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One of the most popular brokers if it is about binary options: BDSwiss is for many years for experienced professionals and beginners a contact number 1. However, what is to be held by the offer real? In this test report the question is answered whether BDSwiss is serious or is given even a scam and how the whole option offer is to be valued. Here, moreover, there is continuing information about the bonus and the payment methods.

Income return: up to 85% of income return
Options: 60sec, One touch, Ladder, option pairs
Assets: more than 200 stocks, indexes and commodities
Regulation: CySec

BDSwiss review

With some innovative and new offers the broker delivers the commercial chances with which the competition cannot serve. Hundred thousands of customers, of it several from Germany trust BDSwiss. The comprehensive offer in the summary:

Company BDSwiss Holding Plc
Address of registration Makariou III Street 160, 3026 Limassol, Zypern
Registration number HE 300153
Regulation / licence CySEC, 199/13
Phone 0800 0710 730, 12:00 - 20:00
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat 24/7, english
Fax 069-175368649

BDSwiss Offer in the overview

Target group check

Particularly European dealers are appealed with the offer. Hauptsprachen are an Italian and English. Beginners are thereby introduced also fast in the international Finanzsprachen. You should act for her transactions anyway on English. The changeover is not difficult.

A polyglot offer delivers the BDSwiss and appeals to trader in the whole world. Professionals trust partly for many years in the Cypriot service company and are very contented with the commercial chances. Also for beginners there is an extensive choice. A lot of information is available for you all around the entrance in trade as well as continuing tips and tricks for successful Trading. There there comes of course a detailed explanation as is to be handled with the commercial system.

Trading platform

A reason for the especially positive experiences is the used commercial platform. For the application advertisement option, one comes by binary options of brokers very much known software which is web-based 100%. No programme must be downloaded. Traden is thereby possible from every computer of the world. After the Login on the web page immediate access exists to the commercial interface.

BDSwiss Commercial platform

In addition, the action about the platform also succeeds by Smartphone and Tablet PC. BDSwiss makes available for it a specially developed ext. which can be downloaded fast and simply and be used.

A cost-free demo account is available by request of for everybody which only would like to test the offer of the BDSwiss. About this dealers have the possibility to appear binary options quite without risk to traden and themselves at the real market.


On the professional broker’s platform of the BDSwiss dealers can act with over 170 different basis values in total., Among the rest, can be put on Forex-and share prices. In addition, the bets on raw material prices and index exchange rates are also possible. Therefore, the opinions are unequivocal: the offer of commercial possibilities is extensive and fulfils all claims of beginners and professionals. Though some brokers offer partly more than 200 different values, however, most are not traded of it for usual actively.

With the Traden the expected payment is calculated to the customers and customers any time. Risks can fix them individually. A high degree of transparency originates from it. The fact that the BDSwiss are serious it is further underlined by this business method.

Trade types

The number of different chances for the putting on exchange rates and values are immense. Over and over again the broker opens new possibilities for quite own quits offers. Many order possibilities can be adapted from the dealer individually on own demands and abilities.

Of the One already known by other brokers air trade is also share of the broadly diversified commercial chances. In addition, usual PUT and call trade delivers a suitable basis to the Traden just for beginners. With the option Builder for experienced traders dealers have a full control about exchange rates and her bets. Of the option Builder is very adaptable and allowed the adjusting of own expiry date for trade. The personal risk can be thereby scrutinised.

The Special features Rollover, a thought-out strategy to the loss stop, and stand-in Up, the easy multiplication of the profit, are also firm components of the commercial possibilities.

Also likes with experienced dealers is per trader. Here the overview is changed by the usual commercial interface. There appear big windows with graphs and all kinds of interesting features which can lead to more successful Traden. About per trader prize trends can be seen in the long term what can lead to more efficient application of the capital resources.

Company check

The BDSwiss is looked among experts as one of the best binary options Broker of the world. Rankings within the industry certify regularly places under the top 5, nearly independent of the respective test criterion. Experiences of professional traders and beginners are very positive in general and are the reason for the fact that the company may look today at a big established clientele.

Background check: VOL. Swiss or Banc de Swiss?

In the industry of binary of trade de Swiss is the Banc meanwhile a famous name. Nevertheless, the being behind it company of the Keplero holding companies of Ltd. decided to adapt the brand slightly. Since some time de Swiss is listed the Banc under the name BDSwiss. Under the old name the head office of the Banc was a de Swiss since her setting up in 2011 in Frankfurt am Main. Now the persons responsible for economic reasons for a location change on the European island Cyprus decided. However, a subsidiary in Frankfurt still exists. Mails of customers and customers come there.

After-sales service and security

The experiences BDSwiss are especially persuasive concerning the Kundensupports. All employees contacted in the test work astonishingly professionally, are friendly and found out apparently very much. The German-speaking after-sales service is also emphasised by regular customers in her tests positively. The employees from nine different EU countries can be contacted in each case by phone daily from 9 to 21 o’clock. Because is traded for usual only at this time the times are chosen sensibly.

Beside the Telefonsupport customers and customers can also turn by contact form to the after-sales service. Like the test report points skilled office workers within short time answer specifically and friendly attacking questions. Also the best experience are gained with the live chat. This is available 24 hours on seven days in the week and brings direct contact as well as quick problem solving.

