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Today with BANXtradingwe would like to introduce a supplier who is only since relatively short time in the market, besides, can serve, however, absolutely a comprehensive and offer professionally to be estimated. Because it is a matter in particular for young suppliers like BANXtradingfirst of building up a firm established clientele in a dynamic market, some of these novices operate on the market with full bonuses for her first customers. However, only the bonus makes a supplier still long not an absolute recommendation.

Commercial offer: Actions, Options, Futures, CFD, Forex, ETF
Assets: more than 1.2 millions on more than 100 stock exchanges
Trading platform: WebTrader, Trader Workstation, Mobile
Regulation: BaFin

Who carries with the thought to get into the stock exchange transaction and is in search of a competent partner, one should always make clear itself: Besides, it is above all about own money and this should be invested together with a partner and be administered whom one trusts absolutely. Beside security and cost transparency of the supplier you should also pay attention to professional service and comprehensive consultation and training offers. The Forex and broker CFD, this can be anticipated at this point already once, something has to offer in this regard according to our opinion absolutely.

Big offer and respectable security promise

banxtrading Big offer and respectable security promise

Also or even as young actor in the market has BANXtradinga broadly diversified offer. In Dusseldorf and with it in Germany registered companies offers about CFDs the access to trade with a huge number of German, European and international basis values. The supplier flattens the access to more than 3,200 markets and allows thus CFD trade on a gigantic number of stocks, indexes, commodities, loans and foreign currency.

Only in the area of currency trade a substantial number of 120 currency pairs stands for the choice. Thereby you can take part as a customer first in trade with the top-selling and from the public to strongly notable interrelations between the international leading currencies US dollar, euro, to Japanese yen and the Swiss franc or the British pound. However, in addition, the investor can also profit from the development between clearly more unknown currency pairs. Moreover the Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, the Danish crown or possibly also the Hungarian Forint count among other things. BANXtradingoffers also to customers with financial-political special knowledge the possibility to move his knowledge about an individual trading strategy in the market. The cost structure for the different currency pairs is as a result of the high market complexity and different commercial places relatively disparat, however, is shown on the web page understandably and clear.

banxtrading Big offer and respectable security promise

Company: BANX GmbH
Address: Count's Adolf street 41, 40210 Dusseldorf, Germany
Registration: AG Düsseldorf, HRB 72569
Regulatory: BaFin
Phone: +49-(0)211-97177849
eMail: [email protected]
Live chat: available
Service times: Monday – Friday of 9:00 – 19.00

Also in the other layout classes the gigantic choice is the trump for the ambitious investors who would not like to limit themselves only to the most current offers of the market. In index trade this means that beside all important European indexes among other things also on the development in Mexico, China or Hong Kong can be put. Of course this is also valid for the offers at the US-American market. Has strongly increased in meaning during the last years the attention with regard to the commodity markets. Also here almost everything is possible: From the oil, about soy beans and sugar up to the gold the investor has access to lucrative raw material trade. Our experiences have shown that a long-term and well-balanced layout strategy can be reached above all by a healthy dispersion of the used capital. Concerning BANXtradingour experiences show that this strategy can be optimally pursued on the basis of the extensive offer. Since is rounded the commercial portfolio by products from the loan market as well as from the interest market. Thus the investor can make way in phases of a Seitwärtsbewegungen of the markets on alternative and anticyclically developing products. One more word to the conditions: Here does not need to hide BANX Trading. Here with regard to transparency and cost structure you find clear and clear relations. Concerning stock trade with CFDs the specific Margin requirements lie according to commercial place between 5 and 25 percent. Stock CFD order a minimum charge of 10€ is required, in addition, base fees do not result.

Mobile trading by the DealBookMobil ext.

banxtrading Mobile trade by the DealBookMobil ext.

It does not belong only since yesterday to the standard that a contemporary offer also encloses the possibility for comprehensive trade in the financial market to intervene any time mobile about a commercial platform in the events. And thus it is also not astonishing that BANXtradingwith the DealBookMobil ext. makes available a suitable offer. The ext. protects the dealer the possibility to fall back also from the way on the complete offer of the broker CFD and to act. After our experience with the ext. of BANXtradingfunctions trade excellently, because the ext. is to be served rather simply and intuitively. Beside the full access to the financial products real time exchange rates and the suitable, individually adaptable charts, several order kinds and prize alarms are also available about the mobile application. With DealBookMobil, the Apps for iOS and Andoid as well as for Kindle-Fire make available, never run the risk as a dealer to miss important developments and trends.

