Binary options brokers 2017 / Anyoption review: pros and cons of the broker

Anyoption review: pros and cons of the broker

Anyoption was founded in 2008 and is a registered trademark of the company Ouroboros. Thanks to its seat in Cyprus, the broker of the Cypriot Financial Regulator is CySEC regulated and licensed.Anyoption is trading binary options and innovative derivatives such as Bitcoins or Alibaba. is traded on the web-Anyoption trading platform or via Mobile Trading. Instructions on German language can be found in the comprehensive training program and the Anyoption blog.

1.) Trading platform

Anyoption 1.) What platform does so particularly

The company describes itself as the world’s largest platform in this area. Correspondingly positive reviews about Anyoption out. Get a lot of praise, both the site, on which to the courses of up to four underlyings parallel track, as well as the offer for mobile trading. So the broker for both Android smartphones and iPhone offers a commercial app. The platform Anyoption is web-based and intuitive tradable. Especially for beginners, the platform is suitable, since it by running out of the money options repayment of 15% guaranteed against losses. The Anyoption platform is provided in 5 languages. On the trading account 60 different underlyings in three different currencies, USD, GBP and EUR can be traded. Specific instructions for trading binary options can be found in a variety of ways on the website. Among other things, product tutorials are available in the Academy. Anyoption one of the few brokers that have so much specialized in trading binary options. Most offer binary options as an additional offer for hedging on by CFD or Forex trading. In addition, one finds with Anyoption one of the few brokers in which the Bitcoin is as underlying program. The BitCoin is a synthetic currency and is now accepted by more and more participants in the financial market as a means of payment.

Conclusion: Anyoption has a web-based trading platform, which is thanks to its intuitive structure easy to use. It distinguishes itself by specializing in Binary options and the possibility of innovative derivatives, how to operate Bitcoin trading.

2.) Trade conditions

Also praised is the 100 Euro relatively low minimum deposit. Fees for trading are at Anyoption not charged. The broker makes money via the spreads. In the case of binary options they are already so low that they are as a trader hardly notices. The profit results here on the ground. In addition, a withdrawal per month is free. Even that is not as evident as in some competitors fall flat rate charges or withdrawals are free only with a credit card. From the second payout per month, however, a charge of 25, — € payable. Furthermore, apply a small fee, if options are terminated prematurely. These «Take Profit» functions is to be avoided, that the option expires the money and losses. Although Anyoption against losses of 15% granted ache lost 85% of the traders but significantly.

To complain, however, that these benefits are listed on the homepage nowhere visible. Other brokers facilitate a at this point the search significantly by providing a dedicated menu item with costs and fees available. This service does not provide Anyoption unfortunately, which is why most traders the positive trading conditions are likely to be known until after the fact.

Conclusion: Anyoption convinces with low fees and moderate disbursement conditions. A fee of 25 € will be charged only when a second payout per month. Additional charges may arise function when using the Take Profit.

3.) English language customer service support

But positive feature is that the site, as opposed to smaller providers throughout in German is available. The support can be achieved both by email and by phone or via chat. Again, the reviews of users are overwhelmingly positive. The support is usually described as knowledgeable and friendly. The well-developed educational programs are all in German. This applies both to the videos, the books and the articles. Even the daily market analysis are summarized in German.Especially in the international meetings of the Finance business, the business language is English. This tempts many to broker to waive the translation into other languages. However, especially in unfamiliar topics are introductory courses in a foreign language is often difficult. All the more astonishing that offers Anyoption his tutorials in ten different languages. Thus, the broker scores over the majority of its competitors.

Conclusion: Anyoption convinces by its linguistic diversity. Both the home page and the tutorials are available in 10 different languages. This facilitates entry into the world of binary options considerably.

4.) Missing demo account spoils the overall impression

Anyoption 4.) Missing demo account spoils the overall impression

Criticized other hand is the fact that  Anyoption  offers no demo account. That was a long time in the program, but was reportedly shut down due to high costs. Due to the otherwise strong customer orientation one can not really understand. Most traders want for various reasons a demo account. Beginners and new customers must be based only on the trading platform before they operate dare active trading. Although the platform has an intuitive structure that need to be found one or other tool. Anyway beginner must first understand the relationship between the charts, the call and the put options before they can take the first steps in trading. As the numerous training opportunities Anyoption may be helpful, but practicing the passive active trading can hardly replace. Furthermore, many traders prefer an additional demo account as they can here try out daring trading strategies without taking any risk. On a real account you move less daring. There are, however, to open other brokers a demo account and there to practice trading, or to test the strategies the alternative. Here, it should only be ensured that the broker about the same trading tools have on offer. Otherwise you can experience unpleasant surprises in the implementation of innovative strategies.

Conclusion: The lack of demo account with Anyoption is a major drawback. The argument can not be traced, especially Anyoption otherwise a lot of money in support of its clients invested. A new change of attitude in this respect would be desirable.

5.) No demo account, but many other pluses

The benefits at Anyoption are clearly the German customer support and intuitive platform. Furthermore Anyoption come up with a reasonable fee structure, which is unfortunately hard to find. Only the lack of the demo account is not to be underestimated disadvantage in comparison Broker.

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