Binary options brokers 2017 / Anyoption Bonus: What we need to know?

Anyoption Bonus: What we need to know?

The business model of the Cypriot Binary Options Brokers Anyoption is appreciated by many traders because of its Europe-wide regulation by regulatory Cyprus CySEC. Because this provides a high degree of security and trust on the part of traders. In addition, customers of the provider have the ability to trade on all seven days of the week around the clock. The ideal condition to act like professionals and gains to be realized with the various trading styles from classic call / Trade to the custom option on the trade type «Option +». For many investors, a Anyoption bonus would be a good incentive for opening an account.

The information on the internet to new customers bonuses at Anyoption are contradictory. On the side of the company itself, the search engine finds the key point «bonus» only one document in German, namely the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

Facts about Anyoption Bonus:

  • Minimum deposit amount for account opening is 200 euros
  • no active bonus advertising on the website
  • Trader arrange the bonus in telephone conversation with the support
  • Bonus must be converted 15 times before the credit
  • increasing bonus for higher deposits

1) The offer of Anyoption in detail

1) The offer of Anyoption in detail

We were under a comprehensive test already gained with Anyoption experiences and possibility to unearth interesting information: Anyoption was founded in 2009 and can be considered a veteran in the Binary Options industry. Moreover, it was Anyoption its offer in enhance the course of its existence steadily and nowadays not only by a high degree of experience in Binäroptionsbusiness, but also by a customer-friendly offer: customers are over 200 different underlying assets in the fields of Forex, indices and stocks to trade on a professional and user-friendly trading platform, the innovative not only on your home PC, but also on the road Mobile Trading Appscan be used for iOS and Android.

It is subject to Anyoption Trusted EU regulation by the Cypriot CySEC — but not only the regulator ensures safety in Anyoption review: The simple designed website and the associated trading platform are SSL-encrypted via a Thawte certificate to any rumors about a possible Anyoption fraud to evacuate from the world — and that is the Cypriot providers apparently succeeded, as the almost 20,000 Likes prove on Facebook.

Conclusion: The offer Anyoption completely convincing and removed any doubt that Anyoption working trustworthy, out of the way: The company was founded in 2009 and since then has been the EU regulation by the CySEC. About SSL encrypted and simple designed website reach customers to the trading platform of the company, which is also available as a mobile trading app — and seem to trade the over 200 available underlyings arrive well with customers, such as the nearly 20,000 Likes on Facebook to prove.

2.) The Anyoption bonus under the magnifying glass

2.) The Anyoption bonus under the magnifying glass

A general and permanent bonus program for new customers as with some other brokers, there are not at Anyoption. As an established and largest broker binary options, the company has far less aggressive about attracting new customers than its competitors. Especially since these bonuses regularly cause trouble. Namely, when premiums are not paid, because certain conditions were not met.

At such targets also ties Anyoption his bonus. For the part of special promotions offered by the broker also premiums. The contact support brings to clarify this point — which, moreover, for the Anyoption demo account is valid. It is correct that confirm our Anyoption experiences clearly: It is possible to provide a bonus to get hold of the account opening or the first deposit. Usually this bonus benefits are agreed in direct contact with the telephone support of the broker or via the live chat. It is true also that higher deposit amounts may be worthwhile in general. The minimum deposit amount in itself is 200 €. Amounts beyond can provide an interesting Anyoption Bonus prospect.

Conclusion: Although, at first might think due to the fact that the broker itself does not promote a Anyoption bonus that the company offers no bonus, this is not the case: Informs you look at the customer on the Anyoption bonus, one learns quickly that quite deposit bonuses are offered for the account opening — and have done so with a minimum deposit of 200 €.

3.) Conditions of the bonus

The fact that bonuses only on request from the customer are available, is also connected to a small drawback: Not every customer may hope for a bonus because it is an individual decision of the broker, whether and to what extent bonuses are paid. In addition, dealers in turn must meet certain requirements for granting a Anyoption deposit bonus by the support. So investors need to receive bonus services options with a total value of 15 times the bonus have acted. Even a minimal amount traded options may be a condition for the bonus credit.

Conclusion: Eyes on the Anyoption Bonus: Because bonus when customer must be requested, which shall decide individually whether the customer can benefit from a bonus offer, and if so, to what extent. Is a Anyoption bonus available, but also the payment conditions play a major role: The customer has options for a total of 15 times its bonus amount act or have acted a minimum amount of options to be able to cash out his bonus.

4.) Pays to be quick: Anyoption Bonus and the timeout

But that was not all: In order to withdraw the bonus, the sales target must be reached within three months, unless other statements to be made by the broker. If not, the broker can take back the respective bonus «discretion». So before taking the Anyoption bonus, a trader should know the conditions very well. Especially when there is uncertainty, that they will be active in the long term and large investments in the field of binary options.

Who schedules the coveted bonus at the start of trading in options, but then the requirements can not meet, has the worst case the financial lose out and pay provided more than actually to chargeback.

Conclusion: Last but not least the time limit passes, the Anyoption bonus a big role: To be able to cash out the bonus, the trader needs to reach the sales target within three months. He does not manage that, the bonus will be withdrawn by the broker. Therefore customers Anyoption should already grapple beginning precisely with the conditions of the bonus offer and consider whether it is possible for the implement 15 times the corresponding bonus offer within 3 months.

5.) Conclusion: Anyoption bonus and its pitfalls

Although the Binäroptionsbroker founded in 2009, Anyoption can show a customer friendly offer, the tradable next 200 basic products, a user-friendly trading platform and mobile trading apps for iOS and Android also can show an attractive bonus, here especially for inexperienced newcomers caution: To the Bonus with a minimum deposit of € 200 to be obtained from the customer, the customer has to implement the 15 times its bonus amount within 3 months. Especially novice users to have so their problems and are finally no bonus there because they could not fulfill their payment conditions — therefore the Anyoption Bonus caution.

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