Binary options brokers 2017 / Is BDSwiss fraud? The winner in 2016!

Is BDSwiss fraud? The winner in 2016!

BDSwiss one of the most famous binary options brokers in the German-speaking countries. The EU Broker operates in Frankfurt and a branch advertises a low minimum deposit and a user-friendly trading platform especially for beginners and advanced. The broker is officially regulated by the CySEC and is connected to an investor compensation fund under EU law. The settlement of the contracts are based on prices of the reference markets. Is BDSwiss scam or legitimate? This test clears up there!

Important facts about the broker BDSwiss

  • Secure CySEC regulation
  • Deposit guarantee your deposits up to 20,000 EUR
  • Settlement of the contracts at real market prices
  • Known, quality Spot Option 2.0 platform
  • Low minimum deposit (located at only 100 euros, usually less than elsewhere is)
  • Deposit, inter alia, by bank transfer, credit card, paysafecard and more possible

The report: The BDSwiss experiences

The report: The BDSwiss experiences

Regulation and Co.: Is BDSwiss trustworthy?

In order to assess whether a broker is working seriously, a look behind the scenes of the company and the trading platform is required. BDSwiss has been active since 2012 on the market and operates under the umbrella of the Keplero Holdings Limited, which conducts its operations from Cyprus Nicosia from the EU. At the same time maintains the broker for the servicing and marketing a branch in Frankfurt.

Also, the regulatory environment is a clear indication that BDSwiss works reputable. The competent Supervisory Authority CySEC, which should now be several accounts of the broker has, the broker issued an official license as a financial service. Cyprus has established itself after the EU accession of the country as a broker-Location: On the one hand, the providers are attracted by tax environment, on the other hand, the country has ratified the pioneering EU MiFID.

Are Binary Options «inherently» transparent?

BDSwiss accounted customer funds according to EU rules separate from business assets and to the Cypriot Investor Compensation Fund (ICF Investor Compensation Scheme) attached. This occurs in the event of insolvency and refunded money lost to 90 percent to a maximum of 20,000 euros per damaged customer.

Especially traders from the FX / CFD segment, making the first time with a Binary Options Broker as BDSwiss experience, look for clues to fraud and defrauding the clientele to be in the market model. When BO brokers here there is, however, a special feature: Considered really need only if the option premiums (or the returns and residual values) are appropriate. Anyway, can be almost only there to accommodate adverse for customer processes. The settlement due to contract done Fixkursen (repayment with returns or residual value). Binary Options Broker could possibly billing rates of the underlying assets distort in its favor. Even if a broker may charge to their own courses, the rapidly with a balance of Times & Sales data of the respective reference market can understand. Had investors had similar negative experiences with BDSwiss, therefore, it would probably already known.

Spot Option 2.0: The trading platform under the magnifying glass

That Spot Option, the white label partners from BDSwiss can show a lot of experience with the platform operation, is another plus in BDSwiss test. Spot Option operates platforms including market making for dozens, known broker.

The trading platform is entirely browser-based and requires no download. For access to the trading account of the road can be used an app. The platform is kept consistently simple and aimed expressly at beginners with no trading experience. It need only underlying, maturity, amount and «direction» are selected, to then open a position with a click. Extensive Chartingtools there are not — for but a rating based on the trades of other customers Put / call ratio.

Underlying and option types the broker

BDSwiss Underlying and option types the broker

That BDSwiss does well in the test of most industry services and trade magazines, is essential due to the large base of values. Almost all (erfiolgreichen) strategies related to binary options based on visually or algorithmically generated trading signals, which operate according to a predetermined pattern (eg. B. Trend Recognition).

A strategy is working when leave enough signals with sufficient quality to generate. For this purpose a large number markets must be continuously monitored. In addition, various types of options are helpful because many market situations can not be optimally utilized with simple binary options. It is, for. Example, meaningful, technical chart price targets to act after formation outbreaks with OneTouch options than simply define the direction and neglecting a large part of the potential yield.

Option types for all market situations and over 170 underlyings

BDSwiss offers more than 170 underlyings from all relevant asset classes (stocks, indexes, precious metals, commodities, currencies) and exceeds this point most competitors even significantly. In addition to simple binary options contracts of types OneTouch, Pair and Ladder are tradable — enough for almost any conceivable market situations including change in trend and directionless sideways markets. So can be used to deliberately speculating to over- or under-performing stock compared to its benchmark Pair Options in directionless markets for example. As a result, expected developments in individual sectors or companies are traded precisely with the elimination of the total market risk.Ladder options allow in combination with trend following strategies very high hit rate and therefore are particularly suitable for beginners.

FX / CFD binary options with lever

The latest in the Option of BDSwiss called FX / CFD. As the name suggests, the mode allows binary options with FX or CFD underlyings to act. Usually currency pairs, some commodities and equities are on offer. What the BDSwiss FX / CFD mode now different from regular binary options, the leverage. These allow, with little money to trade large sums.

With a maximum leverage of 1: 400, BDSwiss FX / CFD thus enables a gain of 500%. While increases so the potential profit by several times, as of course is the risk.

Therefore, the respective trades with the following 2 functions are considered. «Take Profit» and «Stop Loss» set the limits of the possible profit / loss scenarios represent. «Take Profit» is the limit of profit and is itself set (100% -500%). «Stop Loss» is the ripcord ; should the trade lose more money than has been used, it is automatically closed a.

The trade conditions (yield, residual values and minimum bets)

The minimum bet per option starts at 5 EUR or USD. Expires an option (of whatever type), they will be charged with a residual value of 10 percent of the insert. In money leaking, easy Binary options are repaid with a return of up to 81 percent. This means that a hit rate of 60 percent can already generate respectable profits. Yields on other types of options are often substantially higher and can — with correspondingly low probability — be up to 1500 percent.

Account Opening and bonus BDSwiss

Account Opening and bonus BDSwiss

Is BDSwiss trustworthy? If regulatory environment, security of client funds and settlement of contracts represent themselves properly, only still lacking a look at the details of accounting. This is free of charge and requires a minimum deposit of just 100 EUR or USD (whichever is selected which currency as account currency). This is a very lower sum in comparison provider.

The deposit and withdrawal methods, the broker shall offer its clients many choices: Credit card, debit card, Ukash, PayPal, postepay, Western Union, MoneyBookers, PayPal and other services can be used. In most of the aforementioned methods of the deposit amount is immediately credited to the trading account. Since the complete verification of the account is required at the opening, but only for the first payment immediately, the account opening deposit including rarely lasts longer than five minutes.

If deposit bonuses are called as part of new customers actions, they are subject to the customary conditions: To take bargain hunters with no other intentions the wind out of the sails, see the bonus conditions before, been that invests this sum several times previously before the payment of bonus credit have to be.

Conclusion that BDSwiss experience

BDSwiss falls under strict government regulation in accordance with applicable EU / MiFID regulations and is connected to the device for investor compensation in the event of insolvency. The broker accepts many common payment and waives flat account maintenance charges. The settlement of contracts is based on the rates of the reference stock exchange and can be traced as transparent. The provider is recommended to and overall definitely the winner.

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