversity.However, there are some criteria by which dealers can orientate, to find the optimum for itself broker.

FxPro convinces with its market model

FxPro convinces with its market model

The British forex and CFD broker FxPro, is probably the best known in European retail business and allows traders to trade with numerous underlying assets through various trading platforms, including the

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • cTrader

All trading applications are web-based, a download version or as a mobile application. The Company operates internationally and is now active in over one hundred countries.Headquartered the broker in the British capital London and is thus regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates. Furthermore FxPro has a branch in Cyprus and is therefore supervised additionally by the Cypriot Financial Regulator Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

In FxPro Trader can choose between two market models

The market maker model on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform or the STP model on the platform cTrader. With regard to the conditions in the market maker trading, the broker can totally convincing and allows due to its market position, better conditions than many other market makers. The range of tradable underlying assets covers on currencies and CFDs

  • shares
  • raw materials
  • Futures

Except for share CFDs, trading is commission free. Particularly herausstechend the fact is that traders with 500 times their use can act, the broker but omitted funding obligation.

Experienced traders usually prefer the STP trading model on the in-house trading platform cTrader. Leg this model directs the broker the orders to a liquidity pool further. The spreads are variable and start at 0.00 pips. The commissions are 65 US dollars per million traded and are on a market level. Also in this market model also applies a leverage of 1 in 500. The liquidity providers FxPro include many renowned international banks, including the German Bank, Morgan Stanley and UBS.

Conclusion: The race for the title as the best broker for professionals in 2016 has, this time, the company FxPro chose for themselves. Especially the commercial model and the Powerful trading platforms are decisive for the excellent rating and the fact that the broker enjoys among professional traders a wide popularity.

Account opening and minimum deposit

FxPro Account opening and minimum deposit

They have chosen after extensive information gathering for the offer of FxPro, can open the trading account in a few easy stepsThe best forex broker for professionals designed the account opening user-friendly. Once the registration is done by e-mail, stating a selected Passwords, name and address must be left in the next step. In addition, information about the trade experiences and More are needed. To new customers must be verified by a proof of age in the course of security. A current proof of address is requested. Both will be uploaded on the user profile.

In FxPro to Trader for MT4 account can decide in which a minimum deposit of € 500 must be made. In addition is the cTrader account.

Here, the minimum deposit amounts to € 1,000. For beginners who only want to enter with little capital in the trading, the minimum deposit can listen high. Advanced Trader cope well with the amount of the deposit. The liner should be matched to leverage and trading position. Under certain circumstances, a chosen too low deposit cause the chosen strategy can not be realized.

o sum professionals know that a certain sum on the trading account is needed to trade successfully. Here have advanced traders other trading requirements as beginners. This would usually start with a rather low minimum deposit to settle into the trade. What’s even more than useful certainly. The amount of the minimum deposit at FxPro accommodates professionals.

Demo Account FxPro

Demo Account FxPro

Interested customers is the broker an FxPro Demo Account available. Here this service is offered by the broker is entirely free. As best forex broker for professionals heard a demo account for customer-friendly offer. Before trading begins with real capital, traders can try out the features of the platform initially on the demo account.

The various trading platforms can be met. The demo account is available for MT4, MT5 and cTrader. The forex trading risk-free runs on the demo account so that beginners get a feel for the trade can get, without endangering their own capital. The virtual balance in the demo account is initially filled with a maximum of 500,000 €.

The development of strategies for trading using the demo account is also recommended. A useful strategy for trading is a must, as the risk retract a loss, can be reduced. The leverage is 1: 500 given 1 to. 1 What both advanced traders, as well as beginners will benefit. The following currencies are available through the demo account available

  • EUR
  • USD
  • GBP
  • CHF
  • JPY
  • I HEAR
  • PLN

Registration for the free demo account is done on a form that is under the «demo account» on the platform of finding FxPro is. Here is the specification of personal data is necessary. Once the fields have been completed, it comes to the disclosure of

  • platform
  • account currency
  • leverage
  • deposit

By choosing options trader can specify their requirements to trade. This helps during the test phase, thereby to find an appropriate strategy that takes the real trading apply.

