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AvaFX (mid-2013 renamed AvaTrade, but there are still two names familiar) one of the leading forex brokers for beginners, both at national and international levels. The broker offers an extensive service package and could already gain experience in the field of forex trading for many years.

Our AvaFX experiences can confirm that the broker presents itself with a very interesting and attractive offers on the market. There are some terms and services, which we are particularly positive. Mention may be made here, for example, the 21 days usable demo account, the extensive trading tools or even the number of tradable currency pairs, which is very high at around 64th. scam or not? Review

5 arguments for AvaFX (AvaTrade):

        • 1. Demo Account available for free for 21 days
        • 2. many trading tools for beginners and advanced
        • 3. Around 64 currency pairs tradable
        • 4. Trade by mobile phone / smartphone possible
        • 5. Minimum deposit size only
        • 100 Euro

1. Regulation: AvaTrade as a fully regulated broker

The forex broker AvaFX could relatively quickly make a name after it was founded in of 2006.Meanwhile, the foreign exchange broker can claims to more than 200,000 registered customers include what is a relatively large number. Per month wrapped AvaFX now over two million trades from. The company’s headquarters is located in Ireland (Dublin). In addition, there are other branches in several other countries, including in Australia or Japan. The broker will also regulates, among other things, by the competentregulatory authorities in the European Union. Therefore, traders can assume that AvaFX works seriously, what is alone ensured through regular monitoring with great certainty.

the headquarters, the broker AvaFX in Dublin and thus the company is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of this country. Furthermore, the single EU-wide financial market policy, the need to follow all the financial services in the European Union will apply. Thus, the question is not necessary according to whether AvaFX fraud or is reputable.

2. Trade Offer: Focus on currency trading

The forex broker AvaFX offers both trade in currencies and commodities on. Currently alone can about 64 currency pairs traded. This includes all major currency pairs as well as numerous secondary currencies and exotic pairs. Although this selection represents the most extensive, which can be found, but it is quite sufficient to provide individual trading strategies, and sufficient to find trading opportunities. In addition, various commodities, indices and stocks are traded, usually through the instrument of CFDs. Thus are trading opportunities also very diverse in our experience with AvaFX.

Conclusion: Primarily AvaFX has specialized in trading with currency pairs. In this area, traders can choose from 50 currency pairs Select. Furthermore, in Ava FX is the trading of CFDs possible while standing underlyings such as equities, indices and commodities available.

3. Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: trading from 100 EUR is possible

AvaTrade Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: capitalization from 100 EUR possible

As for the trading terms, transparent pricing models and comprehensible rules apply at AvaFX. As a market maker to AvaFX financed exclusively by fixed or variable spreads and these start at forex trading at 3 pips. Which spreads are calculated this depends on the chosen trading platform.
The maximum leverage is the FX trading at 400: 1. If you want to get detailed information on all applicable conditions, can look at the detailed and current market information tables and is therefore always up to date. As for the minimum deposit, showed our test that the broker makes its entry into the commercial and retail traders possible. It shall be paid only 100 euros before trading in anysoftware can be started.

Conclusion: Ava FX works as a market maker and order fees calculated in the form of fixed or variable spreads. Spreads in Forex trading for example, start at 3 pips and it is a maximum leverage of 400:1.

4. Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: MT4 Trading is possible

The trading platforms offered by AvaTrade let both beginners and advanced traders with nothing to be desired. The in-house trading platform is stable, clearly designed, but has lots of useful features on. Thus, the trader may, for example, many charts can be displayed and select which window he just needs on the main screen. The platform is very easy even for novices to use. Not only can the «AvaTrader«, ie developed by the broker software are used, but in addition to this WebTrader is also widespread forex platform Metatrader available.

The MetaTrader 4 is a powerful software, the whole on the has world millions of enthusiastic followers. This popularity has several reasons. So the MT4 is for example equipped with a large number of functions and analysis tools that allow advanced, professional trading at a high level. At the same time, the application provides even novice investors the opportunity to easily enter the trade and the operation is very intuitive. Other special features of MetaTrader are called Expert Advisors. It is automated trading strategies that the user can either program itself or to procure externally. About the AvA Mobile Trader trading can even be done via smartphone or web-enabled mobile phone. There are apps for both the AvaTrader and for the MT4. These can be found for free and the App Store of the mobile provider.

Conclusion: In AvaFX the customer has the choice between two different trading platforms.The AvaTrader is the in-house platform of the broker and it stands as a Web and a download version available. In addition, investors can opt for the world famous MetaTrader. 4 Apps for both commercial applications are also available.

5. Account Opening and Bonus: No bonus available

AvaTrade Account Opening and Bonus: No bonus available

Opening an account is free at AvaTrade and the merchant account needed to be done in different currencies, such as in US dollars, British pounds and also in Euro. For the opening of the account has an online form to be filled and thereby be complete information requires to the person and the financial situation. Upon completion of the registration of the account application is submitted and the new trading account is opened then. All in all, taking account opening only a few minutes to complete. The account opening and account management are of course free of charge.

