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The pioneer among the suppliers for Social Trading is ayondo which offers for many years a suitable service about his platform to his customers. Beside the medium wise extremely popular Social Trading the customers from ayondo can also get into speculative trade CFD straightened at short notice and profit from small exchange rate changes of many financial products. In our review we will more exactly introduce our experiences with this supplier.

Commerce: Forex, CFD, ETF, ETC
Assets: more than 1200 stocks, commodities, currency pairs
Software: TradeHub®, Android and iPhone App
Regulation: FCA

Our review

In total our experiences with the supplier ayondo show that the investor deals here with an established and serious broker on whom he can count in every regard. With ayondo it concerns a completely professionally appearing broker with whom the customers work with the instruments of the professionals, or even better, to the successful professionals can follow. The experiences in the stock exchange dealings show over and over again that the best recipe for success brings one on person and their situation co-ordinated strategy in the long term the best success.

ayondo Our experiences in the overview

Company: Ayondo markets Limited
Address: 16-20 Ely Place, London EC1N 6SN, United Kingdom
Registration number: 3148972
Regulation / licence: FCA, 184333
Phone: +49 (0) 69 9999 94150
eMail: [email protected]
Service times: Mon. Fr, from 09:00 to 18:00
Telefax: +49 (0) 69 9999 94164

Because it is not possible, however, to private dealers for different reasons mostly to develop a suitable strategy and to move, an individually conformist strategy must not be rejected thanks to Social Trading, nevertheless. However, basic condition is, a signal giver, i.e. a dealer one follows to find whose strategy fits to own situation. Hence, a very big choice of potential signal givers, as well as a clear representation is their aims and strategies the ALPHA AND OMEGA in the Social Trading. What does use a supplier who has no offer or a signal giver in the portfolio who is possible for own strategy? In particular in this regard offers ayondo an extensive service. Beside a gigantic offer of different top traders a searching function is available to you with which he can filter out in short time the right, to him suitable trading strategy. Besides, parametres can be considered beside the performances also like volatility, number of the Trades or also the number of the current Follower. In addition, it is informed concerning every top trader about the composition of the portfolio. Amounted and Duffing have thus no chance. In addition, appear the many years’ experience of the supplier also in the exemplary and well structured user interface which makes easy for the dealer an actual orientation and allows an uncomplicated action. Another profit is the demo account where the trader can become active first without risk.

The offer from Ayondo

However, beside a light and catchy user interface it depends above all on the real offer of a broker. Besides, the supplier ayondo drives the strategy to concentrate upon two important aspects of trade and to offer the best to the customers, besides, what he can find currently market. Besides, has specialised ayondo with the Social Trading and trade CFD in two columns. In the Social Trading the dealer can orientate himself in rest and also observe the long-term activities of single signal givers. Also retrospectively all activities of the top traders can be pursued. The investor should take the time for a careful choice, in any case. Besides, in particular the volatility is an important criterion, because just with high risk strategies at least intertemporal losses should be always included. Anyway investors should put only money in stock trade and other financial products which is not necessary indirectly for the financing of the everyday life. And also a nest egg by which in case of the case unforeseen expenses can be denied let the investor in times of worried stock market phases sleep clearly quiet. However, also for less loadable minds the candidates who pursue rather a conservative strategy are found under the big choice of different top traders. The guidance of a depot about which automatically the layout strategy of a signal giver can be understood also belongs to the offer from ayondo of course.

ayondo The offer from ayondo

The second pivot leg from ayondo is highly speculative trade with CFDs. Besides, investors within the shortest time can profit from small exchange rate movements. Beside him, according to size of the lever to high profit chances the investor always takes a suitable risk, besides, however, also. Hence, even more importantly than by the stock layout it is to act only with money which is not planned for necessary other expenses. Differently than in stock trade it can come with the CFD Trading absolutely to the complete loss if a financial bet not so rises as planned. In total are possible with ayondo lever relations from up to 1:100. Also an additional payment duty is possible, however, this option can be also excluded from the start. With trade itself the offer of tradable CFDs is gigantic and applies first to the layout areas indexes, stocks, commodities, loans and foreign currency. Without coming, besides, on single categories, the choice is very extensive in every single category, so that virtually on all current industries, regions and currency pairs can be put.

ayondo The offer from ayondo

Besides, beside the extensive choice in commercial possibilities Ayondo offers a wide continuing education offer to his customers. Beside some well structured sides within the web site on which important questions are explained understandably, the offer also applies to an extensive glossary in which the most important concepts and processes of the Social Tradings or trade CFD are explained. A heart of the continuing education offer are, however, many Webinare by which many are also offered free of charge. In addition, you have access to the archive and can find out thus with the help of the past Webinare about the subject of her choice. Actually, of course, however, nevertheless, should be mentioned the constructively built up user’s handbooks for the real «TradeHub» the on-line platform, as well as for the mobile ext. the user finds Here very fast a practical access.