A bonus as an assisted takeoff

Payment bonus: 50€ on payments to 2500€, 2% on payment between 2500€ and 25,000€
Bonus conditions: 30 carried out transactions, credit follow in the subsequent month
Validity: no restriction

As an incentive and assisted takeoff BANXtradingoffers a premium from up to 500€ to his new customers still till the end of August. Besides, the concept Assisted takeoff can be absolutely understood in the double sense. On the one hand offers the bonus which is granted in dependence to the realised commercial volume and is paid on the commercial cash discount, an attractive incentive for a successful entrance in the world of the stock exchange. On the other hand BANXtradingis asked as a young broker of course on many customers to widen his customer’s basis fast. For change-willing and new beginners a favorable opportunity thereby arises.

24 hours and several languages: BANX Support

Where is intensely traded, unexpected challenges and problems appear over and over again. To know well if one has as a dealer a contact whom one can reach fast and uncomplicated, the saw should stick once. No matter whether it concerns technical questions or whether information is wished to expenses and single fees, the Support of BANXtradingis by telephone as well as by mail ready to look after the concerns of his customers. Besides, worth mentioning and with look at other brokers not of course is the fact that the Support is offered round-the-clock as well as into several languages. Temporal bottlenecks or understanding problems should belong with it to the past.

Trainings, Webinars and demo account

Payment possibilities: credit cards, bank transfer
Minimal payment: 200€
Fees: However, 2% on credit card payment, fee is refunded in the subsequent month
Account processing possibly in: Euro, British pound, US dollar, Swiss franc
Payment options: Credit cards, bank transfer

In view of the almost unclear commercial possibilities it is enormously important for you as a private dealer to keep track. Besides, it is not always easy just for private investors to find orientation in the quick and not always rationally reactive market. That’s why suppliers have gone over meanwhile to stand aside her customers with expert’s assessment and exclusive information. Also the broker is about to set up a suitable offer. Our experiences with BANXtradingshow that this supplier is here on the right way to develop interesting and helpful offers with high customer’s use. In comparison to established Forex to brokers there is in this area, however, absolutely still air upwards. As an elementary component of the educational offer just young and inexperienced dealers should notice the demo account BANXtradingand also fall back on it. Only here it is possible without testing the risk of a real financial loss different strategies for her effectiveness and estimating which talent one brings along as a Handler.

Standards with regulation & protection

banxtrading Standards with regulation & insert protection point as solidly the supplier is

Where there is to earn so much money like on the stock exchange, also there romp about often less serous suppliers who have seen it, nevertheless, above all on scam and Duffing of the customers. Before you decide on a supplier who deals with her financial transactions, above all the question should be in the foreground beside a thorough comparison of offer and conditions after the seriousness of the supplier. Concerning BANXtradinggreen light can be given concerning this, because the broker is serious. As a company registered in Germany the broker falls under the control of the strict Regularien of Germany and the EU. Furthermore the company is a member of the Financial services Compensation Scheme, and with it by in the British insert protection integrated. Up to an amount of 50,000 British pounds what corresponds to about 70,000€ the customer’s inserts are thereby secured in case of an insolvency. Further BANXtradingpursues the principle of a separate insert of money of the company on the one hand and customer’s money on the other side. Duffs and scam a stop is pushed put with it.

Uncomplicated announce – fast act

Who has resolved once to get into trade, to that it prickles fast in the fingers and he can hardly expect to get cracking in the financial market. The better if the registration process is held for a depot so uncomplicated and simply as possible. The experiences with trader BANX show that it is possible very well to decorate a registration process simply and intuitively. From this the prospective customer can also convince himself uncomplicated in our video. On the web page of BANXtradingit is announced that the future dealer must invest no more than 5 minutes of his valuable time for the production of a new account and it appears that this is not exaggerated. The necessary identification follows about a digital identity card copy, besides, specifications about the authoritative account are necessary still before according to some personal specifications the process is already dealt with.

BANX Trading: A young broker with a lot of potential

With BANXtrading young and ambitious actor has brought himself in the broker Segment in position who is not only serious, but also – what concerns the extent of the offer and Support – might still become a talking point. The bonus for new customers is especially attractive of course, the BANXtradingstill till the end of August promises. However, also on the second look after our test this supplier has to offer something. As prepictorial the polyglot Support and service offer as well as the thought-out ext. are to be valued for mobile trade. Still the offer is expandable against it in the area of Continuing education. Here BANXtradingwill be provided in the next time certainly still postlay, because by the specific knowledge which by Webinare and trainings, the customers in the long term the biggest use originates in the form of exclusive knowledge and sound trading strategies.
Today with BANXtradingwe would like to introduce a supplier who is only since relatively short time in the market, besides, can serve, however, absolutely a comprehensive and offer professionally to be estimated. Because it is a matter in particular for young suppliers like BANXtradingfirst of building up a firm established…



Not a scam

BANX Broker is a sure and reliable supplier and is subordinate to the German financial regulation of the BaFin.

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