Also in questions of the security delivers the BDSwiss reliable solutions. Financial transactions take place about the encoding technology SSL. All payments and payment are checked by the supplier even on correctness. Payments are protected, in addition, about the Norton Secured programme.

The juridical: Registration and regulation

The BDSwiss is one of the all over Germany leading suppliers. Your head office has the Keplero holding companies of Ltd. which stands behind the brand BDSwiss, indeed, on Cyprus. The broker of a strict regulation is thereby defeated by the Cypriot financial supervisory authority of CySEC. It was brought to life in 2004 and orientates herself by the default of the European Union. The controls of the CySEC are general on the standard of other European supervisory authorities like the German BaFin.

Why are the company headquarters still Cyprus and not about one other European country? Many dealers think by the head office fast of BDSwiss Duffing. However, reasons for the company headquarters far away of the European mainland are to be searched on another side. Cyprus offers excellent circumstances according to tax law which are to be found in no other country of the EU. The rate of taxation amounts there to only 10 percent, so that many companies oriented to profit establish themselves there. Above all in the area of the financial services the interest is exceptionally high in resident companies.

Customer’s money and payment BDSwiss

Payments are carried out about different programmes. Beside the VISAS, Mastercard and maestro amounts can be deposited by Paysafecard, ukash, giropay, Postpay and sofortü In addition, it is also offered Skrill as a particularly sure on-line solution. Unfortunately, PayPal is not a share of the offer.

Customer's money and payment BDSwiss

Payment possibilities Visa, Mastercard, Maestro
Minimal payment: 100€
Trade from: 5€
Account processing possibly in: Euro, US dollar, British pound
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro

An account is already to be opened from an insert value of 100€. Traders from 5€ per position can act. Also here once again the tip that smaller sums of money are faster used up. The higher the insert amounts are laid, the rather chart developments can be stood in the wrong direction. The application of at least 40€ per open position is advisable.

The customer’s money is kept with BDSwiss according to the official EU regulations apart by the company property on own accounts. You are subordinate to the Cypriot investor reparation fund ICF. Should the company go to the insolvency customers and customers get back her payments up to a value of 20,000€ to 90 percent. For comparison: in Germany the border lies with the 100,000€ which are refunded to 100 percent. For bigger cash investments another broker should be chosen, perhaps.

Tips to the payment

Extremely pleasing experiences BDSwiss make customers and customers with regard to the payment modalities. If a transfer of the money was instructed by the on-line account on own account the money comes for usual within two working days there. With other payment kinds the money can be received partly even faster. By credit card it is possible to receive the credit that very same day. These grounds are very unusual and extremely customer-oriented. There are experiences after which a payment is not carried out also by short Internet search nearly none. If it had to go unexpectedly, nevertheless, to difficulties these let come to clear in the past fast and remove – to the Kundensupport is thank.

Bonuses and premiums with BDSwiss

There are not agreed new customer’s bonuses and other premiums with the broker. Instead, the interesting and attractive offers with which new customers and customers should be attracted are put over and over again. Mostly it concerns the payment bonuses with which the deposited amount is raised by a certain percent amount. Not to give the chance of an easy Anmeldens and Einsteckens of several hundred euros to traders it is necessary to move the bonus amount in active trade around a multiple. In the past the conversion rates lay in the moderate frame, so that cannot be spoken of scam BDSwiss.

New customer's bonus: for free 50€ for the first Trade
Bonus conditions: 30-fold turnover of the Bonus
Validity: no restrictions
Other bonuses: 100€ of bonus for every friendship advertising

Is BDSwiss scam?

Experiences of long-standing customers and customers point: the BDSwiss is serious and can assert itself in ours binary options Broker comparison well. Fear that profits are not paid or are worked by the publication by exchange rates with squalid means is groundless.

Background: many black sheep in the industry

Care is always offered with trade with binary options. Not only with regard to the Wettens on exchange rates, but above all concerning the supplier’s choice. Since not every broker is serious and holds what he promises. Thus it comes with the black sheep, for example, piled up for a transmission of the exchange rates who lie far away of the real-time values. Problematically is present that purchases and sales are exported partly only seconds after the real action of the trader. Within this time the prices can strongly change and slide partly clearly in the loss area. Whether this is with a broker System to profit from customer’s money, can be only speculated.

An other manner of the scam is committed by payment modalities. Ordered payment also takes not always place. Should the money arrive only months later on the account at least a bigger damage is turned away. If a binary does not pay options Broker, however, at all from it concerns substantial scam in the customer. Companies with such business internships must be pulled from the transport.

Opinions in the World Wide web

As with nearly all brokers there is also to the BDSwiss isolates critical voices in the net and in forums. Discontented traders speak fast of BDSwiss duffing and scam. However, these experiences are most only single opinions and come partly from dealers who hold responsible the broker for her own incapacity. The accusations are groundless in the biggest share of the cases.

Our result

The BDSwiss is adjusted within the EU, ordered about excellent customer’s opinions and delivers a high-class support. Payment is effected within maximum two working days. The test shows that this broker is heard to most professional in the market and is completely serious. Beginners and professionals can place without hesitation on the Cypriot supplier with office in Frankfurt.
One of the most popular brokers if it is about binary options: BDSwiss is for many years for experienced professionals and beginners a contact number 1. However, what is to be held by the offer real? In this test report the question is answered whether BDSwiss is serious or is…



Not a scam

The unique option offer and the licence of the CySEC are the biggest arguments for this sure broker.

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