Bonuses for new customers

Even if it concerns with ayondo a supplier whose offer speaks basically for itself and needs to avoid, hence, no comparison with competitors, bonus actions are hung up over and over again for new customers. Besides most programmes are also directed at inventory customer.

At topically current „10 to 20 percent Cash Bonus “ of programme new customers can count on Cash Bonus who can amount according to own payment up to 20 percent of the deposited sum. From 10,000 euros the customer receives 10 percent additional Cash for trade and from a first payment amount of 25,000 euros pays ayondo even Cash Bonus of 20 percent. Besides, the customer can fill up to 15,000 euros in additional commercial volume. Because also inventory customers may open a new account, is directed this offer which still runs till October, 2015, not exclusively to new customer, but also lets the current customers participate.
Payment bonus: 10-25% of Cash bonus to 2500€ (depending on the singular amount)
Bonus conditions: generated spread 1.5x bonus amount
Validity: no restriction
Other bonuses: none

The customer can also profit from the continuing education programme help of bonuses. From a payment amount of 1,000 euros as well as a certain number of Trades the customer has the possibilities to take part in attractive Webinaren to deepen his commercial knowledge.

Social Trading also encloses the use of social Median with and, hence, offers ayondo, as a Social trader to his customers a bonus if he becomes the Facebook – trader. In this case he receives 200 euros of bonus which may be used, however, exclusively to the balance by losses.

In total offers ayondo at regular intervals over and over again new, interesting and attractive bonuses which are directed at new customer as well as at inventory customer.

Payments and payouts

An important aspect in trade about a broker is the question after the formalities of the payments and payment. Also here it makes easy ayondo his customer very much. A payment is possible about credit card also by bank transfer. Besides, other currencies are accepted beside euro also like Swiss franc or Swedish crown. Also withdrawals of the credit are possible any time, besides, the money becomes exclusively to the payment spring zurückgebucht. With the entrance of the payment order to 12.30 (GMT) the implementation follows day-topically. Accordingly of the office routines is to be calculated on the fact that the customer has his money on the account also in dependence of the involved banking undertakings, after at the latest five working days.

Payment possibilities: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, bank transfer
Minimal payment: no specification
Fees: 2% for credit card payments
Account processing possibly in: Euro, British pound, US dollar, Swiss franc, Swedish crowns
Payment options: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, bank transfer

Security and regulation

ayondo a serious supplier is, also appears in his contact with the customer’s inserts. Besides, guarantees ayondo to his dealers that the money which is invested just not in single values on a separate account is booked. In case of an insolvency of the company would rise this money, besides, not in the insolvency mass, but be available further to the customers. In addition, is ayondo for many years member of «Financial Service Compensation Scheme», to an insert protection ground resident in Great Britain which guarantees the credit up to an amount of 85,000 British pounds what corresponds topically in about 160,000 euros. The answer to the question whether ayondo scam allows or it is serious, hence, precipitates unambiguously: Duffs looks in every case different.

ayondo Security and regulation

Support and customer service

Exemplarily is also to be called of the Support. From 09.00 o’clock to 18.00 o’clock the customer service is available by telephone to the fixed network rate. Beside German this is also offered into English. The consultation was always friendly in total and competent. Beyond the business hours the customer service is accessible by email. Even if one may expect here no immediate answer, every mail is answered, nevertheless, rather quickly and competently. So that the dealer receives in each case the help which he needs, a separate customer service with own number is available for every commercial kind.

User friendliness of the web platform

Absolutely at the height of the time is also the mobile ext. with which the customers from ayondo can deal with, in principle, all important functions in trade with CFDs also in the Social Trading. Now, besides, just in extremely short-term trade CFD one must also miss on the way no more opportunity. In the already mentioned manual which can be downloaded free of charge about the web page the dealer finds out very fast and clear how he can use which functions. Moreover the Trading with the whole product palette from ayondo belongs under others just as to draw the regulation of the respective Margin as well as the option, certain security levels. In addition, interactive chart functions as well as intuitive searching functions can be used. In short: Also in mobile trade nearly the complete offer from is ayondo usable.


If it is about Social Trading or trade with CFDs, the trader with ayondo an absolutely reliable broker knows on his side. Beside the seriousness absolutely notwenigen in this area with the customer and his money, scam and Duffing are pushed forward from beginning of the bolts. In addition, is active ayondo already for a long time successfully in the market and could be also convincing in our test. This experience also pays off for you who can profit from a huge number of functions and a well co-ordinated user interface also with the mobile ext. As i dot one can still pick up attractive bonuses.
The pioneer among the suppliers for Social Trading is ayondo which offers for many years a suitable service about his platform to his customers. Beside the medium wise extremely popular Social Trading the customers from ayondo can also get into speculative trade CFD straightened at short notice and profit from…



Not a scam

Ayondo is regulated by FCA and is very trusted broker.

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  1. My experience with Ayondo was not consistent with this review, I found the platform highly dangerous it did not protect my capital from over gearig, over trading, netting (short v long on the same instruments) and wipe-outs. I tested the platform for 12 months and made little profits followed by violent losses until -£74,000 had disappeared.

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