Best forex brokers 2017 / AvaFX payout always without charges

AvaFX payout always without charges

AvaFX was founded in 2006 and in 2013 to AvaTrade renamed. The broker offers the Forex and CFD trading. Through appropriate licensing and regulation is subject to strict controls broker that contribute to greater safety for the customer. In addition, customer deposits are protected by deposit insurance.

Client funds are kept separate from company funds, so they are not lost in case of bankruptcy. Trading is possible through various trading platforms. Here the MetaTrader4 or Mirror Trader can be used for trade, but also its own solution is offered by Ava Trader. What should traders continue over AvaFX know?

Find out more about AvaFX:

  • A live account can be used already with a minimum deposit of 100 €
  • Maximum leverage of up to 1: 400
  • Free demo account for 21 days available
  • Free AvaFX payout
  • Numerous learning and training opportunities

Deposits and withdrawals free of charge at AvaFX

Deposits and withdrawals free of charge at AvaFX

AvaFX required for any fees paid by the bank. This applies regardless of the payment method. Also, a restriction to one free payout per month does not exist. Who wants to withdraw his funds, may be doing the bank transfer or credit card refund. However, the payment with credit cards may not exceed the deposit.

Besides AvaFX also offers payments via Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), Neteller or WebMoney on, but not in the European Union. A special feature is the payout on their own debit card. So AvaFX offers in cooperation with MasterCard and the Royal Bank of Scotland and the First Bank of Delaware own card. With the can spend money directly from the trading account or withdraw money at ATMs. Customer deposits are protected by the Deposit Guarantee

Unlike other payment methods this is however not free. So AvaFX charged 10.00 dollars for the activation of the card. Each charging costs another $ 1.50 if the money immediately and not only within 24 hours to be available, even $ 3.50 will be charged. The monthly account management costs money. The card thus is particularly worthwhile for customers who withdraw money from their regular trading account. The majority of traders AvaFX might be better off with the free payment types it.

Conclusion: The toll free AvaFX payout is possible in listing the broker for each registered customer. The choice of the type of account or the amount of the initial deposit is not important, as it can be observed in some other brokers in the market. Deposits and withdrawals can be made by bank transfer or various online payment method via credit card.

AvaFx Duration of payment

AvaFx Duration of payment

Before the payment is instructed traders must verify. Thus there will be no additional delays in the payment to traders should decide early on to. The Submit a copy of the identity card is also this notwenig as a valid proof of address. This can be done in the form of a utility bill. In addition, customers who wish to make payments by credit card must present a copy of the credit card. If the verification completed by the broker, the payment can be made.

The broker takes around 5 working days to perform a requested payout. Customers who want this automatic bank transfer, also can with a longer waiting time expected until the funds are credited to its own account. Whether this payment method from the respective financial institution charges are made, traders should clarify previously. By credit card previously paid sum is relevant because the payment amount may not exceed this. Next to be paid via online payment methods is possible. The duration of the payment depends on the Account Type.

The handling of the payment is accelerated for customers who have chosen the account type Ava-Select. In addition, customers of other types of accounts should be aware that a withdrawal free of charge, 5 days a week, while it trades around the working days, can be instructed. Ava Select customers can contrast to a week 7 days instruct a withdrawal free of charge. The account types overview

  • silver
  • Gold
  • platinum
  • Ava-Select

Conclusion: For customers of account variants silver, gold and platinum a toll-free payment to 5 days a week is possible. Ava Select customers benefit from a timely processing of disbursement by the broker and a payout without charge, 7 days a week. Not only the processing time on the part of the broker is relevant, which each financial institution.

AvaFX apply for payment

In personal account area customers will find the payout menu.Likewise, there is the withdrawal request expressed ready.Previously, even data such as the payment method and the amount the amount must be entered.

By setting up the Live account to Trader for a currency can decide where the account is held

  • EUR
  • USD
  • GBP

After all necessary data have been filled in, the application for payment can be printed and provided with a signature. They are sent to the specified e-mail address.

Conclusion: The payment request is fully answered after a few steps. Send e-mail it must be sent to the broker. In account-range traders will find the necessary functions to instruct a payout.

With the free trial account use other advantages

AvaTrade With the free trial account use other advantages

Not only deposits and withdrawals are on offer at the Brokers Best Forex free of charge to customers, even the demo account is provided free of charge. Here can the interested Trader Demo Account 21 days use long. Especially for beginners can use offer many advantages.Getting Started in trade can be tested here and risk-free optimized.

Trading through the demo account of AvaFX is not designed with real capital. A play money allowance of € 100,000 will be used as a credit for the trades. Thus, traders can not risk to try and optimize strategies.

Conclusion: Before trading on the live account of AvaFX begins with private capital investment, experience on the demo account can be collected. Functions can be tested and effective strategies for successful trading are worked out.

Conclusion: AvaFX Payment without charges on the part of the broker

A not to be underestimated advantage presents itself in the toll-free AvaFX payout. Where customers from other brokers can often instruct only one withdrawal per month free of charge, profit registered AvaFX customers of this advantage at almost any time. The duration of the payment of the respective payment method and the selected AvaFX account type depends.Whether the part of the relevant financial institution charges are made, traders should check first.

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