In addition to the standard account, there is also a gold or a platinum account. However, these types of accounts include a higher minimum deposit. A fixed bonus is at AvaFX not, however, the traders of time bonuses on the deposits offered to time. Who wants to be sure not to miss any actual bonus can sit and ask the Customer Support Department.

Conclusion: The account opening is completed in a few minutes, following a procedure, which can be found in well with most other brokers. There are several types of accounts and receives the account of a new customer, depends on the amount of investments now. A bonus is not currently offered at AvaFX.

6. Demo trading: Time-unlimited demo account

Before using the real account the trader is to request a demo account available, which for a maximum 21 days can be availed.Although the demo account is limited in time, this offer should take necessarily upon before all inexperienced traders. The demo account you can apply within a short registration and both the AvaTrader and the MetaTrader 4 are then fully available.

It is advisable to test the trading platform in peace and know, before starting the real money trading — and even if the time limit at the present time is unusual, the time may well be sufficient to find out everything that is necessary for a safe entry into the handle.

Conclusion: Those who want to know in advance the AvaFX trading platforms, with the broker is a demo account. Use of this account is limited to a period of 21 days and the account opening takes place largely without obligation.

7. Service & Education: Many offers available

AvaTrade Service & Education: Many offers available

As for the knowledge and educational opportunities, AvaFX has so boast some and during our tests it became apparent that the broker is very hard to provide its customers in this respect a wide range available. So there are, say, German webinars, video tutorials, knowledge products of our trading and even an e-book to professional forex strategies. As for the market analysis, alternate AvaFX tools for fundamental market analysis available and the latest news, audio commentary and an economic calendar available. Customer support is available via telephone hotline, live chat and also via mail. It can be found in German support staff.

Conclusion: With its educational offer, the broker AvaFX could convince in our test across the board. Customers can participate in webinars, can see video tutorials or read the e-book on professional Forex strategies. Numerous tools for the professional market analysis are also provided.

8. Deposits and withdrawals: Free deposits and withdrawals

Changes to be Deposits may be made by credit card, bank transfer or via PayPal and Skrill. How long does the deposited money to arrive on the trading account, depends on which payment method you choose. During credit card payments are normally handled in minutes, require bank transfers up to 5 days. Both deposits and withdrawals are free at AvaFX. More information on the payout, click here.

Conclusion: In AvaFX, customers can choose between different payment methods. These include credit cards, bank transfers or PayPal. All money transfers are free of charge with the broker.

9. Seriousness: AvaTrade as a reputable, regulated broker

AvaTrade Seriousness: AvaTrade as a reputable, regulated broker

As is the case with almost all providers who offer trading with very speculative financial instruments, including of course the trade one CFD, also are raised repeatedly on rumors that there would be at AvaTrade fraud. In principle, especially market maker brokers like AvaFX fraud is assumed, since orders usually are not forwarded to the interbank market and the customer deals directly with the broker.

This trade model is widely used in Forex trading and is often criticized because suppliers to quote prices could influence to the detriment of customers. However, there is no evidence and so is assumed in principle, that particular regulated CFD and forex brokers work seriously. Market Maker as AvaFX earn the spread, which has nothing to do with a AvaFX fraud or the rip-off — the business model therefore includes no transaction costs for the customer. We come at least according to our AvaFX experiences to the realization that the forex broker AvaTrade is classified reputable and trustworthy — solely due to the regulation in the EU.

Conclusion: Although detractors of the operation of market makers like insinuate fraudulent intentions can be seen no such intention at AvaFX. Since the year 2006, the broker on the market and so far have no negative headlines are listed and thousands of satisfied long-term customers can not be wrong. Furthermore, the EU-wide regulation provides a good indication of the seriousness of the broker.

10. Conclusion: Our AvaFX Experience: No fraud intentions

We have dealt with the forex broker AvaFX detail why our report is on a solid footing. Overall, we conclude that AvaFX above all in the range of services offered at the best forex brokers for beginners and hobby traders heard. The following advantages we believe are particularly noteworthy:

1. The minimum amount of trading account is 100 Euro comparatively low

2. trading in currencies and commodities is also possible on mobile way

3. Ava FX offers a lot of useful trading tools and a good trading platform to

4. a demo account may be three weeks (21 days) are used

5. There are about 64 currency pairs and various commodities, stocks and indices traded

AvaFX (mid-2013 renamed AvaTrade, but there are still two names familiar) one of the leading forex brokers for beginners, both at national and international levels. The broker offers an extensive service package and could already gain experience in the field of forex trading for many years. Our AvaFX experiences can…



Not a scam

The unique option offer and the licence of the CySEC are the biggest arguments for this sure broker.

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