Conclusion: A demo account is the offer of a good broker. Through the demo account to traders to prepare for the real trade and gain experience. The functions that should be strictly controlled, can be tested. Trading through the demo account runs without risk, as the trader trades with play money, which is provided by the broker. The sum of the play money amounts to a maximum of 500,000 € and thus offers the possibility to open up many positions.

FxPro Trading App

FxPro Trading per App

In the field of mobile commerce demand continues to rise. Customer requests in this direction are the best forex broker for professionals met. Not every trader can tear yourself away from the home PC or laptop when it comes to Forex trading. However, the time factor is an important point here. Who does not want to miss the right timing for a trade, must also go out of the opportunity to trade have. With the FxPro Trader app can act mobile. The app can be used on

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android

With the app FxPro traders can access their own trading account anywhere, at all times to set a position can. So trading decisions can be implemented at short notice. This may occur when a lot of volatility in the market lead to good opportunities that would otherwise have taken unused past. The structure of the app is the functions of the web trading platform not to and provides access to the MetaTrader 4 trading platform for mobile commerce. In an efficient market analysis traders do not have to miss out on the app. Given the provider makes about 30 technical indicators available that are pre-installed. So prices can be analyzed at any time.Traders, which the standard version is not sufficient, can benefit from the extra tools, which additionally has the broker in the deal.

Conclusion: The Benefits of Trading app are obvious, so the broker FxPro offers its customers a sophisticated way for mobile commerce. From the road from traders can keep eye on the market and put cheap trades, without missing the right timing.

Looking for the competition: Admiral Markets and GKFX

Although FxPro in the scene because of the overall package Broker 2016 for Best Forex true worth taking a look to the competition: In the competitive market for OTC FX and CFD trading, many providers differ only in nuances. This could also Admiral Markets are classified as the best forex broker, the company would not reside in Estonia and regulated.

Admiral Markets provides traders around half a dozen models account and several trading platforms (including MT4 and MT5) available, enabling not least ECN / STP trading.The trading platforms can be equipped and adapted to individual requirements with various additional modules (etc. AutoGraf 4, Autochartist). Ultimately convinced Admiral Markets by a combination of several features:

  • ECN / STP-Handel
  • MT4 and MT5
  • Tight spreads
  • Auto Trading
  • Optional software extensions

The British trading house GKFX is one of the well-known even in advanced target groups addresses the market. The underlying catalog includes not only currency a very large number of CFDs. Trading takes on MT4: GKFX offers with the module combination «MyFX» on a package of additional functions for the proven platform. For professional traders in particular the establishment of a VPS is interesting.

Best Forex Broker?

FxPro Bester Forex Broker?

This provides GKFX:

  • Regulation and deposit insurance in UK
  • MT4 including MyFX
  • VPS possible
  • Large base of values
  • MT4 BoosterPro

Conclusion: Among the competitors of FxPro may include Admiral Markets and GKFX are counted. This offer similarly good conditions, a similarly wide range of underlying assets and also powerful trading platforms such as the winner, but can not quite keep up with the offer of FxPro in some rather smaller areas.

Our conclusion: FxPro is fantastic

As already mentioned, the search may be difficult for the right broker. For great is the choice of commercial providers and to vary their rates and conditions. Trader should be initially, conscious about their personal needs and requirements, which they put to a broker. Certain criteria, such as a simple market model, strict regulation and a professional trading platform, usually indicate a competent and reliable trading provider. In this context, the broker FxPro is recommended and convinced us all along the line. Trader can choose between two market models and act on good terms. In any case, but worth taking a look to the competition. Commercial providers like Admiral Markets and GKFX may also come up with a broad trade offer and transparent conditions.

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