Binary options brokers 2017 / Anyoption Payment Services Limited? We test!

Anyoption Payment Services Limited? We test!

Who funds to their trading account with Anyoption want to transfer, is given an account of Anyoption Payment Service Limited at Postbank Essen as transfer target. But who is behind it? Unlike the name suggests, is not a subsidiary for payment processing. Rather, the company is headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, the parent company of Anyoption.

1.) A broker from Cyprus: Who is Anyoption?

1.) A broker from Cyprus: Who is Anyoption?

A short Streif views on the history of Anyoption: The broker Anyoption already exists since 2008 and was one of the first vendors to trade in binary options. With 100,000 users, the broker claims to be one of the largest partner for trade in binary options. Hundreds of underlyings has Anyoption currently, including indices, equities, commodities and currency pairs. The reliability of the broker is undisputed. With headquarters in Cyprus and regulation in the EU, more than 100 tradable underlying assets, advanced trading capabilities and a German Support of vendors now one of the most famous binary options brokers. Show Our Anyoption experience that there are some reasons to choose Anyoption as Online Broker to decide.

The main reasons include:

1. Anyoption is a good and reputable broker for Binary Options, which is one of the market leaders. Anyoption headquartered in Cyprus is regulated by the state and licensed.

2. Fast and reliable payouts: With a solid and reliable processing of payouts, the broker is one of the best providers of Binary options. In cooperation with the Anyoption Payment Service Limited Ltd., the house number Service Anyoption, customers can rely on rapid execution of its payment instructions.

3. A complete range and good conditions : There are numerous tradable options that are available to the trader available. Among the nearly 100 different underlyings include nine currency pairs, commodities and precious metals (currently oil, gold, silver and copper), 32 equity indices (including Dow Jones, S & P 500, DAX 30, MDAX, TecDAX) and shares (currently more than 50 different Title, mainly leading companies from Europe, the USA and Asia, including Microsoft, Apple, McDonalds, Allianz, Daimler AG, German Bank). The substance may have maturities of between 30 minutes and one month, the minimum tradable amount is 25, — EUR (USD, GBP).

Facts about Anyoption at a glance:

  • Regulation in the EU by CySEC, in Germany by BaFin
  • Based in Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Since 2008 active in the market
  • Registration without payment possible
  • nearly 100 different underlyings, nine currency pairs, commodities, precious metals, 32 stock indices, shares
  • Minimaleinsatz pro Trade 25,- Euro

Conclusion: It can be found Anyoption some reasons for the broker. Most important: reliability and security, reliable payment methods on Anyoption Payment Service Limited Ltd., very good offer and excellent conditions for Trader Anyoption.

2.) Is Anyoption sure? Doubts are not necessary

2.) Is Anyoption sure? Doubts are not necessary

For us there is no question: The Binary Options Broker is Anyoption secure and controlled by government regulation by Cyprus Authority CySEC and the German BaFin. The company carries separated customer accounts. Also reassuring: The provider has experience as Binary Options Broker. There Anyoption since the year 2008. This is a real pioneer in this field. And do not worry: The broker has evolved steadily and has been with the developments of the time. Today we meet with Anyoption on a company that has a good commercial model and transparent conditions in the bid. Generally there are no restrictions with which customers can expect: Many traders think about whether they open up a merchant account, consider specifically whether the mobile trading via the portal is possible. There is a Anyoption app for Android devices as well as a Anyoption app for iPhone products.

Conclusion: The Binary Options Broker is Anyoption safe and state-controlled, he has experience as a supplier and enters with a good commercial model and transparent conditions on the grid. A real competitor for the other leader in Binärhandel!

3.) Who wants to act, must also be able to pay

Proceeds run on the Anyoption Payment Service Limited Ltd. There are various, easy payment methods, all of which are free and most traders will be familiar: my card payment (VISA, MasterCard), by bank transfer or with Skrill.

Small side question: What is Skrill?

Skrill is a provider of online money transfer such as PayPal. The company offers a global service in 40 currencies. The account opening and receiving money is free, all other services require payment. Skrill is regulated by the state and offers additional security guarantees for its customers through HTML-based HTTPS interface and API or several banners tools. Payments can be made as a card credit or by bank transfer. Payments can also be canceled. Mistakes happen in the best traders — therefore provides Anyoption a way to cancel payments.

It goes as follows:

Step 1: Log in using the personal login information in the system, select the menu item «My account» and the submenu item «payment cancellation». Here one finds the withdrawal requests that are still in progress.

Step 2: Select the payment orders that are to be canceled and send.

Step 3: The selected payment orders will be canceled and the amounts credited to the account Anyoption. Why cancel a withdrawal? The cancellation of a payment can be particularly useful when a trader no longer has sufficient funds in the account, but would like to act on. By cancellation of a payment order, the relevant amount is immediately available in the account.

Conclusion: The Binary Options Broker Anyoption convinced with good deposit and withdrawal conditions. By bank transfer or card (VISA, Mastercard) are deposits and withdrawals free of charge. In addition, the deposit is possible with the online payment service Moneybookers. The payee’s payment service Anyoption Limited Ltd.

4.) Conclusion: Super broker with great payment arrangements

The Binary Options Broker is Anyoption a reputable supplier. The deposits and withdrawals run over the parent company Anyoption Payment Services Limited Ltd. -. Smoothly and securely. In addition, the state regulation by Cyprus Authority CySEC and by the German BaFin for additional confidence makes.

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